8 Sanuk Alternatives | Shoes Similar to Sanuk

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Eying that pair of Sanuk but too afraid to bite the dust?

Happens to the best of us, honestly. I have added them to the cart and put them back countless times because of the daunting price. But you have to agree, they are quite a cool pair to own in your collection. They are no Timberland, but man, the price tag on those!

But if anything that can come close to owning a pair of Sanuk, it is owning something similar. There are great quality Sanuk alternatives that can give the originals a run for their money! I mean who would not want an amazing pair of Sanuk alternative at half the price?

If you do, then board the train! Let me take you through an amazing ride full of amazing alternatives to Sanuk shoe brand. Not one, but 8 of them!

The Brand History: What are Sanuks?

The story of the shoe brand began in 1997, when Jeff Kelley, the founder, started with one goal. He wanted to spread smiles and happiness, and he did so with his footwear brand. To this day, Sanuks unfailingly bring a smile to people’s faces.

The aspiration behind the shoe brand has always been to create something fun. Be it flip flop or the classic yoga sling– each pair is crafted with the spirit of Spring and youth. And they were a hit amongst people tired of regular boots!

Contrary to popular belief, fun can and definitely be comfy. At least Sanuk shoes stand as a proof to that! The brand effortlessly makes sure that with style, you do not compromise with comfort. This is why their footwear is so popular- you can never say no to cozy!

Besides all that, Sanuk as a brand cares deeply about its environmental impact. It works alongside Surfrider Foundation to keep the smile of the coastlines intact!

8 Best Shoes Similar to Sanuk

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Now you know all about the brands, so let me tell you all about the dupes! They cover alternatives from boots, sneakers to regular flat sandals!

01. Margaritaville Men’s Dock Slip On Boat Shoe

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  • Easy Slip On
  • Lightweight in Construction
  • Rubber Sole with Traction
  • Comfortable Lining & Removable Insole

Sanuk canvas shoes are pretty much all people can talk about at the moment. They are a blend of style, youthful fashion and unbeatable comfort. If you are looking for something like that in footwear, look no further!

As a Sanuk alternative, these mimic the classic Sanuk loafers very well. Just slip your foot in, and you will love the feeling! The lining inside makes this pair as lovely as the original Sanuk shoes.

So, if you want something like that without having to spend that much money, I got you. These boat shoes are made of canvas and are super comfortable! You can easily slip them on like a pair of Sanuk loafers!

The rubber sole has traction, so that is great to keep balance. But the sole is also nicely flexible for comfortable wear!

You can grab this lightweight pair of footwear and storm through life with style!


  •  Great Alternatives
  • Lightweight & Flexible
  • Versatile & will Pair Well with any Outfit


  • Price is Nearly Close to the Originals

02. Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Loafer

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  • Made of 100 Percent Textile
  • Easy On & Off
  • Padded Insole & Heel Cups
  • Lightweight & Versatile

A shoe that is stylish and incredibly versatile? That is what I have got here for you!

Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Loafer is a well known Sanuk alternative. This one is undeniably a comfy pair that goes easily with any outfit! A lot of people look for cushioned insole in casual shoes.

But this Santa Cruz Loafer brings you padded heel cups! Paired with the Dual Crocs Comfort material, the support you will get is supreme. Nothing is quite like a comfy shoe with a relaxed fit. Sanuk, as a footwear brand, gave us that, and these casual shoes are doing so too!

Not only are these easy on and off, but you can in fact fold the heel to slip these on like slides! Loafers and slippers, all in one! The textile material makes it all possible.

So are you willing to give the Crocs Santa Cruz Loafer a try?


  • Versatile so Pairs well with any Outfit
  • Lightweight & Relaxed Fit
  • Can be Worn like Slides
  • Great Support
  • Padded Insole Offers Comfort


  • The Detailing may not Match Everyone’s Style

03. Hey Dude Men’s Wally Woven Loafers

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  • Made of Fabric
  • Soft Fabric Lining
  • Memory Foam Cushioned Insole
  • Lightweight & Comfy

Another Sanuk Lookalike that is going to steal your heart for sure!

These lowcut loafers have a chukka design that blends style with elegance. Much like Sanuk shoes, these look super fun! The woven textile upper ensures comfort and the design around the heel matches the fun vibe of Sanuk footwear brand!

Inside, the soft lining of Oxford cloth will keep your foot feeling nice and comfy inside the shoe. I think these can go well with any outfit of your choice! Just slip these on and the world shall be your oyster!

Want a cushioned insole? Then you must choose these casual shoes! I honestly cannot think of a better blend of fun and comfort in any other footwear brand except Sanuk. Okay, maybe Birkenstock too! But that is a whole different story!


  • Casual yet Elegant Looking
  • Padded Insole is Super Comfortable
  • Supportive Throughout
  • Pairs well with a lot of Outfits
  • Synthetic Sole for Durability
  • Comes in Many Options


  • Some may not Enjoy the Design

04. VILOCY Men’s Slip on Deck Shoes Canvas Loafer Vintage Flat Boat Shoes

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  • Rubber Sole for Durability
  • Easy On & Off
  • Breathable Arch Vents
  • Shockproof Sole with Traction

Next on my list is this trendy pair that will be a hit for those who want a balance between fun and style.

The first thing you will notice about this is definitely the casual touch of the textured upper. Because the canvas upper has rough seam lines, they look very hip. The upper is comfy and is breathable, just like the arch vents!

With the cushioned insole, you will be so at ease that you may mistake these for a pair of running shoes! But truly, these moccasin-like shoes are flexible enough to nearly replace your running shoes! And you can forget about regular boots for sure!

The rubber sole has traction on various surfaces and great elasticity to provide flexibility. It is also shockproof and durability is guaranteed in its quality. You will enjoy them as much as you enjoy the Sanuk brand!


  • Durable, Flexible & Really Comfy
  • Material & Design Ensures Breathability
  • Rubber Sole has Traction for Balance
  • The High Elasticity & Shockproof Features are Nice


  • The Design is not Everyone’s cup of tea

05. Hey Dude Women’s Loafer Wendy Original Shoe 12141

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  • Made of High Quality Fabric
  • Removable Cushioned Insole
  • Flexible & Lightweight
  • Durable Rubber Sole

This one is a pair of shoes that has the whole “on the go!” vibe going on! Not only do they look and are travel friendly, but they are also just perfect to slip on when in a rush. Because of its many features, this shoe is as comfortable as a pair of running shoes!

So let me tell you all about those features. Starting off- material. Made with high quality materials, the upper is made of fabric that is comfortable and durable. The rubber sole not only is great for flexibility but also adds to the style factor!

You can easily flex your foot inside it- these sneakers are great for optimum flexibility! Fold your feet, flex them, do whatever! These sneakers undoubtedly are a premium choice for a Sanuk alternative. You will love these even if you have wide feet.

The cushioned insole is removable if you would like to take them out. If Moccasin-like dupes or simply leather shoes are not your preference, these sneakers should do you good.


  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Perfect for On the Go Needs
  • Super Flexible & Comfy
  • Looks great with any Casual Outfit
  • Can be Easily Washed in the Machine


  • May run a bit big; Great for Wide Feet

06. Teva Women’s Olowahu Flip Flop

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  • Textile with Synthetic Sole
  • Polyester Straps
  • Cushioned Top Sole
  • Cute & Trendy

Enough about the sneakers! Sanuk brand is also widely known for their flat sandal or flip flop. If you are tired of the usual sandals that are made of plastic, I have something you might like!

A blend of textile and polyester, these sandals have a synthetic soul for durability. They are great for everyday wear, even for those strolls by the beach! You may wonder, why would I pick these over plastic sandals that are perfect for the beach? I will tell you why!

The polyester straps are water ready, which means that they dry easily and quickly. So if you do not wish to get super drenched, you should go for these. These sandals will not be bothered by a little water and will look great in pics!

Additionally, the top sole is cushiony and as relaxing as a yoga mat. Now, I know, referring to a yoga mat to describe a sandal is not an entirely valid comparison. But you will know what I mean once you put these on!


  • They Look Super Cute
  • Not Like Traditional Flip Flop
  • Appearance is a lot like Sanuk Brand


  • Not Great for Super Wet Places

07. Amazon Essentials Women’s Casual Thong Sandal with Ankle Strap Sandals

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  • Made of 100 Percent Synthetic Material
  • Latex Padding Insole
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Faux Leather Upper

I cannot really write this article without mentioning a yoga sling alternative sandal now, can I?

For the flip flop fanatics, Sanuk brand really upped the game when they introduced the yoga sling. If you do not know- no, the yoga sling is not a yoga mat or anything of that sort. It is basically a fun take in the traditional thong sandal!

I personally enjoy a thong sandal because of how cool and classy it is at the same time. This thong sandal too is one of my favorites.

If you have read the features, you know that this sandal is made of 100 percent synthetic material. They have a faux leather upper and adjustable straps for a nice, comfy fit. The burnished look is great for those who want something like a yoga sling but more low-key.

Are these comfortable? Well, of course they are! They have an insole with latex padding for maximum comfort. If you are a fan of Birkenstock, you will enjoy this sandal as well!


  • Great for Everyday Wear
  • Comfortable & Casual
  • Can be Worn with Multiple Outfits


  • Not as Vibrant as Sanuk Shoes
  • May not Look Good on Wide Feet

08. Crocs Women’s Kadee II Graphic Flip-Flop

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  • Easy Slip on
  • Croslite Foam
  • TPU Toe Post
  • Patterned Straps

We are near the end of the list, and could I have finished the list without mentioning a slipper? I really do not think so.

This easy slip on slipper is not at all basic, even though you may think it is. The croslite foam ensures that your foot does not feel any on the usual stiffness of a plastic sandal. In fact, the smallest of details have been taken care of by Crocs.

You will notice how comfortable your toes will rest at the TPU toe post, each toe receiving the support needed for every step. I really enjoy the patterned straps, they bring about the spirit of a Sanuk slipper!
Wear these in the water or land- they will not get damaged! I am sure that you will thoroughly enjoy this pair!


  • Can be Worn in Water
  • Look Super Cute
  • Supportive and Comfortable


  • Some Designs are a bit Repetitive

Off Brand vs Originals: What to Keep in Mind?

You may enjoy Sanuks, or you may have never even heard of Sanuk shoes or sandals.

So before you indulge yourself in the search for a dupe, read this to have a clear idea! Not only about the brand, but about the knock off essentials as well!

  • What Makes Sanuk Special:

On the top of my head, definitely the quality they provide! Also, the designs are pretty cool and innovative. They are fun, stylish and all things youthful. This also means that not all age groups are attracted to them.

Sanuk shoes are also greatly durable, even though they are slightly pricey.

  • How to buy the Perfect Dupe:

Like I said, not everyone is attracted to the color scheme and themes of Sanuks. So while buying a dupe, look for similarity in design first. If you do that, you will find many Sanuk lookalikes, just in more toned down styles!

Also, while trying to save a few bucks, do not compromise with quality. Make sure that the material is comfortable that also ensures durability. Once style, design, comfort and durability are checked- budget should hardly be an issue!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Are Sanuk Shoes Washable?

Ans: Most of them are! Just check what the materials are of the particular pair of Sanuks you want to wash. Do not machine wash them if they are made of leather. The rest you can do a cold wash on the machine, but never put them in the drier!

Q2# Can I Wear Sock with Sanuk?

Ans: Okay, here is the deal. While many Sanuk shoes are designed Moccasin-like, or like loafers and sneakers, they are essentially sandals. So it is completely up to you if you want to wear socks with them or not. But it is no harm if you do!

Q3# Are Sanuk Shoes Water Friendly?

Ans: Most Sanuk shoes can be worn in the water. However, some may have suede or leather material incorporated. So if your Sanuks are made of suede or leather, refrain from getting them wet. After all, you know how gross water stains look on suede!

Q4# Do Sanuk Shoes Stretch Out with Wear?

Ans: As you know, most Sanuk footwear is made of fabric or textile. Fabric does allow the shoes to stretch out a bit over time with wear. But it will not bring a huge difference, so you do not need to buy a size small.


I hope you loved reading all about the best Sanuk alternatives! I have handpicked each Sanuk alternative to fit various needs and taste, so I believe all your desires have been met. If you liked this article, feel free to browse more to find alternatives to Timberland, Birkenstock and more!

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