5 Best Mezlan Shoes Reviews

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When we spend top dollar on anything, we expect top quality.

This is especially true in the case of footwear enthusiasts. We need to get our money’s worth: In style, build, quality and comfort from our big purchases.

Dress shoes in particular are testament to this. They are infrequent, specialty purchases for most of us. As such we like to invest a lot of time in picking our poison.

And one of the most reliable names among premium dress shoe manufacturers is Mezlan Shoes. Let’s take a closer look at what they’re about.

History of Mezlan Shoes

Mezlan originates from Spain’s Castille- La Mancha region. Its founding father, Antonio Sanchez grew up here working as a farmhand.

Originally a physics enthusiast, Sanchez had to abandon his aspiration to pursue higher studies to support his family. He became a skilled shoe maker in a factory owned by a family. This would eventually become the Mezlan of today.

It was in 1985 that Sanchez’s legend really took off. He came to America to begin a 260 day “shoe tour”. He premiered his products at shops like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus etc.

In 1998, Sanchez bought Bacco Bucci shoe company and added its resources and style to Mezlan’s portfolio. This expansion injected the youthfulness and modernism that Mezlan needed.

In 2008, Mezlan launched its official retail store and boutique in Las Vegas Nevada, along with a website. And they haven’t looked back since.

Mezlan is popular for its handmade designer dress shoes. It offers premium quality and design. Chief among its technology it the Goodyear welt, which makes its products durable, long lasting and easily restorable.

Now let’s take a look at the 5 best Mezlan shoes you can get.

5 Best Mezlan Shoes Reviews

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1. Mezlan Segura Mens Luxury Formal Loafers

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  • Classic Venetian Moccasin
  • Italian Calfskin
  • Handcrafted by the best
  • Memory foam cushioned insole

This is actually one of the cheaper Mezlan products you can get. But it doesn’t pull any punches (or kicks) because of the affordable price tag.

These are designed in classic Venetian moccasin style. But they stand out due to the unique ornamentation; complimenting both the simplicity of the classic venetian and the decoration of loafers.

One of Antonio Sanchez’s own designs, it comes to life by the hands of master craftsmen. These shoes combine the unmatched quality and elegant design.

In addition, they are very comfortable as the rubber insole is cushioned with memory foam. The shoes adapt to your feet to ensure maximum comfort and good fitting.

2. Mezlan Sexto Mens Luxury Dress Shoes

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  • Formal and luxurious
  • Vamp lining fabric
  • Full Leather sole
  • Memory foam cushioned insole

These Blucher Oxfords represent the finest in luxury dress shoes. Woven calfskin and a vamp lining fabric combine to provide a peerless quality and design.

Keeping the factor of comfort in mind, the shoes are designed with a memory foam cushioned insole.
The exquisite black color leaves a statement of class and taste. The confidence is evident in it being available in only the color black.

A testament to the ability of the craftsmen of Almansa and the design of Antonio Sanchez; these shoes stand as a mark of the most refined.

It is to be mentioned that while they appear grey in some pictures, they are indeed an exquisite black.

3. Mezlan Men’s 7163 Moccasin

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  • Woven vamp lining
  • Refined calfskin leather
  • Quality imported European material
  • Both formal and casual fit

These moccasins employ a more classic design. And they deliver with simplicity and sophistication in style.
The 7163 moccasin slip-ons emphasize comfort and convenience. They are a good fit for any kind of occasion; or just a simple venture outdoors.

They deliver the expected quality and durability of Mezlan. The material is exquisite and well implemented as usual.

A testament to the genius of Mezlan’s design and craftsmanship, these moccasins justify their price tag fully. Elegance and comfort are the focus here, and they are delivered in full.

4. Mezlan Men’s Magno Monk-Strap Loafer

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  • Full leather build
  • Elegant, sophisticated look
  • Comfortable calfskin leather
  • Exquisite stitching

Monk-straps are often hailed as the most advanced modern dress shoes. And Mezlan makes the case quite compelling with this pair.

The 100% leather build is evident from just one look at these shoes. The build is of exquisite quality. And the design along with well placed stitching adds the kind of sophisticated and luxurious look only Mezlan products can boast.

While these are dress shoes, monk-straps are generally considered a little less formal than Oxfords. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing in this case. As this pair will look just as good with jeans and jacket as it will with a suit.

Mezlan’s signature Goodyear welt makes these shoes as durable as the calfskin leather makes them easy on the feet. These really are a must get.

5. Mezlan Men’s Ulpio Loafer

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  • Full leather build
  • Elegant, sophisticated look
  • Comfortable calfskin leather
  • Comfortable, simplistic sole

These loafers boast a sophisticated look and color scheme, in all 4 of the available colors. They sport a comfortable, latex sole which compliments a classic calfskin build.

It feels like these are the epitome of the comfort, durability and design that we demand from Mezlan. The exotic look and feel along with the ever present Mezlan craftsmanship make this a premium choice.

These shoes are usually well fitting to the point where it feels like they were custom made with your feet specifically in mind. And they deliver well on the promise of a premium product.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1# Are Mezlan shoes high quality? 

Ans – Mezlan shoes are testament to classic European craftsmanship. They are made in the Shoe capital of Spain, with calfskin or further exotic leather.

The exquisite material along with the signature Goodyear welt promises great quality and durability. So, yes. Mezlan shoes are of the best quality available.

Q2# Are Mezlan shoes comfortable? 

Ans – When we pay a premium price for a product, we expect uninterrupted satisfaction. And comfort plays a big factor in shaping our opinion of the product.

Mezlan injects their products’ insoles with memory foam. Meaning the insole of the shoe remembers the shape of your feet and ensures maximum comfort. The leather used in the making of the shoes is very easy on the feet as well.

Q3# Are Mezlan shoes Goodyear welted?

Ans – Goodyear welting involves attaching a piece of leather along the side of a shoe via stitching. It makes shoes more resistant to water and damage in general. It also makes them easier to restore.

Mezlan are well known for their long lasting, durable products. Almost all of these products are Goodyear welted.

Q4# Are Mezlan shoes stylish?

Ans – Mezlan are famous for being of premium quality and design. All of their products are designed by master craftsman Antonio Sanchez.

These shoes are also handmade by expert shoe makers. This ensures that great care goes into making them look the part.

Q5# Are Mezlan shoes expensive?

Ans – A good pair of Mezlans can range from 200 usd to 750 or even more. The custom design, handcrafting and important add-ons and modifications make this price warranted.

Q6# Are Mezlan shoes worth it?

Ans – Mezlan products are well known for their durability and have lasted for over 10 years. That’s great even for a premium product.

And their quality and design are top of the line as well. All in all, Mezlan shoes are well worth the significant investment, ad they guarantee a significant output.


Mezlan shoes have multiple decades of history behind them. You’re not just purchasing a shoe when you get a Mezlan. You’re buying into a lifestyle, you’re experiencing great amounts of care, effort and dedication that went into hand crafting each shoe.

So, go out and experience what classic Spanish craftsmanship feels like with your very own pair of Mezlan shoes.

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