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Dreaming of luxurious Valentino shoes every day?

Sigh. It is the story of all women of every age. To own a pair a pair of Valentino is an achievement of its own! And let us not forget the epic dialogue by Emily Charlton in the movie The Devil Wears Prada- “I refuse to be sick, I am wearing Valentino for crying out loud!”

This speaks about how celebrated Valentino is as a brand- from shoes to Haute Couture!

But they sure do cost us a kidney with every purchase, which is why I have 8 Best Valentino dupes for you!

History of Valentino

Valentino S. p. A. started off as an Italian clothing company with a fashion house in Rome in 1960, founded by Valentino Garavani. As a clothing line, Valentino’s international debut happened in 1962, and the following years saw a flourish in its popularity in the global fashion industry.

Garavani and his partner Giametti sold the company to partially Italian conglomerate controlled HdP in 1998, who later sold it to Marzotto Apparel in 2002. Qatar later acquired Valentino in 2012. Valentino now has headquarters in Via Turati in Milan, Italy.

As the company grew and evolved, besides clothing, it started to produce glasses, perfumes, accessories, watches, and shoes. After Valentino’s clothes, their shoes are what have stormed the industry in the brilliantly elegant beauty and style.

Valentino has a wide range of footwear for women, from sneakers to high fashion stilettos. As per their website, their footwear roughly has a price range of $425 to $1900, but of course, the price can exceed a couple of thousand dollars for their exclusives.

But hey! Do not let this give up on your dreams of wearing shoes as glamorous as Valentino’s, I mean maybe not the original but I have got the 8 best Valentino dupes for you!

Top 8 Valentino Dupes

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01. Jessica Simpson Women’s Jiria Pump

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  • Stylish Design
  • Impeccable Dupe
  • Studded Straps

How many of us women can say that we have not ever wanted a pair of Valentino’s classic Studded Pumps?
And for most of us, it remains a dream for the huge price tag that the shoes adorn. But like I said, I will not let you give up on your dreams just yet!

You may not own the original, but this pair by Jessica Simpson is a cheaper alternative to Valentino! No one would be able to tell that you are wearing a pair of dupes. These pumps are of the same design as Valentino’s Studded Pumps, to the point where they are uncannily similar!

The studded strap will really add to the glam of your party outfits, but they are also versatile enough to be worn with a formal outfit to look bold and snazzy.

These shoes are available in two colors- true gold and clear buff. And the price? So cheap!

02. HECATER Studded Sandals for Women

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  • Sexy Style
  • Pointed Toe
  • Embellished with Studs
  • Suitable for All Sizes

Another cheap Valentino dupe for the Studded Pumps!

Valentino’s Studded Pump collection is such a brand product- it is this renowned pair of shoes that globally represents Valentino.

This pair looks exactly like Valentino’s Studded Pumps. It fashions a sexy, bold style with the pointed toe and the studded straps. No matter if your feet are narrow, wide, or anything in between- these pumps will be suitable for you.

These HECATER pumps are available in 3 colors- apricot, white, and black. And need I say that these are much cheaper than Valentino?

03. Steve Madden Women’s Mania Heeled Sandal

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  • Leather
  • Easy Zip Closure
  • Studded Details
  • Parallel Running Strap Design

This alternative to Valentino comes with a twist!

Made of leather, these shoes feature straps that have round studs instead of the triangular pointy ones. So if you ever liked a pair of Valentino’s Studded Pumps but did not appreciate the studs, you can definitely go for these more toned down, round studs.

The straps cover the front in parallel patterns and run up to the ankle- a design I personally love very dearly. The easy zip closure makes sure that you can effortlessly put them on or take them off!

These Steve Madden shoes come in 3 colors- grey, black, and blush. And the price is mid-range- way cheaper than Valentino!

04. Sam Edelman Women’s Yaria Ankle Strap Sandal Heel

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  • Leather
  • Adjustable Ankle Strap
  • Embellished with Studs
  • Scallop Detailing
  • Classic Block Heel

Well, I have slightly moved on from studs, but not entirely.

Sam Eldman shoes are always nice, so are these. These leather shoes feather rounded studs embellished among scallop detailing that gives it a very nice look. The ankle strap is adjustable, so it will fit you perfectly without any hassle.

These shoes also feature the classic block heels, which add up to the elegant look of this pair. They will look great showcased in your closet, or if you have shoe storage– even better! These shoes are available in 7 colors, and definitely are great off-brand Valentino!

05. Steve Madden Women’s Travel Flat Sandal

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  • Beautiful Gladiator Design
  • Pyramid Studded Details
  • Adjustable Ankle Strap

I definitely cannot get enough of these studded Valentino alternatives!

These sandals have 3 upper straps running in parallel to each other, reaching up to the height a little beyond your ankle where the adjustable buckle strap lies. I am already a big sucker for this type of design, and the studded details add to my obsession with them!

These sandals are great for everyday wear but can also be paired with outfits to fashion a chic and casual style.

These sandals are available in 3 colors, but the clear pair and the yellow pair are my favorites! Definitely a good pick for spring and summer looks, especially because they are cheaper than the originals!

06. HECATER Studded Heels for Women

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  • Stylish Heels
  • Pointed Toe Design
  • Studded Details

Yes, we have another pair of beautiful HECATER pumps.

These heels are stylish and a great fit for the current style. The pointed toe design is a classic, and of course, the studded details make this pair a great Valentino look alike.

You can easily pair this up with baggy three-quarter pants and a blazer to rock a casual and chic look. I mean you definitely will turn heads wearing these, and I am sure your friends will not be able to tell that these are not real Valentino shoes!

These shoes come in 3 colors- white, apricot, and black. And of course, they are super cheap compared to the original!

07. Sam Edelman Women’s Eavan Sandals

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  • Chic Gladiator Style
  • Straps with Studded Details
  • Adjustable Ankle Strap

Remember the other gladiator sandals I described above?

Well these are similar, but not entirely! These gladiator sandals have 5 parallel running straps up to the ankle and one perpendicular to the length from the ankle to toes, unlike the other one. The studded details are beautiful, especially because the round studs are quite elegant.

The adjustable strap is great for it will help you effortlessly put them on and take them off just as easily. These sandals come in 3 colors- natural sand, black, and spiced clay. I think spiced clay is the best one of them all! In regards to price, this pair really is a cheaper alternative to Valentino!

08. Cape Robbin Bobbi Gladiator Sandals

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  • Beautiful Gladiator Style
  • Easy Zip On
  • Adjustable Ankle Strap
  • Studded Details Throughout

Last but not the least, another gladiator pair to take your breath away!

These gladiator sandals have beautifully designed straps as the upper, and each strap and even the back of the heel is studded with different patterns and shapes of studs. It really is a pair that stands out in the crowd of boring sandals!

These are extremely versatile, and the easy zip on means that you will face no hassle to wear them or take them off at the end of the day. The ankle strap is adjustable- so no more uncomfortable fitting!
This pair definitely is a cheaper version of Valentino, and by that, I mean incredibly cheap!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# How Much is a Pair of Valentino Shoes?

Ans: Valentino’s footwear typically ranges between $425 and $2000, but do not be surprised to find shoes worth a few thousand dollars!

Q2# Why are Valentino Shoes so Expensive?

Ans: Valentino is a high-end couture fashion brand that offers an exceptional quality of designer shoes. That is why Valentino’s shoes are so expensive.

Q3# What are Valentino Shoes Made of?

Ans: Valentino shoes are mainly made out of high-quality patent leather and other detailing materials that too are of great quality.


We are at the end of this article! I know there is no way Valentino shoes are beatable, but it is also true that they can be quite out of the reach of most people for the stunning price tag. That leads us to look for alternatives, and I did that work for you to list down 8 best Valentino dupes!

I hope this helps, but in case you are looking for other heels, here you can find heels for plus size women! Take a look if it interests you!

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