7 Most Comfortable Heels for Plus Size

Are you fed up of your plus size struggles, especially with heels?

Plus sized women have their share of daily difficulties and struggles, but while picking out clothes and shoes, they struggle significantly.

So for all my plus sized ladies out there, I did the heavy lifting!

Here you will find 7 most comfortable heels for plus size folks, take a look and make a pick!

Most Comfortable Heels for Plus Size: Buying Guide

There are precisely a few things that you need to in mind while buying heels, but if you are plus sized, additionally you need to be more careful at what you pick.

You deserve the best, just like everyone else, so why skip out on a sexy pair of heels?

So make sure you consider:

  • The Quality: First and foremost, quality is important no matter what you buy. Invest in a pair of good quality heels for your own benefit!
  • The Size: You know how important this is. If you have wide feet, make sure the fit is right. Also as the heel length goes up, you would require more toe space in the front. So buy larger sizes as your heel length goes up.
  • Comfort Level: Nothing else matters if you are not comfortable. Do not give in to conventional beauty standards- pick something you love and are comfortable in.
  • Toe Opening: If your toes feel too cramped in closed toe heels, skip out on them. Pick open toe heels that fit you right.

Let me now take you through the 7 most comfortable heels for plus size that I have picked!

7 Most Comfortable Heels for Plus Size

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01# DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunk Low Heel

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  • Buckle Ankle Closure
  • Insole of Padded Latex
  • TPR Rubber

There are so many reasons why these are great heels for plus size folks!

The heel height is around 3 inches, and it is quite a block that will provide great stability to all the plus sized ladies. The TPR rubber sole is known for its superior quality.

The buckle ankle closure is also great as it can help anyone adjust the closure to get the right fit. Added to that, your comfort will surely be enhanced by the latex padded sole that will give you a cushiony experience.

These heels come in 11 different variations, so you can have a good share of options to pick from. I suggest if you get a pair- pick the yellow one! It is so cute! And the price is quite reasonable too.

02# Kenneth Cole REACTION Women’s Wedge Sandal

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  • High End Brand
  • Elastic Strap
  • Classic Wedge

Okay guys, I am done hyperventilating. It is Kenneth Cole, firstly, and also really comfy heels for plus size women!

I mean of course I do not have to explain to you the quality of high end products, so you know for yourself how great these heels will be. They are classic wedges, which means extra support for plus sized women.

The elastic strap makes the process of wearing them and taking them off easy, but also it will stretch and adjust to fit your feet right for your comfort. On top of that the padded sock will help you walk in these for hours!

They come in 4 colors, and the price? You can avail these branded heels at a reasonable enough price!

03# Sam Edelman Women’s Classic Hazel

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  • Sleek Style
  • 100% Leather

A premium pick of heels for plus size ladies!

Firstly, let me just rave about this pair’s classic, sleek style. They come in 6 variations, and each as sexy as the other. I cannot even begin to say how ravishing you will look in these!

But let us come to the point. These heels are made of 100% Cowhide Leather imported from Vietnam. The synthetic, latex sole will ensure your comfort throughout your wear.

You must know that if we list the types of heels that rule the world, stilettos will be there at the top. These are a pair of stiletto heels, so if you are a fan of one and know how to rock it, this pair is the most comfortable one you will find. The price is honestly, super worth it!

04# Naturalizer Women’s Taimi

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  • Stylish Design
  • Contour Comfort System
  • Perfect for Everyday Wear
  • Buckle Ankle Closure

These are one of the best heels for plus size women. Why? I will tell you.

But firstly let me talk about the material. These heels are made of quite a fun mixture of leather and synthetic, and contains a synthetic sole.

They have a buckle ankle closure great for size adjustment, and their N5 Contour Comfort system helps them hug your feet in a comfortable manner. The heels are about 2.5 inches, which makes them great for everyday wear, especially for my plus size babes!

The design is what I love the most. They come in 13 variations, and I swear to God, I would get them all if I could. These stylish heels can be availed at a great price deal, so fulfill my dreams and get a few pairs! Please!

05# LifeStride Women’s Carla Dress Pump

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  • Classy Design
  • Comfort Technology Incorporated
  • Flexible Sole
  • Contains Center Goring

Whew, what a hot pair of heels for plus size ladies!

I mean, just look at the design- these heels are both corporate appropriate and ready to hit the club! You can party or pull off a presentation- all in these heels!

They come in two colors- black and stone. Both are equally sexy, but I think the black ones are more versatile, you know what I mean?

On top that, these are super comfy. Their Lifestride Comfort Technology paired with the flexible sole make your experience wearing them a great one.

The heels are about 2.5 inches, so you can wear them every day with any outfit!

The price surprises me, it is incredibly low for such a great pair. See for yourself!

06# DREAM PAIRS Women’s Show High Heel

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  • Stunning Design
  • Lightweight
  • T-Strap with Rear Zip
  • Padded Insole

Ladies who love high heels, raise your hands! I have got a stunning pair of heels for plus size ladies!

What can I say, I am at a loss of words. These stunning heels are lightweight and comfortable, because of the PU padded insole with latex. They come in 17 different variations, and some of them are designed with glitters and embellished with rhinestones.

So you can either go for a simple one, or choose a pair that will add the extra razzle dazzle to your look!

These 4 inch heels will be comfortable enough for everyone. But make sure you are used to walking in heels as high as these! And the price is honestly a steal!

07# Easy Street Women’s Vibrant Dress Pump

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  • Flexible Outsole
  • Stretchable Fit
  • Sophisticated Design

So on our final pick for the best heels for plus size women, I give you this lovely pair!

This is a very sober, sophisticated pair of heels that are great for any occasion. The heels are quite thick, so they are great for providing stability while you slip them on in a rush.

The easy flex outsole should provide great comfort, and the stretchable fit will help them adjust to your size perfectly. They are available in 6 multiple variations, and you can pick any one you like.

The price is also true to the quality you will receive, so I say why not grab them?


I will not lie, I love all the pairs from this fine selection of most comfortable heels for plus size women. Each is fashionable and stylish, and will accentuate the beauty of your outfit.

So my question now is, why are you waiting? Buy a pair and be ready to feel more fabulous that you already are!

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