7 Frye Boots Alternatives | Boots Similar to Frye

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Want to stock up on some boots that look a lot like Frye for this winter?

We cannot deny that we have an eternal love for Frye boots. But it would be a lie if I say that we have not let out long sighs after seeing the price tag on each. Not only the price, but some people may also at times look for different or better features.

But since we love the design and style so much, what can we do? We can look for boots similar to Frye! Keep reading and find out 7 of them!

History of Frye Boots

The Frye Company, founded by John A. Frye, started its journey in 1863 with its first shop in Elm Street, Marlboro. Frye’s famous boots were first released in 1888, and they immediately stood out for their construction, quality, and excellent craftsmanship. By 1889, Frye was the first-ever company in town to run their factory operations on electricity.

During World War 2 in 1943, Frye’s reputation spread globally as they traveled countries on the feet of soldiers and servicemen. By the 1960s, Frye was making custom made boots and served some renowned figures, including President Richard Nixon.

With time, Frye started making new additions to their boots category, from cowboy boots to the engineer boots.

After the 2000s, Frye paced up amazingly to keep up with the growing trends of the world. From opening a store in SoHo, entering the e-commerce world to amping up their branding, and making superb collaborations. Frye really has molded its style and taste to fit that of contemporary fashion.

At present, Frye stands strong as a heritage brand that combines classic style with unprecedented quality and craftsmanship.

As amazing as the brand is, I think it is time I tell you about the boots similar to Frye!

7 Best Boots Similar to Frye

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Alright, I will not make you wait any longer! Here goes the list containing some of the best alternatives to Frye!

01. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Brilliance Wide Calf Riding Boot

Original Frye Boots: Frye Women’s Melissa Button 2 Riding Boot

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  • Memory Foam Insole
  • Synthetic
  • Inside Full Zip
  • Available in Wide Calf

These Frye boots are made of 100% leather and designed in an Equestrian style with a long shaft. The topline is stylishly asymmetrical and contoured around the ankles for a better fit and support.

You get a leather lining for comfort and they also contain a leather insole that is cushioned.

The outsole is durable and made of leather. It has a rubber heel insert that adds traction!

Now it all sounds great, but Dr. Scholl’s boots are just as great!

Instead of leather, they are made of synthetic but look just as great. They are extremely comfortable like the original Frye boots because of the insole. The insole is made of memory foam cool fit which provides superb comfort.

The topline is not asymmetrical, but for better support and fit, they are available in wider calf sizes! They also have a decorative buckle which adds to their country vibe! You can find these in two colors- black and whiskey.

This pair of Frye boots alternative can be availed at a pretty great price!

02. Clarks Women’s Hollis Moon Knee High Boot

Original Frye Boots: FRYE Women’s Melissa Button Back-Zip Boot

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  • Ortholite Footbed
  • Smooth Textile Lining
  • Cushion Soft Technology
  • Durable Rubber Outsole

Are you looking for a super comfy pair of boots like Frye?

This Frye pair is made up of 100% leather and has a leather sole. These are pull-on, equestrian style boots with an asymmetric topline. The shaft is contoured near the ankles for good support and has a back zip for easy closure.

In terms of comfort, you will experience a smooth leather lining and cushioned leather insole. These two combined, make the boots very nice to walk in. The outsole is durable and the heel insert is made of rubber for better traction.

Now, leather soles can be durable but not as much as rubber ones.

Which is why you could opt for these synthetic Clarks boots. The design is quite similar due to the long shaft and inside zipper entry. They have a rubber outsole with means that they will be much more durable than the Frye ones!

In terms of comfort, this pair definitely matches and even outdoes the Frye ones. The ortholite footbed is super comfortable, especially with the incorporation of cushion soft technology. Instead of leather lining, they have soft textile lining for a smooth and supple feeling around the legs.

These boots come in 2 colors- black leather and mahogany leather. I would say that these are a much cheaper option over the Frye ones!

03. TOMS Women’s Avery Ankle Boot

Original Frye Boots: Frye and Co. Women’s Allister Zip Ankle Boot

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  • Canvas Sock Liner
  • Made of Fabric & Synthetic
  • Stylish Design

If you want an ankle-length pair of Frye lookalike, I have it!

The Frye ankle boots are made of suede, which brings about a posh, vintage touch to them. With the leather pull-tabs, you can easily use the zip-on closure for a nice fit. The high-cut gives them a sleeker outlook, but also help it conceal tucked in jeans.

The block heel is a classic addition and in short, these booties look super cool and are available in 4 beautiful shades.

However, the price is quite steep, which is why you must check out these lookalikes!

The design is quite similar- ankle-length booties with a side zipper closure. These boots by TOMS also have a posh suede upper. Instead of the classic block heel, these are wedges inspired boots that honestly look fabulous.

They also look perfectly contoured for skinny ankles and will look amazing with any outfit. These boots come in 3 colors- desert taupe, tarmac olive, and black.

The desert taupe really is a stunning dupe. And need I say, these are much cheaper than the originals?

04. JEOSSY Women’s Thick Heel Ankle Boots

Original Frye Boots: Frye Women’s Sacha Moto Shortie Ankle Boot

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  • Environment-Friendly Materials
  • Latex Padded Insole
  • Stylish & Fashionable
  • Side Zipper Closure

I really do like these Frye ankle booties!

Made of leather, they look extremely elegant and lavish. The leather looks soft and comfortable. These boots carry a vintage sophisticated style, which makes them perfect for a wide range of occasions, from casual to formal.

You can find these in 3 styles- cognac, charcoal cut vintage leather and black. I am a fan of the black and cognac one! But as expected, they are quite expensive.

These Frye dupes are the solution! Made of environment-friendly material, it already levels up in my eyes as a better choice. They are also amazingly versatile for a lot of purposes! And in terms of comfort, they do have taken it up a notch.

In these boots, you get a latex padded insole to give you an incredibly comfortable experience. The side zipper ensures not only easy on and off, but a nice fit. Even the heels are pretty similar! Wearing these you definitely will look fashionable.

Now, they come in 8 styles some of which have a suede upper. You do not get that option with Frye. Plus these are so much cheaper! I see no reason to not get them!

05. Rocket Dog Women’s Bootie Ankle Boot

Original Frye Boots: Frye Women’s Veronica Bootie Ankle Boot

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  • Almond Toe
  • Stylish Design
  • Adjustable Buckle Straps

So what do we have here? Another pair of ankle booties!

Composed of 100% leather, these booties rock a slacked down shaft with a buckle strap to add to the edge. Goodyear Welted shoes are known for their durability and ease of repair, and these boots are the same! In these, enjoy style and durability, and also comfort!

The leather insole is cushioned to provide comfort for long hours. The rubber outsole is also durable and provides sufficient traction. They come in 4 colors- tan, redwood, stone, and black tan. You can choose either an engineer upper or for a more streamlined silhouette, you can pick the combat!

Even then, I still like the dupe better, honestly!

I mean, the style is extraordinary. Nothing else matters above the design for me. The straps add such an edge to the almond toe design, and they all have buckle to help adjust the fit. Another strap with buckle is located at the ankle to act as an adjustable closure.

The panel of textured upper amps up the style further. You will definitely look like a fashionista in these boots similar to Frye. These are available in 3 colors- tan, grey, and black. I cannot pick one over the other and make a suggestion because all of the 3 colors are amazing!

And the price is surprisingly way lower than I expected. Much cheaper than Frye!

06. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chelsea Style Ankle Bootie

Original Frye Boots: Frye Women’s Carson Chelsea Boot

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  • Made of Synthetic Materials
  • Sleek & Posh Style
  • Soft Suede Upper
  • Secure & Flexible Fit

Did someone say a sleek pair of ankle booties? Because I sure heard it!

Frye really has done an amazing job on this one. These boots fashion a sleek style with a side gore panel and pull-on tab. Just easily slip them on and enjoy a nice, flexible fit!

Chelsea style ankle booties, especially with the side goring panel, always entice me. I think they are sexy and professional at the same time, which makes them great for a variety of occasions. These boots come in 2 colors- marigold and pale bush, both stunning!

But do I have a much cheaper alternative to Frye? You bet I do!

Needless to say, the dupe has my heart. Even though quite similar in design, the shaft is slightly longer than that of Frye. This makes these look even more stunning- bold and sleek, very runway model appropriate if I may.

Made of synthetic, these booties have the same side goring panel and a pull-on tab. This makes it easy to slip them on and enjoy a flexible fit. The sole is much chunkier, and so it the heel. Which really spikes up the boldness of this pair.

You can find these available in 7 colors and like I promised- at a very cheap price!

07. PUMA Women’s Carina Sneaker

Original Frye Boots: Frye and Co. Women’s Sindy Moto Low Sneaker

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  • Made of Leather & Synthetic
  • Casual Style
  • Athletic

Need a pair of sneakers like Frye? Well, I got you!

Firstly, these Frye sneakers are an excellent pair for casual occasions. The design is slim and sleek and the construction is a classic Strobel.

The rubber soles add durability, which makes this pair a good pick. To elaborate more on the design, you can find these to have a lace-up closure as well as a moto zip closure as a fun addition to the style.

The soft suede really speaks out to me. They come in 5 colors. And the price is good too but, what if I tell you there is a better alternative to them?

That would be these high rubber sole PUMA sneakers! They look quite bold and fun. The style is such that not only can you wear them for casual events, but enjoy all athletic activities in them.

On top of that, PUMA’s reputation and quality cannot be questioned. So you can be very sure that these sneakers will reflect that quality, and will be quite durable.

I definitely believe that these could be picked over the Frye ones. These come in 16 variations, and even though the price is a bit high, these are worth it! Go for them!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# How To Tell If Frye Boots Are Authentic?

Ans: If you buy from authentic retailers, then original Frye boots should come in a box with product details and seal. The inner lining of the boots will have a serial number & details similar to that on the box.

Q2# Why Are Frye Boots So Hard To Get On?

Ans: Because it takes quite a few wears to start breaking them in. If you wear them consistently for a few days, they will surely soften up and be easy to put on.

Q3# Why Are Frye Boots So Expensive?

Ans: Because of their vintage reputation, quality, and expertise in craftsmanship. They may be a little on the expensive side but it is justified by their footwear.


I hope it has been a good read for you! As you read I hope you found your favorite pair of boots similar to Frye. I have only selected the best for you! And most were much cheaper than Frye

So which one of the boots mentioned is going to be your next pair?

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