Ultraboost Alternatives | Shoes Similar to Adidas Ultraboost

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If you are reading this, I am sure you must be one of the Adidas Ultraboost fans.

I am too! But with time I have developed the need for better features, regardless of the price. Because shoes are an investment and it is important to spend your bucks on shoes that you absolutely love! This is why many of you may look for shoes similar to Adidas Ultraboost.

So from my love for Adidas Ultraboost, I did some research! I want you guys to know the shoes as well as I do, so let us hear about the story behind them, shall we?

The Story Behind Adidas Ultraboost

In 2015, Adidas took the world by storm when it introduced its Ultraboost line. This was the line that could give Nike’s Air Sole a run for its money. It really reshaped the concept of sneakers, but the journey from its idea to its execution has been a tricky one.

PUMA, in 2009 collaborated with the German company BASF for shoes that could provide higher energy returns. That collaboration did not stick through and fell off in 2011, which is when BASF entered an exclusive partnership with Adidas.

This collaboration led to the birth of Energy Boost by Adidas that incorporated BASF’s groundbreaking Infinergy. Infinergy was the first expanded version of thermoplastic polyurethane that was light and provided superior energy return.

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However, 2015 saw a battle of the brands between PUMA’s NRGY and Adidas’ Boost. It was during then Ultraboost was launched, which later evolved and saw several designer collaborations. Adidas’ Ultraboost is one of the finest the world has ever seen and it continues to upgrade.

The price range of this line is typically between $180 and $280.

7 Best Shoes Similar to Adidas Ultraboost

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I can guess that you are eager to know all about the shoes similar to Adidas Ultraboost, so I will not make you wait any longer! Here they go!

01. Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe

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  • Soft Foam Cushioning
  • Breathable Lightweight Knit
  • Reinforced Heel & Overlay Lends
  • Durable & Flexible Traction Outsole

I mean, these Nike shoes are really one of the best alternatives to Ultraboost.

It is so obvious why, but I will tell you. Firstly, the minimalist design makes them suitable for a lot of activities. The lightweight knit textile upper facilitates breathability, so your feet will not feel stuffy. These shoes are really comfortable with their soft cushioning that makes each step or stride feel soft and nice.

The heels are reinforced, and the overlay lends pair with them to give you better support besides comfort. Due to the textured outer walls, the shoes feel much lighter. The outsole has sufficient traction, so you can move about in confidence. They are super flexible and durable as well!

They come in 14 variations and the price range is much better than Ultraboost’s!

02. Adidas Men’s Phosphere Running Shoe

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  • Plush Comfort
  • Ultra-Soft Midsole
  • Seamless Circular Knit Upper
  • Sporty Design

Like Ultraboost, these Adidas shoes will inspire you to be adventurous. After all, they are from the same brand!

The sporty design is definitely eye-catching. You can step out and conquer the world wearing these. They are super comfortable, especially due to the plush, ultra-soft cushioned midsole. Your feet will feel as though they are being embraced by the clouds!

The seamlessly knit circular upper is another great feature. It will provide your feet with the kind of support they will need throughout the day. In short, you must get a pair of these shoes if you have an adventurous soul!

They come in 7 variations and the price range is much cheaper than Adidas’ Ultraboost!

03. New Balance Men’s 510 V4 Trail Running Shoe

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  • Blend of Leather & Mesh
  • ACTEVA Midsole
  • AT TREAD Outsole
  • Toe Protection

Similar to Ultraboost, these shoes are the perfect balance of spontaneity and comfort!

Made of 50% leather and 50% mesh, these shoes are surprisingly comfortable. The ACTEVA midsole, paired with NB comfort insert that is ultra-soft, makes them unbelievably comfy. Your feet will be cushioned with each step you take. The ABZORB heel adds another layer to that comfort!

The AT TREAD outsole is perfect to be used on all kinds of terrain- how amazing is that? On top of that, the toe protection ensures a secure experience. So try out all the things you want to while wearing these amazing shoes!

The price range is quite budget-friendly, not kidding! If you want to go for these, I say hurry up!

04. Mizuno Women’s Running Shoe

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  • Iconic WaveKnit Construction
  • Shock Attenuating Midsole
  • Breathable & Durable
  • Great for Running

Your cheaper alternative to Ultraboost is here! And they are amazing!

Ultraboost is known for its high energy return, something that is important for running. If you need a pair of running shoes just as good- this is it! These shoes feature the iconic waveknit construction that helps you rely less on the midsole. The construction makes these shoes super comfortable and stretchy to accommodate your strides!

They are also sufficiently breathable. So do not skip out on wearing socks with these shoes! The midsole is great at attenuating shock to keep you on the move and is durable. For running, these shoes really give others a tough competition!

They come in 6 colors, and the price, like I promised, is pretty cheap!

05. Skechers Go Run Ride 7

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  • Flight Gen Cushioning
  • Breathable Upper
  • Rubber Traction Outsole
  • Durable & Comfortable

These shoes, similar to Ultraboost, will really make you feel active and up for everything!

The Flight Gen cushioning that is incorporated is quite responsive, and amazingly lightweight. So you can guess how comfortable each step will be. Its upper is knit in too-toned material and breathable. To give you a comfortable and more secure fit, the gusseted tongue is added!

The outsole is made of rubber and provides great traction. All in all, these shoes are comfortable and durable. They will last long and serve you the best! The reflective detailing will turn heads as you walk through achieving amazing things in life!

They are available in 6 variations, all are nice! And the price will be kind to your wallet!

06. Brooks Ghost 12

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  • Lightweight
  • Great Support & Cushion
  • Smooth & Stable Ride
  • Perfectly Secure Fit

Need a pair of shoes that give you support like Ultraboost?

I think I have found that pair for you! These shoes firstly are amazingly lightweight. And to add to that, they give you great support and comfort, let me tell you how. It incorporates high energizing cushioning under your foot- so that you do not lose stability while running. And the responsiveness is excellent due to the blend of BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft!

Enjoy a smooth and stable ride with these without facing any hassle. On top of that, they ensure a perfectly secure fit! Who would not love that? These shoes are everything you might look for in a pair of shoes.
They are available in 29 variations and the price is definitely budget-friendly!

07. Saucony Men’s Freedom ISO 2 Running Shoe

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  • Full-Length EVERUN Midsole
  • Dynamic Upper
  • TRI_FLEX Crystal Rubber Outsole
  • Helps Supination

Last on our list of Ultraboost Alternatives are these amazing shoes!

They contain a full-length EVERUN midsole heightens the energy return and provides sufficient cushioning throughout your wear. The upper is dynamically knitted to support the shape of your feet and allow flexibility. The shoes are streamlined to adapt to your pace and shape!

The TRI-Flex Crystal rubber outsole is durable, and great to help prevent supination or underpronation.
They are available in 10 colors and are priced well!


I sincerely hope that this list containing shoes similar to Adidas Ultraboost was helpful for you. I am sure you must have found a pair that you want to buy right away!

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