Converse Alternatives | Shoes Like Converse But More Comfortable

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Been on the hunt for a nice pair of shoes that can be Converse alternatives?

Well, to be honest, a few years ago I too had been in your place. I liked the concept of Converse shoes but wanted something a tad different. My personal search for Converse alternatives has led me to find some gems which I will share with you!

So keep reading to find out all about them!

Why do you Need Converse Alternatives?

Converse shoes are great as they are, of course, but sometimes we might have some extra requirements.
From my personal experience and reading about similar experiences, I have found out some reasons why people may look for Converse alternatives. Some of them are:

  • Comfort: This is one of the main reasons. Converse shoes may look lightweight and comfortable, and they are. But some of us need much more comfortable shoes, especially for long hours of wear. Plus, for some activities like sports, Converse shoes may be a little uncomfortable.
  • Quality: We always search for good quality products. Converse shoes, as nice as they are, can be enough for some but people like me, we need a step up in quality. One can love a pair of Converse shoes but seek a better quality alternative.
  • Price: I would say Converse shoes are fairly priced, but some may look for cheaper options. That being said some may also not hesitate to pay a bit more for better quality.
  • Style: We all love the Converse style, but it is solely casual. Its style is not fit to be used for multiple purposes so many look for more versatile options.
  • Materials: Converse shoes are typically made of canvas with rubber soles. I know that one might want a variation in that, so he or she may end up looking for alternatives.

11 Converse Alternatives

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I will not make you wait any longer! I have collected 11 Converse alternatives, take a look and make a pick!

01. Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Sneaker

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  • Reputed Brand
  • Versatile Shoes
  • Great Style

Adidas as a brand needs no introduction.

And such brand reputation means that you are bound to get high-quality shoes. If you are looking for an alternative to Converse, you can start with these. These shoes look a lot like a typical pair of Converse, but these are better.

I will tell you why. If you pay attention to the design and details, you will see that they are casual yet versatile. You can pair these with several outfits for several occasions. Being a product of a sports footwear brand, you know that these shoes will serve athletic activities too!

Enjoy a combination of great style and comfort with these shoes, and also enjoy the 28 colors they are available in! And they are priced well!

02. Keds Women’s Champion Canvas Sneaker

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  • Good Fit
  • Arch Support
  • Cushioned Insole
  • Roomy Toe Area

Here is a Converse lookalike that is much more comfortable!

Love the canvas material, but want more comfortable shoes than Converse? These 100% canvas Keds are your answer to that. They hug your feet perfectly giving you the right fit.

For your comfort, you get arch support and a nicely cushioned insole. This means that your feet will feel comfortable wearing these for long hours. The toe area is quite roomy for your feet to not feel stuffy or congested.

These shoes are available in 10 colors and are perfectly priced.

03. Sperry Men’s Striper II Salt Washed CVO Sneaker

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  • Hidden Gore Construction
  • Secure Fit
  • Non-Marking, Flexible Outsole
  • Molded Wave-Siping & Traction

We all enjoy a good pair of shoes that have promising outsoles.

These shoes are similar to converse, but in my opinion, better looking. They have a hidden gore construction which makes it easy to effortlessly wear them and to take them off. You really can enjoy a secure fit and have a comfortable experience wearing these.

The rubber outsole is non-marking and super flexible, which makes them versatile for several activities. Their outsole also contains molded wave-siping that provides amazing traction for anti-slip wear.

They are available in 15 colors and I am sure you would love the price.

04. KEEN Women’s Low-Top Sneakers

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  • Breathable & Lightweight
  • Cushioned PU Insole
  • High-Traction Support
  • Anti-Odor & Water Repellent

A really comfortable alternative to Converse with many more features!

These shoes are made of canvas that is breathable and lightweight. Great for summer! They are quite stylish with a classic vibe going on. The insole is cushioned with the KEEN Luftcell PU insole and the heel panels add to your sense of comfort.

The fit is so good and secure that you can wear them to do various activities. As the outsole provides superior grip, you can enjoy high traction wear. These shoes are designed to be anti-odor and they also repel water.

They are available in 12 variations. Go grab them at an amazing price!

05. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Pandora Sneaker


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  • Casual Style
  • Durable Vulcanized Rubber Bottom
  • Soft Textile Lining
  • Padded Collar & Cushioned Footbed

These Tommy Hilfiger sneakers are so comfortable!

If you are looking for shoes like Converse that will provide more comfort- this is it. This pair is from a celebrated global brand, thus promises high-quality. The rubber bottom is vulcanized and thus durable. They really will last a long time with good care before they need to be resoled.

They have a nice and soft textile lining and a padded collar. Sounds like the ultimate comfort, does it not? But it does not stop there! The footbed is nicely cushioned which adds another level of comfort to your wear.

You can find them available in 9 colors offered at an undeniable price!

06. Taos Footwear Women’s Star Fashion Sneaker

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  • Curves & Pods Footbed
  • Flexible & Durable Outsole
  • Classic Design

Want a good fabric upper Similar to Converse?

Here you go! These shoes come with a nice fabric upper that I know your feet will love in summer. And they really are much more comfortable than converse, especially with the curves and pods footbed. This comfortable footbed, if you do not enjoy it (I highly doubt you would not) can be removed if you like!

The outsole is made of rubber. It is durable and really flexible! Great for regular use in my opinion over Converse, mainly for the classic design and performance!

You can get them in 37, yes, 37 variations! That too at quite a good price!

07. Vans Women’s Authentic¿ Core Classics


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  • Authentic & High-Quality
  • Great Style
  • Versatile

Who does not know about Vans?

It really is a well-known brand when it comes to footwear. And what if I told you that I have shoes that are better than Converse? That too by Vans for women? Because I do!

These shoes really reflect the amazing quality of Vans shoes. You know for a fact that these will perform well and will last long. The classic style of these shoes really makes them a versatile pick for a wide range of outfits.

They have a canvas upper and a rubber sole. Available in 19 colors, the price tag is also reasonable!

08. Skechers Men’s Moreno

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  • Unique Design
  • Goga Mat Arch
  • Air Cooled Memory Foam
  • Wide Fit

Need a pair of wide fit shoes that can be the right alternative to Converse?

Look no further! Because these shoes are wide fit with a unique design that is really calling out to me. The design makes these shoes super versatile, for both casual and semi-casual settings.

Enjoy amazing comfort with the goga mat arch and the air-cooled memory foam. I believe that with these shoes you will have the best of both worlds- comfort and style.

They are available in 7 colors but if you ask me, I really like the beige pair! And did I mention that the price tag is super lucrative? Go grab a pair!

09. Teva Women’s Freewheel Washed Canvas

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  • Great Shape & Fit
  • Soft Textile Lining
  • Mush Infused Insole
  • Rubber Bumper & Traction

This really is a great pick for women who want Converse look alike shoes.

These will provide the kind of shape and fit a woman might want. They really are superior in terms of comfort and protection. The combination of soft textile lining and mush infused insole acts to provide maximum comfort. The shoes will feel as comfortable as a pair of flip-flops I swear!

The rubber bumper protects your toes, and the outsole incorporates Versatile Spider 365 properties for excellent traction. So no more slipping! And they are quite a durable pair too!

You can find them available in 5 colors. And the price? Quite reflective of the quality and features!

10. Forever Link Women’s Comfort Fashion Sneaker


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  • Classic Style
  • Versatile
  • Great for Everyday Wear

Want cheap Converse alternatives? I knew it, so I delivered it!

These shoes are fashioned in a classic, timeless style that makes them suitable and versatile for multiple occasions. They really are quite the pair for everyday wear- whatever activity you may choose! Your daily yoga session, running errands, hangouts with friends, or a weekend trip, do it all in these!

Made of a synthetic upper and a rubber outsole, these are durable. If you want to add to that durability, you can add a good sole protector to them.

No matter what color you need them in, you will find them for there are 26 variations available. And they really are quite the cheap option over a pair of Converse!

11. Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic Canvas Slip on Sneaker

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  • Easy Slip-On
  • Trendy Design
  • Cushioned Insole
  • Durable & Flexible Outsole

This last pair of shoes is my favorite one, to be honest!

These canvas shoes have quite a trendy design, with the side goring panels that facilitate easy slip-on. The insole is cushioned, so no more uncomfortable feet! Enjoy a super comfy experience wearing these shoes!

The outsole is not only durable but also flexible. So they will last through multiple kinds of activities! They are versatile enough to be worn on different occasions with different outfits.

They are available in 4 colors- navy, white, black, and grey. The white pair is the one that has my heart. And compared to all the good stuff you get, these shoes are unbelievably cheap!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# How Much Are Converse Shoes?

Ans: Converse shoes start at $25 but most typically range between $30 and $75. They can also go beyond $130 for a lot of their styles.

Q2# Do Converse Shoes Run True To Size?

Ans: The standard Converse shoes tend to run true to size but may vary with other styles. It is better to consult the size chart corresponding to each style.

Q3# Do Converse Shoes Have Arch Support?

Ans: Sadly, no. Converse shoes lack any kind of cushioning inside the shoes and also does not provide arch support to our despair.


I really, really enjoyed writing this. Converse shoes are a trendy choice among teens and people in their 20s. But they can lack certain things that may make one seek out a better alternative to them. Especially in terms of comfort.

The list that I have curated for this article is a selection of some amazingly comfortable shoes. Each pair has the ability to give Converse a run for its money! I hope you found yourself a new pair!

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