5 Best Johnston and Murphy shoes review

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Some companies have been deeply entangled with American men’s footwear. For the longest time, one of these companies has been Johnston and Murphy.

Few companies represent the American taste as well as Johnston and Murphy do. They have been trendsetters and have left their prints on the history books.

Johnston and Murphy have endeared themselves to the average American male by their custom design, style and workmanship. But most of all, they have won out because of their affordability.

An outfitter of leaders, legends and the common American man, let’s take a look at Johnston and Murphy shoes.

History of Johnston and Murphy

Johnston and Murphy are one of the oldest companies in America. They have been in business since 1850. They pride themselves in their American origin, specifically that of Newark, New Jersey.

Originally the company was named after its founder. It was called “William J Dudley Shoe Company”. This was officially changed to Johnston and Murphy on 1886.

For decades, Johnston and Murphy has decorated the feet of American people. Most notably, every US President since Millard Fillmore has used a pair of Johnston and Murphy shoes.

The company offers affordable style. They design their shoes inspired by American culture and tradition. And the two have been entwined for over a century.

Now let’s take a look at the 5 best Johnston and Murphy shoes you can purchase.

5 Best Johnston and Murphy shoes review

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01# Johnston & Murphy Men’s Shuler Bicycle

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  • Multi-layered sheepskin footbed
  • Comfortable soft material
  • Formal look, casual feel
  • Latex rubber sole

This pair offers a mixture of the classic oxford and a modern, more casual look. The overlay detail and stitching make it almost a bit too casual without crossing the line. It is still very much an oxford shoe.

The 100% full-grain pebbled leather exterior makes for the stylish design you crave. And the padded heel collar and sheepskin lined insole provide maximum comfort and air-flow. The leather sole guarantees durability to go.

Johnston and Murphy look for the middle point between traditional work outfit and the more casual, comfortable demands of modern footwear enthusiasts. And with this pair of shoes, they have found a distinctly American design and form for the tasteful, aristocratic man.

02# Johnston & Murphy Men’s Melton Cap Toe Shoe

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  • Goodyear Welt
  • Trampoline cushioned insole
  • Full leather construction
  • Professional look with casual comfort

Cap toe oxfords are usually among the upper echelon of formal footwear. This pair of J&M men’s shoes find a way to deliver optimum comfort without any compromise on the formal look.

These shoes are distinct for their Goodyear welt build. This system allows the leather material to adapt to one’s feet over time to deliver a perfect, comfortable fit.

In addition, quality foam cushioned insole and forepart with a trampoline cushioning system allows you to move freely and roughly without any foot pain. And the leather lined insole provides necessary breathing space inside the shoes.

A stylish pair of shoes which can fit you well in any dressy event, the Melton cap toe men’s shoes are a must have.

03# Johnston & Murphy Men’s Aragon II Kiltie Tassel

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  • Lavish decoration with fringe and tassels
  • Comfortable leather lined insole
  • Good fit with any casual outfit
  • Durable, flexible rubber outsole

Looking to a more casual option now. These traditional style loafers stand out for their exotic decoration via the kilted tassels and fringes.

One can wear these with any casual attire. Such as khakis, denim or even animal skin trousers. These can complement your look in any event.

One of the more comfortable J&M options, the leather insole ensures maximum adaptability to one’s feet. By far one of the most well reviews shoes among users from a comfort perspective.

It’s tempting to be nervous about the durability of such a showy pair. But the rubber outsole, impeccable stitching and sheer workmanship guarantee a long-lasting product.

04# Johnston & Murphy Men’s Conard Cap Toe Shoe

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  • Burnished Italian leather build
  • Classic American design
  • Both casual and formal fit
  • Impeccable, exotic build

These shoes are a testament to the tradition of American shoemaking and how Johnston and Murphy are such an integral part of that tradition.

Combining classic American design to build quality comparable to Italian master crafting, these are one of the most stunning pairs of shoes you will ever see. From the design to the stitching pattern, everything comes together perfectly. And it can pass as a formal or casual attire.

These are as comfortable and durable as J&Ms get. And as a sign of goodwill, the company sends you two sets of laces. In matching or contrasting color, whichever suits your taste.

One of J&M’s fan favorites, these are one of their best products you can own.

05# Johnston & Murphy Men’s Cresswell Venetian

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  • Soft and flexible
  • Comfortable calfskin leather & foam cushioned insole
  • Full grain leather
  • Simple, elegant and modern

Another classic design gets a modern spin courtesy of Johnston and Murphy shoes. The most prominent feature of this pair is its flexibility. So much so you can fold it in half without causing damage.

The soft and flexible construction adds further comfort to the already comfortable calfskin build and the cushioned insole. Most users report that these shoes are a perfect fit and are among the most comfortable they’ve ever experienced.

The versatile nature of the venetian allows it to be acceptable in most casual and formal environments. And Johnston and Murphy’s ever evolving build adds to the value you get for your money.

Frequently asked questions

Q1# Are Johnston and Murphy shoes expensive?

Ans – One of the main reasons behind J&M’s popularity is the reasonable price tag. These shoes can adorn anyone from the common man to the President. All for an acceptable price.

Q2# Are Johnston and Murphy shoes comfortable?

Ans – Johnston and Murphy shoes are usually built on comfortable leather. They have added cushioning in most models to ensure further comfortable fit.

Q3# Are Johnston and Murphy shoes stylish?

Ans – J&M shoes have a long history of upholding and evolving the American style of footwear. They implement a traditional and classy look with efficient quality improvements.

Q4# Are Johnston and Murphy shoes High Quality?

Ans – Quality of build and design is one of the primary factors of J&M’s popularity. Each product boasts world class craftsmanship, comparable to master shoemakers of Italy and Spain.

Q5# Where are Johnston and Murphy shoes made?

Ans – Johnston and Murphy Shoes are made in the USA, with premium quality material and expert bench crafting facilities.

Q6# Are Johnston and Murphy shoes made of real Leather?

Ans – J&M products are made of a variety of high-quality pure leather. Most of it is imported. All of it is comfortable and of great quality.


Johnston and Murphy boast over a century of experience in the shoe business. Their quality and class are evident in their products and the customer response to said products. So walk in the footsteps of leaders and heroes and go buy a pair of Johnston and Murphy shoes today.

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