Teva Alternatives | 10 Comfortable Shoes Like Teva

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Big fan of Teva shoes? Looking for comfortable shoes like Tevas but do not want to expand your Teva collection?

An understandable situation. You can want to have shoes that are similar to a certain kind of footwear without adding more from the same brand in your collection. And this situation has a solution too!

I have a list of shoes that are quite like Tevas and just as comfortable! Keep reading to check them out!

The Story Behind Teva Shoes

Teva sandals, first introduced in 1984, were produced out of a need. The demand for sandals that refrained from floating downstream. A river guide’s curious innovation of attaching two Velcro watch straps over a flip flop did the trick. It led to the birth of Teva sandals on the shores of Grand Canyon.

Since then, Teva shoes have been made with a passion for adventure. The brand inspires one to explore and learn. It supports growth and feeds the hunger that yearns to wander. Its artisanship, therefore, heavily emphasizes on the quality that allows freedom.

Always trying to innovate for the better, from 2020 onwards all the straps of their footwear line will be replaced with recycled plastic. This plastic will be traceable and verifiable. This outstanding step surely puts forth Teva’s aspiration for a better, cleaner future.

Compared to other similar brands, Teva shoes are priced reasonably. Their footwear range is priced between $25 and $300, at times a little beyond that.

It is understandable if you want something just as comfortable from other brands, so keep reading!

10 Comfortable Shoes Like Tevas

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I am sure you are eager to know all the shoes like Tevas that I have collected! The wait is over, so here they are!

01. Chaco Men’s Z1 Classic Sport Sandal

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  • Webbing Under Wraps
  • Adjustable & Durable Heel Risers
  • Luvseat PU Midsole
  • Non-Marking Chaco-Grip Rubber Outsole

If you want shoes similar to Tevas, you could definitely pick these!

These shoes look comfortable, and they are! With the webbing under the wraps that is polyester jacquard, you will feel the comfort all around your feet. This will also extend and run through the midsole, so you will enjoy a great fit besides comfort.

The webbing is also present in the heel risers, which is high-tensile for added support. It is also durable and adjustable according to your preference. The antimicrobial treatment keeps your feet odor-free!

The Chaco-Grip rubber outsole is non-marking. These shoes are available in 30 colors and the price is also great!

02. Skechers Women’s Sport Sandal

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  • Lightweight
  • Responsive 5 Gen Cushioning
  • Rebound Insole
  • Adjustable Straps

I definitely am a sucker for shoes like this one!

This pair is a lot like Tevas, and the design looks great for summer! These shoes are lightweight, with a responsive gen 5 cushioning feature that cushions your feet in softness. The rebound insole is Goga Max High insole, thus you can expect an elevated sense of comfort.

They have adjustable straps that will allow you to get the perfect fit. The fabric upper is soft and heathered for you to enjoy. You definitely will love wearing these!

They are available in 6 colors and the price is quite reasonable.

03. KEEN Men’s Clearwater CNX Sandal

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  • Lightweight
  • Webbing Upper
  • Bungee Lace for Customized Fit
  • Underfoot Support

Shoes like Tevas, but better!

These KEEN shoes look really comfortable. And they are comfortable and lightweight in every manner. The webbing upper facilitates a good fit and enhances the traditional style. The bungee lacing also helps in getting a better fit and with the metatarsal ridge gives great underfoot support.

All these features make these shoes a great pick if you want a nice, comfortable pair of shoes. Go explore nature in these shoes!

They are available in 9 variations, and the price is also doable, in my opinion!

04. Chaco Women’s ZX2 Classic Athletic Sandal

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  • Athletic Style with Webbed Upper
  • High Tensile Heel Risers
  • Non-Marking Chaco-Grip Outsole
  • LUVSET PU Midsole

Need alternatives to Tevas but want a more athletic style?

Look no further! These Chacos come in an athletic style fit for your sporty activities. The jacquard webbed upper ensures that you have a good, adjustable fit so that you are comfortable no matter the activity.

The heel risers are high tensile for support and are adjustable and durable. This pair’s midsole is constructed of LUVSET PU for a comfortable experience throughout the day. And the outsole is non-marking and incorporates the very famous Chaco-Grip!

The design really is nice, and these shoes are available in 20 variations. The price? You would love it!

05. ECCO Men’s Offroad 4-Strap Outdoor Shoes

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  • 50% Leather & 50% Textile
  • Molded EVA Footbed
  • Supreme Cushioning
  • Great Stability & Support

In my search for shoes like Tevas, I came across this pair!

This pair is made of 50% textile and 50% leather. This means that you can enjoy flexible wear for long hours. The molded EVA footbed is lightweight and super comfortable for everyone. You can enjoy supreme cushioning that will make you want to wear these shoes every day!

The incorporation of receptor technology means that you will have amazing stability and support with every step. There is no reason to skip out on these shoes! The rubber outsole is thick and durable, but adding a layer of sole protectors could not hurt!

These shoes are available in 27 variations and are priced well!

06. CIOR Women’s Outdoor LightWeight Shoes

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  • Yoga Mat EVA Footbed
  • Great Arch Support
  • Heel Protection
  • Anti-Skid Outsole

Cior shoes always have some good options for women.

Just like Teva, these shoes have a cute design on the straps that make them look super cute. The EVA footbed has a cushiony effect with yoga mat insoles that are textured to provide a good grip. It can readily absorb impact without causing you distress.

These shoes also have great arch support that helps your posture and controls pronation for your foot health. The heel protection is great to help avoid chafing and prevent blisters even after long hours. And did I mention, the outsole has traction to support anti-skid wear?

Enjoy effortless wear with the hook and loop system. You can find them available in 11 variations- all super cute! And the price is quite cheap for sure!

07. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Sandal

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  • Comfortable, Flexible, and Functional
  • Water-Friendly
  • Toe-Caps & Croslite Outsole
  • Enhanced Traction

Honestly, these Tevas dupes inspire the same kind of adventurous spirit as Tevas do!

If you want your wanderer soul to have a weekend trip in the wild, these could be the right pick! Especially if your trip involves rivers or streams. These shoes are water-friendly and contain several channels to seep the water out.

The iconic Croslite materials will provide amazing comfort and flexibility. On top of that, your toes will be protected due to the bolstered toe-caps. The Croslite outsole adds to the flexibility and functionality of your wear and will protect your feet.

The enhanced traction is superb to facilitate all your adventures! They are adjustable for a better fit if needed. Available in 2 colors, the price is lucrative and you should really check them out!

08. Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Fiona Sandal

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  • Premium Leather & Textile Blend
  • EVA Footbed & Leather Lining
  • Stability & Traction
  • Easy to Wear

Like Tevas, these shoes will make a place in your heart for sure.

The blend of premium leather & textile ensures that your wear is comfortable and flexible. The EVA footbed is sufficiently cushioned for a nice and soft experience. Your comfort should be further enhanced by the leather lining- imagine feeling that smooth embrace!

Comfort aside, the stability and support it provides are also excellent. You can surely enjoy the traction throughout your activities. The rubber sole is as great as ever, and because these are super easy to wear, you will love them!

They are available in 2 colors- brown and taupe. And the price makes me want to grab a pair!

09. Columbia Men’s Santiam 2 Strap All Terrain Sandal

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  • Durable & Stylish
  • All Terrain Traction
  • Water Tolerant Suede Leather
  • Techlite Midsole

These shoes are amazingly functional and I love them!

No reason not to! These shoes are built to last, and besides being durable they are also stylish. The water-tolerant suede leather makes them suitable for activities involving water. Scared to slip? Fear no more! These shoes provide sufficient traction over all terrains.

The synthetic overlay ensures endurance and the Techlite midsole has superior cushioning. So they are comfortable and also support high energy return! You will definitely love wearing them to all your adventures, wherever life may take you!

They are available in 2 colors- rusty dark grey and heatwave mud. The price definitely reflects the quality!

10. Merrell Women’s All Out Shoe

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  • Vibram Sole
  • Lycra Neoprene Stretch Collar
  • Unifly Midsole
  • Stylish Waterproof Design

Last but not the least, a superb pick for my ladies!

I definitely love them. These feature a Vibram sole, and we all know how nice and durable they are. The traction is sufficient as well. You can enjoy and easy on and off with these, for they include lucre neoprene stretch collar. The unifly midsole is perfect for adventurous activities!

The design really is stylish. The shoelace detail adds to its beauty and gives it an up-and-running look. Wear them in water without a worry, because they are waterproof. The protective bumper on the toe is also a great addition for sure.

These shoes are available in 7 colors. And the price is cheaper than I expected for something of its quality!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# Are Teva Sandals Waterproof?

Ans: Yes! Tevas are not water-resistant, but waterproof! The brand believes that you can soak them in water and not damage them, and your feet will remain dry!

Q2# Where are Teva Sandals Made?

Ans: Teva sandals are made in China. They are also manufactured in Vietnam.

Q3# How Long Do Teva Sandals Last?

Ans: Teva sandals have amazing durability and they are hard to damage easily. With proper care, they may last for years! The brand also offers a lifetime warranty, on a conditional basis.


This list has some amazing shoes that I love dearly. I am sure that at least one pair must have caught your attention, and I hope you buy them!Shoes like Tevas are hard to find, but you already have 10 of them here!

Just to address another concern- creasing on shoes? We have an article on crease protectors for shoes, check it out!

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