How Much Does it Cost to Resole Boots?

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Have you been having a feeling that your boot soles might need resoling?

I would suggest you trust your instinct before it gets too late. Shoes are easy to maintain and when taken care of properly should last you a while before you need them to be resoled. However, always lookout for early signs of damage that are crying out for a repair.

Now you must be wondering- how much does it cost to resole boots? A very valid concern! Keep reading for I will tell you everything you need to know regarding the expenses of resoling boots and more!

How Much Does it Cost to Resole Boots?

Typically, it would be hard to give you a concrete number when you ask how much it might cost to resole your boots.

This is because resoling your boots depend on a number of factors. Depending on those factors, the cost to resole boots may either go up or down. I will list down some of the main factors that affect the cost of resoling boots.

Cobbler or Other Shoe Repairing Service Provider

The cost of resoling boots depends heavily on whom you are going to for the purpose of resoling. Some may do it at a lower cost than the others- depending on location, demand, etc.

You could also get your boots resoled from certain shoe companies who offer that service. And if you have a warranty for your shoes, you can get them resoled free of cost from the buyer!

Resoling on Your Own

Now sometimes, the cost of receiving a boot resoling service may exceed the cost you bought those boots for, to begin with. Or the service may just simply cost you out of your budget.

When the case is as such, you can attempt to resole your boots at your own risk. For that, you will need a sole replacement kit, which should roughly be around $25 a pair.

You may require some additional tools and products depending on the kind of soles your boots have. To give you an estimate, resoling your boots on your own can cost you between $25 to even $150.

However, only attempt to resole your boots if you have gained the expertise by educating yourself on the matter. Do not do it if you are not confident because it might cost you your favorite pair of boots!

The Extent of Damage

Of course- the more the damage is the more it is going to cost to repair your shoes. If the soles of your boots are mildly damaged, they might not cost as much compared to the sole being visibly battered.

Taking your boots to resole with the early sign of damage might save you a hefty sum of money. Depending on the damage, you may ask for half a sole or a full sole replacement. For half a sole it may cost around $30 to $60. A full sole replacement can start at $40 and go up to $100.

The heels may cost between $30 to even $120 to replace, but if they require a repair then the cost should not ideally exceed $15.

Materials & Construction

Last but not the least, depending on the material the cost to resole may vary. Foam, rubber, or synthetic soles will not cost as much as leather may.

On top of that, the way your shoes are constructed play a huge role in determining the kind of time, labor, and money they would need to be resoled.

For example, Goodyear welted shoes are much easier and cost-efficient to resole than cemented ones.

Now that you have enough idea about the cost of resoling boots, let me discuss a few things that are relevant to the cost of resoling.

When to Resole your Boots?

So now you might be wondering, how do I know when my boots need to be resoled?

It depends to some extent on the quality of your boots or shoes. Because as you know, good quality shoes last longer- the longevity of shoes depend on that and more. Regardless of that, always lookout for early signs of damage like I keep saying.

You can try to:

  • Press a thumb right in the middle of the center of the sole of your boots. If you feel any kind of sponginess or weakening of the fiber, it is a sign that you need to get them resoled.
  • After that, if you notice that a circular spot has visibly appeared at the bottom of your sole and it is soft, that is another sign.
  • Pay attention to details. If the edges look uneven at the places where the sole and the welt connect, it is an indication that you need to get your boots resoled. A lot of times you may visibly notice the welt disconnecting from the sole which is a severe indication for resoling.

How Often Would you Need to Resole your Boots?

Firstly, if your boots are not of good quality and are cheap- replacing them is the more sensible option over repairing or resoling them.

However, if you have high-quality boots that typically have a lifespan of 5 years and beyond- limit resoling them to 2 to 3 times, 4 if they are your absolute favorite.

If your previous resoling was a job well done, you hardly would need to resole your boots in a couple of years. Do not be tempted to unnecessarily resole your boots to preserve them or increase their longevity.

Is it Really Worth Resoling Your Boots?

Tricky question!

But if you have expensive shoes that you know will serve you for years if resoled- then yes, even if the cost of resoling puts a dent in your wallet.

If you know for a fact that the boots will not last beyond a couple of years, then maybe resoling them once can be a sensible option.

Remember, resoling your boots is only worth it if they are of good quality and are taken care of properly.


We are at the end of this article! Hope you could find the answer to all your questions regarding resoling your boots.

To summarize- lookout for early signs of damage and decide where and how you want to resole them. Keep the other important factors mentioned above in mind to estimate the cost of resoling. Hope that helps!

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