How to Stop Shoe Heels from Wearing Down?

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Tired of your shoe heels wearing down?

No one enjoys that. Soles wearing off is annoying, but heels wearing off is particularly more annoying. Especially when they are your favorite pairs of shoes. Which brings me to look into the matter to bring you a feasible solution.

Eager to know what? Keep reading and find out how to stop shoe heels from wearing down!

How to Stop Shoe Heels from Wearing Down

The heels of the shoes wearing down faster or unevenly can be tackled in a few smart ways.

You can get your shoe heels replaced with a material that has better longevity, same with top lifts. Rubber is an option, so are metal or rubber taps. Also, rotate your shoes, do not wear a pair consistently. Try using a good quality sole protector to add an extra protective layer!

6 Ways to Stop Shoe Heels from Wearing Down

Are you still confused? Let me elaborate and add some more information! To keep your shoe heels from wearing down, try:

01# Buying Good Quality Shoes:

Needless to say, there is not a pair of shoes on this planet that will not have its heels get worn out at some point in time. But a pair of high-quality shoes will resist wearing out for a long time. So invest in some good quality shoes.

02# Wear Resistant Materials:

Buy shoes that have soles made out of wear-resistant materials, such as rubber. Rubber definitely takes longer to wear out compared to, let us say leather. Vulcanized rubber is a durable option.

However, the rubber soles your shoes come with may not always be as wear resistant as that provided by a cobbler or shoe repairing service.

03# Repair & Replacements:

That being said, a visit to the cobbler is a must. What you can get done is to replace the heels of your shoes with other materials that promise durability. If you replace your top lifts or heels you will see that this time around they will take much longer to wear down!

Occasionally, resole your shoes. That will add durability to the pair and also replace the heels in the process!

Additionally, you can add metal taps. They will surely make it harder for your heels to wear down. Even rubber taps are a great option too!

04# Use a Good Sole Protector:

Sole protectors are a good way to protect your shoe’s overall sole. Of course, with time they may start wearing down at the heels but at the very least they will add some durability. I definitely suggest investing in some good quality sole protectors.

05# Rotate your Shoes:

The key to adding durability and getting more wears out of your shoes till the heels wear down is this. Please do not go on wearing the same pair of shoes consistently for days or weeks. Heavily using the same pair will affect the soles of your shoes, and thus the heels.

Rotate your shoes and avoid wearing shoes that are already worn out, for obvious reasons.

06# Detect your Wear Pattern:

Figure out the pattern in which your shoe heels are wearing down. A natural pattern would indicate the shoe heels wearing down in the middle.

If that is not the case with you, check the inside edges. Wearing down of shoe heels on the inside edges suggest that you are perhaps an overpronator.

So, when you walk your feet roll inwards, causing your shoe heels to wear down on the inside edges. The same will be the case with the balls of your feet.

If you see that your shoe heels have worn down on the outer edges, it suggests that you are and supinator.

That means when you walk you put most of your weight on the outside edges of your feet. Orthopedic insoles or a visit to the podiatrist can help.

What Causes Shoe Heels to Wear Down?

Now that you know how to prevent shoe heels from wearing down, let us do a quick recap. Why? So that you remember the causes and avoid them before we wrap it up.

Firstly, when you repeat a pair of shoes continuously for days or weeks on end, your shoe heels will wear down.

Secondly, if you do not have a metal or rubber tap covering your shoe heels, they will wear down.

Thirdly, certain materials, like leather, wear down really fast on the heels of your shoes. Either settle for rubber soles or use some sole protectors!

Does Shoe Heels Wearing Down Have Health Implications?

Sadly, yes. Like I mentioned above, the pattern in which your shoe heels wear down can tell a lot about how you walk or distribute your weight.

Detecting the pattern could suggest if you are an overpronator, a supinator, or a pronator and more. Not just the heels, look at the pattern in which your shoe soles wear out.

And if suspicious, visit a pediatric or orthopedist to find out a solution! Sometimes using an orthopedic insole helps!


Wearing down of shoe heels can be annoying and uncomfortable. Also royally embarrassing if someone gets to take a pic while you are sitting with one leg on top of the other. This where it is appropriate to refer to that picture of President Obama with his feet on the table (if you know, you know).

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