Stacy Adams Shoes Review

When it comes to Men’s Fashion, Jay-Z has summed it up quite perfectly:

“Remind yourself. Nobody built like you. You design yourself.”

Fashion for men has aspects of nonchalance, an effortless grasp of style. The right pair of shoes is the firmest step you can take on the path to expression through style.

As famous fashion designer Christian Louboutin said:

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”

A lot about your personal Sense of Style is reflected in your choice of footwear. And with a pair of Stacy Adams shoes, you can’t take a wrong step.

About Stacy Adams Shoe Company

The Stacy Adams Shoe Company has been around since 1875. William Stacy and Henry Adams founded a company that stood the test of time; through the 20’s, the post-world war boom of the US economy, and the Jazz era and the great prohibition.

It’s relevant to mention that Stacy Adams products are a favorite of mainstream music personalities. It was name checked on The Time’s 1982 hit song The Walk. The band’s front man Morris Day was a big fan and had a large collection of Stacy Adams shoes.

Renowned artist Snoop Dogg has a song called Stacy Adams in reference to the brand. Tom Waits has referenced the brand multiple times in several of his songs. In fact, the 2011 hit film “Drive” has its lead played by Ryan Gosling wear a pair of Stacy Adams Madison Cap toe boots.

All these references indicate the extent of influence the Stacy Adams Shoe company has had on popular culture. It has evolved from a shoe company into a lifestyle brand.

With exquisite style and utmost comfort in their products, Stacy Adams provides cutting edge effectiveness with classic design.

And here are our top picks for your selection of Stacy Adams shoes:

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Top 4 Stacy Adams Shoes Review

01. Stacy Adams Men’s Dickinson Cap-Toe Lace-up Oxford

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  1. 100% leather body with non-leather sole
  2. Classic design with burnished trims
  3. Cushioned memory foam insole
  4. Classic stacked heel

Stacy Adams prides itself in the ability to pay attention to detail. And this one is all about the details. The Dickinson Cap-toe pays particular attention to key features that contribute in the classy design.

These shoes look the part for a very affordable price. The memory foam sole provides comfort. And the hand burnishing along with blind-eyelet lacing and stacked heels adds the class. These shoes deliver great value for money.

02. Stacy Adams Men’s Garrison Wingtip Oxford

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  1. Cushioned memory foam insole
  2. Classic look with brogue detailing
  3. Flexible, pattern nub soles
  4. Superior shock absorption
  5. Padded Collar and Tongue

These are an ode to the classic oxford wingtip style. They are quick to adapt to your feet and do not need much breaking in. The classic style is complimented by lightweight construction for durability and comfort. These Garrison wingtip oxfords are a must have for Stacy Adams fans.

03. Stacy Adams Men’s Dunbar Wingtip Lace-Up Oxford

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  1. Comfortable memory foam insole
  2. Flexible outsole
  3. Hand burnished
  4. Old-school classic design

These shoes look the part and fit with any kind of apparel. Whether it’s jeans, suit pants or tapered pants you are wearing, these will fit right in. It delivers comfort with the memory foam insole while the flexible lining of the outsole allows breathability.

The classic, hand-burnished design is of course a staple of any Stacy Adams. And it combines with the modern takes on comfort quite well in this pair. Fair warning, the shoes leave a bit of space at the tip and it tends to crease (although not badly). But its pros seem to outweigh the cons by a good margin.

04. Stacy Adams Men’s Madison Cap Toe Boot

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  1. Smooth, polished leather
  2. Shock-absorbing cushioned heel pad
  3. Pure leather build
  4. Durable leather sole

Ryan Gosling wore these in the film “Drive”. And just like the film, these are stylish, substantial and trend setting. The all leather build provides extensive durability while the cushioned heel pad ensures comfort and stability.

Stylish, comfortable and effective; these have been described as the king of their price point. With the old school look and the suave, stylish feel, these shoes provide the class and the comfort you’d expect from Stacy Adams.


These were our picks from Stacy Adams’ extensive catalogue of great shoes. This company has been providing quality, comfort and classy look for over a century. And they show no signs of stopping any time soon. Check out their other options as well.

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