Why are Birkenstocks so Popular?

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Trying to keep up with the Birkenstocks craze? Wondering why they are so popular?

I would not be surprised you have looked for the best Birkenstocks online quite a few times. Birkenstocks are a great fit for summer wear, and some of their footwear is also suitable for fall, winter, and spring. March to November- you can wear them for sure!

But that is not the reason why Birkenstocks are so wildly popular. Want to know why Birkenstocks are so popular? Keep reading!

Why are Birkenstocks so Popular?

There are some very specific, unique reasons why people opt for Birkenstocks over other sandals or shoes.
But the most important reasons why Birkenstocks are comfortable are:

01# They are Stylish

Birkenstocks are quite stylish for summer wear. From variations in the strap upper design to cute thongs so sliders- Birkenstocks really do justify their craze by always coming up with new, attractive, and fit for the time styles and designs. And they are quite functional yet simple.

And you do not only have to settle for the traditional styles. They have a wide range of contemporary styles to choose from!

02# They Ensure Quality

Quality footwear is important. From materials to construction- when quality is maintained, a product will gain its much deserved popularity with no trouble. Same with Birkenstocks! Each component of their footwear is composed of premium grade, high-quality materials!

03# Most of their Footwear is Unisex

There is a certain appreciation for unisex products, an appreciation that has rightfully grown especially in the past few years. Unisex footwear brings a certain fluidity to your outfit, and also brings about an edge to your personality. Which is why Birkenstocks are so loved!

04# They are Amazingly Comfortable

Birkenstocks are almost unparalleled when it comes to comfort. This is mainly due to the thought put behind their footbed and the perfect execution of it. The footbed is designed to provide the kind of support that releases the overall stress from your feet. So wearing them is as therapeutic as a day at the spa.

On top of that, the footbed does a great job of learning the curves of your feet. So with a few wears, they start to conform to the shape of your feet, giving you a nice, comfortable experience of wearing them.

That also means that the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they are going to get with time!

05# They Support and Maintain Good Foot Health

I have already said amazing things about their footbed, but here is more. The footbed is composed in such a manner that they have properties to prevent fungus buildup, as well as prevent sweating.

That means not only do you get protection from microbes but also get to have comfortable, dry wear. No fungus and sweat also mean no odor!

The footbed is also shock-absorbing to help prevent any unwanted pressure or strain. Most importantly, Birkenstocks do relieve your feet of stress but they also have orthopedic features that ensure better foot health!


By facilitating good blood circulation, preventing issues like bunion and more, and protecting your joint and muscle health!

06# They Provide Great Arch & Heel Support

Who would not love that? Most of their footwear serve you with excellent arch support to the point where you would refuse to wear anything else but Birkenstocks.

But what is also amazing is that you can have the choice of not wanting arch support, because they have 3 types of footbeds when it comes to this- high arch support, soft, and standard.

And many of their sandals have a deep heel cup mode, which not only adds to the comfort but gives you great support and stability.

07# They are Eco-Friendly

It is now more than ever that we must consider the environmental implications of our choices. But while purchasing Birkenstocks, you can be free of that worry! Birkenstocks are eco-friendly and have been manufacturing them with environmental concerns even before it was “cool”.

They put a lot of thought behind each product and use renewable yet quality materials. An example could be cork, which is superbly present in a lot of their footwear. Jute is another example!

08# They Ensure Ease of Wear

Not going to lie, we all have a terribly busy life. Which is why birkies are our guilty pleasure even if we do not admit it. The ease of wear is what most of us love. Just slide or slip them on and you are good to go! How amazing is that!

Also, in most cases, they provide options to make necessary adjusting, so they give you a comfortable fit without hassle!

09# They are Easy to Repair

No wonder they are so popular! They are super easy to repair, which means not only do you get to save your time and energy, but also the money and hassle of buying a new pair.

You can either visit the local retailer or email them, or even drop them at the nearby cobblers’!

10# They are Durable

This is a given. When you ensure quality, you also ensure durability. Birkenstocks have outstanding longevity because they are of good quality. And since they can be easily repaired, you can add an extra year or two to their life!

11# They Have Good Value for Price

I will be honest, Birkenstocks are definitely not the most affordable option out there. But if you do your research as I have, you will know that compared to other high-end brands or companies who make similar comfort footwear, Birkenstocks are quite cheaper.

So whatever price you pay for them, you receive a great product of value in return!


Whew! This has been quite a hefty list! But very well deserving, truth be told. Birkenstocks are a reputed brand but they are more than just face value- they are rightfully popular for their products.

By this point, you already know why, but in case you still are not convinced, well, you can always look up for some alternatives to Birkenstocks that are cheaper!

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