5 Best Bzees shoes reviews for 2020

Brands which develop women’s shoes tend to focus on looks. But today, women in general lead a more active lifestyle and need convenience and comfort in their footwear. This is where BZees comes in.

Bzees are a shoe company who provide both style and substance in their products for women. They cater to free minded, bold women. This is evident in their advertising, mostly consisting of championing the social cause of women empowerment.

Bzees focus on the convenience, comfort, and style of their products. They uphold their motto of advocating for the independent women of the world. Let’s find out why they are so popular a brand.

Why BZees are popular?

Bzees are one of the foremost companies in popularity when it comes to women’s footwear. This is largely due to the favorable portrayal of women empowerment in their marketing. But their success is also due to the convenience their products provide.

Bzees shoes are very comfortable as they’re lightweight and soft on the feet. Their uppers are stretchable due to the soft knitting and fabric. Their footbeds are also engineered to allow maximum comfort.

This technology is popularly dubbed “Cloud Technology”. These shoes are known to be good support for planar fasciitis and other foot pain problems.

Bzees are also renowned for the convenience of use and care of the products. All of their shoes are easily machine washable. So, they are easily cleaned and dry rather quickly.

In addition, Bzees have made a place in the hearts of people through their charitable efforts. They contribute to multiple pet adoption charities. And their sales marketing is also integrated into these efforts.

Now that we know why they’re popular, let’s find out which BZees products are the best fit for you.

5 Best Bzees shoes reviews

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01# BZees Women’s Dream Sandals

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  • Dynamic stretch enabled
  • Comfortable fabric material
  • Machine washable
  • Plain style

These sandals are one of BZees’ most popular products. The stylish yet simple look is very enticing and is trademark BZees design.

Moreover, these are among their most comfortable products. The velcro is easily adjustable. And the fabric is smooth and soft. The synthetic sole and dynamic stretch enabled build provides good fitting and maximum comfort.

As custom of BZees, these sandals are machine washable. And the relaxed but sophisticated look allows these to fit in with any formal or casual event.

02# BZees Women’s Secret Slingback Sandals

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  • Odor control technology
  • Platformed footbed
  • Air-infused outsoles
  • Cushioned synthetic sole

Although slingbacks range from casual to dressy, this pair ticks all the boxes. They can be used in any event due to their simple but sophisticated look.

While normal slickbacks have an adjustable upper, the dynamic stretching slip on fit material of these make up for it. The imported fabric upper and the synthetic sole ensure perfect fit and maximum comfort.

In addition to the usual machine-washing capability, these slingbacks possess anti-microbial and odor control technology. This makes the shoe unable to get too dirty in the first place. And it guarantees good airflow.

03# BZees Women’s Lollipop Sneakers

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  • Gel insert outsole heel
  • Good for work or leisure
  • Gore edging vamp
  • Cloud technology, machine-washable

These sneakers sport a versatile look that are acceptable at work or just a walk in the park. These stand out among the line of BZees products in that they are hand crafted by expert craftsmen.

Along with mainstay cloud technology, a comfort cone gel insert in the outsole heel guarantees enhanced comfort. The material is machine-washing friendly as usual.

Users report that these shoes are especially useful for those with foot pain problems and pregnant women. The shoes are a good fit, but are light enough to not cause discomfort.

04# BZees Women’s Niche Sneakers

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  • V-shaped front opening
  • Hand crafted
  • Gel infused heel for comfort
  • Good support for fragile feet

This pair does a favor to its name by not living up to it. Niche in name only, these shoes are among the best looking that BZees have to offer. And they cater to a variety of tastes.

Combining the effectiveness of a sneaker with the stylish lace and pendant, this shoe ticks all the boxes. They can give off a formal appearance as well as a fun, casual vibe.

The usual cloud technology is again complimented by a gel insert heel in the sole. As lightweight as they come, these shoes spell convenience with style.

05# BZees Women’s Golden Sneaker Microfiber

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  • Pure Imported Fabric
  • Soft foam footbed
  • Exotic, fashionable look
  • Comfortable and elegant

Without a doubt these are the best-looking shoes on this list. The elegant and exotic fur lining tops off the relatively modern and sophisticated design of the sneakers. The stitching in the fabric also contributes to the perfect look.

These are great for those with foot pains as they provide arch support. The shoes are cushioned with cloud technology as usual. The soft fabric and lightweight material make them very comfortable and a good fit right out of the box.

Although the fur gives off the impression of a winter shoe, these have good ventilation. And you can rest assured that your feet won’t get too warm. Just a perfect package of comfort and style

Frequently asked questions

Q1# Are BZees shoes comfortable?

Ans – BZees assign great importance on the comfort of their products. Their “Cloud Technology” aims to give you the sensation of walking on air. The cushioning and material is very comfortable.

Q2# Are Bzees shoes Washable?

Ans – Bzees shoes are machine washable. You can just put them in the washing machine and not worry about damages. The material is optimized for washing.

Q3# Are BZees shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

Ans – BZees shoes are well known for their cushioned soles and good arch support. This makes their products a great choice for people with foot and joint pain issues like Plantar Fasciitis.


When it comes to comfort, style, and convenience in women’s footwear, BZees have no equal. They represent the independent women of the 21st century and they follow up their claims in practice. So check them out.

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