Birkenstock Alternatives | 15+ Cheap Versions of Birkenstocks

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Sandals and sandal shoes are usually a more comfortable and convenient choice over dress shoes or boots. They are easy to put on and take off. And they are usually a cheaper choice as well.

Although this is more of a convenience related choice, many of us look for more. We demand luxury and style to go with it.

And this is where Birkenstocks come in. The fabled shoe that compromises on neither quality, nor comfort or design. Their legendary contoured footbed provides comfort like no other.

However, due to restrictions involving availability and affordability, many of us cannot get our hands on a pair of Birkenstocks. And although there are many cheap versions of Birkenstocks available on the market, it is not easy to find the best.

To figure out which are the most similar in terms of quality and comfort, research is important. But not to worry, there are quite a few shoes similar to Birkenstocks for a cheaper price tag.

About Birkenstock footwear

The Birkenstock Company can be traced back to 1774. The significance of tradition in Birkenstock is apparent in the works of the Birkenstock family.

In 1896, Konrad Birkenstock developed the first contoured insole for custom footwear. Birkenstock’s signature custom footbed was not coined until 1930.

The special footbed in question describes the inner sole. It is anatomically shaped and has added support elements to adapt to the wearer’s feet. The footbed is constructed with 4 layers. These include two layers of jute, the firm cork and latex footbed and finally the suede lining.

They are commonly associated with youth, liberal thought and free-spirit. In 2018, Birkenstock won PETA’s Libby award for most animal friendly company.

Birkenstock’s tradition and significance are also reflected on its price tag. And that brings us to this article today! Here, I have over 15 cheap Birkenstock alternatives you can try.

15+ Birkenstock Alternatives

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Now that you know all about the most popular and high demand Birkenstocks, it is time! I have picked the best alternatives to suit your needs. Not only are there dupes that match the bestselling Birkenstocks, I have more stuff too!

Original Birkenstock: Birkenstock Unisex Arizona

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These sandals are the classic representation of Birkenstock. If you want to own a true to the brand pair of Birkenstocks, go for Arizona. They hold the essence of the brand! Since its inception, the Arizona Birkenstock sandal has remained unchanged and is forever comfy!

Alternative 1: WTW Women’s Arizona 2-Strap Cork Footbed Sandals

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A mixture of cork and latex footbed, these sandals promise comfort that mirrors that of the original. They hug the contour of your feet to provide maximum comfort. Once worn, they will adjust accordingly to give you a customized fit!

The cow suede leather brilliant mimics the actual Birkenstock Arizona, and feels nice too. Just like the original Birkenstock, these have a deep heel cup. It ensures support throughout your feet. The full foot soft pad has been lined with leather for additional comfort!

You will be bound to enjoy the roomy toe area and the classic two strap. They are adjustable, so do not shy away from perfecting the fit!

With the waterproof outsole and the anti-skid outsole, these sandals are safe for wear, everywhere!

Alternative 2: FUNKYMONKEY Women’s Double Buckle Comfort Slides

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A pair of super lightweight sandals! They look a lot like Birkenstock Arizona, but for some reason my heart loves these more! Maybe because they give me poolside fun vibes!

These have a rubber outsole, which is great for obvious reasons. The footbed, much like Arizona, adjusts to the contour of your feet for a comfortable fit. The EVA upper pairs well with the overall design of the sandals for your comfort.

Most people love and swear by these. If you do not believe me, read the reviews and you will know! Hundreds of people will easily vouch for these to be the most comfortable pair they have ever worn.

If you want a pair that is lightweight, supportive but neither flimsy nor sturdy- go for these!

Alternative 3: Madden Girl Women’s Brando Slide-On Sandal

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One of the oldest Birkenstock models, these Arizonas emphasize simplicity. From design to comfort, the shoes do not overdo anything and maintain a good balance. Strap them on and they will adapt to your feet. As Birkenstock as it gets, right?

The Madden shoes are great for relieving pressure on the ankles. This is why they are a good alternative to Birkenstock, that too at a fraction of the price.

The material is soft and the build is durable. The synthetic sole replicates the comfort and firmness of Birkenstocks surprisingly well. And the heel design is both practical and stylish. Overall, it is a great and cheap Birkenstock sandal alternative.

Original Birkenstock: Birkenstock Madrid Sandals

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The comfort of a pair of easy slip on slides remains close to perfect with these. The Madrid sandals by Birkenstock can be a pair that you wear as you stroll through the streets of Madrid. Or even better, these fun sandals bring Madrid’s summer to your feet!

Alternative 4: BABYONLINE D.R.E.S.S. Women’s Flat Slide Sandals

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A dupe of the cult favorite! This pair is an excellent Birkenstock Madrid alternative. The single strap design with the adjustable buckle makes these true to the original design. But what really makes them a good dupe is the level of comfort!

These lightweight sandals have a cow suede insole that is soft and comfy. The suede feels nice, but is also breathable for that summer freshness!

With the deep heel cup, you get the right support in the right places. Because these are non-slip, they have a good grip for you to retain balance. And they are also waterproof! Slide these on and go on a beach trip- the world is your oyster!

You can see for yourself how similar these are to the Birkenstock Madrid sandals!

Alternative 5: Seranoma Women’s Open Toe Adjustable Buckle

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An ideal pair of sandals for multiple purposes! These look classy- perfect for work or just an afternoon stroll! The comfort of these will make you put away your walking shoes for good!

The microfiber material feels nice against the skin, and the EVA sole? Soft! Each step feels comfortable because of the cushioned footbed. The outsole has a good grip so there is no chance of you slipping!

Due to the arch support, these sandals are supportive and the cork footbed hugs your feet nicely. I ordered my mom a pair and she will not stop talking about these! She keeps saying how these are a blend of comfort and style, and I could not agree more!

Alternative 6: Women’s Slide Flat Cork Sandals

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Cow suede is a popular material as it is incredibly soft. And because these sandals incorporate that, you know softness is guaranteed!

But that is not all! These also have an EVA sole, with cork insole. The full length of the footbed has soft padding and is lined with suede leather. The buckles are, of course, adjustable. This means that you can get the right fit according to the width of your feet!

The ergonomic footbed is another reason why these are so similar to Birkenstock. There is a deep heel cup for support, and the toe bar is slightly raised. This means that your feet will be able to grip the sandals with ease!

All things said and done, this is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives out there!

Original Birkenstock: Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals

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If you want to slip on a chic pair of sandals that look airy light, Gizeh should be your pick. For indoors or outdoors, any casual occasion can be taken care of by this. The contrasting divider between the toes usually makes these stand out!

Alternative 7: CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Leah Cork Footbed Sandal

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Imagine slipping in a pair of sandals that feel cushiony soft, but firm. With these sandals, you will not have to imagine that anymore!

It is common knowledge that Birkenstock Gizeh sandals are one of the favorite Birkenstocks of all times. They are so popular that you will find a plethora of sandals that look similar. But that is not what you want when it comes to comfort.

So forget those flimsy look alikes and take a look at these instead. These have a 100 percent genuine suede insole. That means, the footbed is comfy and like Birkenstocks, adjusts to the contours of your feet.

Upper is made out of premium vegan materials, and the EVA outsole has traction for balance and support. These will last you long, so you will enjoy lightweight, flexible wear for years to come!

Alternative 8: FUNKYMONKEY Women’s Comfort Slides EVA Flat Sandals

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The mixture of durable exterior and a nice, customized fit is not limited to Birkenstocks anymore!

Nothing beats the fresh, summer vibe of Gizeh sandals. They go with all types of casual outfits easily. But these sandals, because they look so much like Gizeh, work just as well! In terms of comfort, they are nothing less than a pair of Birkenstock Gizeh!

The contoured footbed molds around the shape of your foot like soft butter. Being waterproof, these sandals are perfect to be worn for many activities. In monsoon, these types of sandals are a lifesaver!

With the flexible EVA foam upper, these sandals make a stylish and comfortable pair. And they await you, in multiple options!

Alternative 9: Seranoma Women’s Thong Cork Sandal

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One distinctive detail that everyone remembers about Birkenstock Gizeh is the contrasting toe divider. If you want something fun like that, choose these! These sandals are comfy, attractive and great to wear.

Because they are lightweight, and made of EVA, comfort and functionality with these will be limitless! And the platform sole ensures support throughout, especially near the arch. Cushioned insoles ensure top notch comfort- there is no other like it!

Cork sole is just one of the features that it shares with Gizeh originals. And the premium materials make these sandals super durable too.

If unique comfort and style is something that you are looking for, then look no further. I believe that with the excellent options to choose from, you will want multiple pairs!

Original Birkenstock: Birkenstock Boston Shearling Clog

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Now, one might think that clogs are for sluggish people who do not put effort in looking good. But you will be wrong if you assume the same about Birkenstock Boston Clogs! They are fashionable and comfortable!

Alternative 10: Seranoma Women’s Upper Felt Clog

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If clogs make you think of cheap, rubbery, what in God’s name footwear, forget it. You are about to be blown away by how stylish clogs can look. They can, in fact transform your whole look, in a good way. At least that is what Birkenstock Boston Shearling Clogs have taught us.

These clogs, much like Boston, look as great as they are comfortable. The plush lining feels nice and warm, but not stuffy. Because the EVA insole is of premium quality, the comfort is undoubtedly top notch.

I especially love how the buckle strap runs over the upper, giving it a nice look. Now, just because they look all comfy, does not mean that they are not sturdy. The anti-slip outsole is one of the many features why these clogs are what you want.

You have a plethora of options to choose from, whatever size you need!

Alternative 11: JOE N JOYCE Amsterdam Cork Slippers

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Now this one is one stylish pair of clogs! Especially in South Asian culture, footwear as such is very common!

But really, a list of Birkenstock alternatives cannot go without mentioning sandals with a cork footbed. These tear resistant, sturdy and an attractive pair of clogs are very similar to Boston. Due to the inclusion of fleece inside, these sturdy slippers are incredibly comfortable.

The inner sole has been made with suede leather, and the outer sole is basically EVA. But the catch is, the outsole is shock absorbing! A stunning feature that makes these slippers a top alternative.

The strap that runs over is adjustable. Overall, the upper looks quite similar to leather, so pick these if you want to go for that look. And the best part is, you can wear these outdoors and also indoors! I personally love keeping a pair aside for guests!

These travel-friendly slippers come in a few options. Check them out!

Alternative 12: Vionic Women’s Backless Indulge Pleasant Slipper

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The pair of Boston women’s shearling clogs from Birkenstock stand out for their style and comfort. The lambskin footbed is the focus here. The fur feels rich and comfy, although there are complaints of it wearing off soon.

The slippers from Vionic on the other hand, provide a very similar look and feel. But the fur on these is reportedly much more reliable. Although not very well suited for outdoors, they can in fact be used going out.

These are a favorite of people with common foot pain related conditions. Despite the lightweight look, these are very durable and are great for traversing hard surfaces without hurting your feet. It is a great pair of Birkenstock alternatives for you to try out.

Original Birkenstock: Birkenstock Yara Sandals

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These have stolen the hearts of women everywhere. For anyone who wants to look chic and summer ready, Yara is the right choice! From the design to the level of comfort, everything is elevated with this pair. A must have!

Alternative 13: Liyuandian Cross Toe Leather Sandal

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Birkenstock’s Yara sandals are my most favorite from their collection. They just fit my personal taste more!

If you are not familiar with Yara’s design, it is quite similar to this one. The cross toe, double adjustable buckle straps run all over, and finally hug your ankles. The design is very boho and chic, but also elegant!Basically, a super comfy pair of gladiator sandals.

With the cushioned footbed, maximum comfort throughout your wear is guaranteed. They are lightweight, and go perfectly with breezy spring days, and bright summer mornings! But do not mistake it to be flimsy- these babies are great to provide optimal support!

They honestly go with so many outfits! No matter what your style is, they will make way into your wardrobe. Try them out, please!

Alternative 14: CLOVERLY Women’s Slip On Ankle Wrap Platform Slide Sandal

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By now, you already have some idea about Yara sandals. And you must realize why they are so popular! It is no crime to want something similar in design at a cheaper price. So I have more alternatives for you!

Vegan sandal or vegan shoes are something some people specifically look for, so this is an option for those!

Handmade with love and 100 percent vegan materials, these sandals are a beauty to look at. If you are off to brunch on a Sunday and want something simple yet stylish, do not worry. Just pick these sandals and you will have people complimenting you all day!

And they will surely mistake these for Yara! If you want, you can share the secret with your girlfriends and tell them what a steal these are!

Overall, for something light and comfy and a Yara look alike, you have this pair! They come in a few options for you to choose from!

Alternative 15: Ermonn Women’s Slide Flat Cork Sandals

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I will not repeat the details of the design, you already know it. Not just are these an alternative for Yara, but they are just really great gladiator sandals in general.

They have a lightweight cork sole that just feels super nice with each step. A blend of comfort and style, these sandals are perfect for a range of activities. I personally enjoy pairing them with an ankle length maxi dress. Be it boho or elegant, all is covered!

Because of the straps with adjustable buckles, you can get a customized fit easily. There is absolutely nothing you can complain about. With all the options to choose from, you will find yourself buying multiple pairs!

Editor’s Pick: Bonus Birkenstock Alternatives in Budget!

I have given you some stunning alternatives to the bestselling and popular Birkenstocks. But I have a little something extra because I love you so much!

These options are also in popular taste and are trendy. Hope you enjoy the bonus picks!

01. CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Luna Cork Footbed Sandal

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*** For Birkenstock Mayari lovers

One of the most popular models of Birkenstocks; these set themselves apart due to their Birki-flor upper. The Birki-flor is a special material made out of acrylic and polyamide felt fibers. These are firmer and more durable with no compromise on the comfort factor.

But buyer beware; you probably should not order these off of Amazon because it has been reported that most of them are fake on the platform.

Cushionaire is renowned for their ear for customer feedback, and it is very apparent in these Luna Cork sandals. After not so enthusiastic initial impressions, Cushionaire upped their game and delivered a refined product.

Among shoes comparable to Bikenstocks, Cushionaire stands as one of the closest competitors. And the Luna Cork footbed sandals are exemplary in this regard.

The genuine suede insoles and the soft linings in the upper guarantee comfort. These are great alternatives to Birkenstocks for almost 1/5th the price. And they adhere to environment friendly ideals too, as the shoe is made of pure vegan material. So they make a great pair of vegan sandals!

02. Sanuk Women’s Pair O Dice Flat

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*** For Birkenstock Barrie Flat Lovers

These barrie flats provide a stylish look and firm, comfortable footbed for outdoors. Although not as comfortable as regular Birkenstock models, these do their part. They fit tighter as well, but are easy to get used to.

The Sanuk Pair O Dice flats are a cheaper Birkenstock look alike pair with a very similar build. In fact, these are more comfortable than the barrie flats, as the fabric is flexible and adjusts to your feet easily.

They are remarkably easy on the feet, providing necessary support and comfort. They are not lightweight and are good for any sort of low-medium degree work.

Basically, the Sanuks add a bit of fun and comfort to your footwear. Which is appropriate, as Sanuk means fun in Thai! So go out and have fun with these Birkenstock dupes.

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Birkenstocks: What is so Special?

Now that you have read all about the alternatives, you still may have some questions. If you are entirely not familiar with actual Birkenstocks, but are reading this out of peer pressure, I see you.

There are a few reasons why Birkenstocks are so popular. I will jot a few down to give you an overview.

  • Comfort: Birkenstocks are unparalleled in terms of comfort. Nothing comes close except the handpicked alternatives I have selected. One special feature is the footbed. It matches the contours of your feet for optimal comfort!
  • Materials: Birkenstock sandals mostly use two main materials. Rubber and cork make most of the beloved Birkenstock footwear. So cork footbeds are a must! However, minimal as the material number is, the quality is top notch!
  • Functionality in Design: That is right. Besides the obvious benefits that you receive from the ergonomic design, they are functional. They match the needs of people which is why they truly stand out as timeless and classic.

You hear all these things and wonder, why do I need alternatives? It is because sadly, good things can cost us a kidney. Jokes apart, actual Birkenstocks truly are a hefty investment, which is why settling for an alternative is an option.

If you choose wisely, the alternatives can outshine the cult favorite brand! And I have already done the work for you!

Buyers Guide: What and How to Choose?

Another thought that might occur in you is that, how have I chosen these alternatives? Also, in case you want to choose to buy more knock offs, what should you look for?

Here are some tips to help you out!

  • Comfort: Since we are talking Birkenstock alternatives, this is something you cannot compromise with. It is important that we ensure the comfort level is as close as possible to the original. Look for contoured cork footbeds, even better if they are made of cork!
  • Design: If you have noticed, Birkenstocks, nearly all of them, fashion minimalistic design. The design reflects functionality and ease. While choosing the alternatives, I was especially cautious of this!
  • Pricing: Most of us look for alternatives because the original shoes are pricey. Now, if you find something similar, but costs nearly the same as the original, what is the point? It is essential that the knock offs are budget friendly for all!

These three criteria, if fulfilled, result in a beautiful pair of Birkenstock knockoffs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# How Long do Birkenstocks Last?

Ans: Birkenstocks will easily last you a few years. That too if you wear them regularly. But an actual Birkenstock sandal, with proper care, will last you a good few years! So do not forget to maintain them well!

Q2# Are Birkenstock Sandals Worth Buying?

Ans: Definitely! If you have the money, sure. But if they are a little difficult for you to afford, feel no shame. Because a good pair of quality alternatives will last you just as long. And the comfort will be great too!

Q3# Why are Birkenstocks so Expensive?

Ans: Firstly, do not forget that their inception was super innovative. A creativity that was truly ahead of its time. On top of that, the quality of premium materials, paired with the brand value, add to the price point!

Q4# Are Birkenstocks Still in Style in 2021?

Ans: Believe it or not, they are in style now more so than ever! Times now require efficiency, and functionality is key. On top of that, chic, minimalistic designs are loved by all, across the gender spectrum!


It is honestly sad that we have to put a pair of Birkenstocks off the cart because of the price. But with these inexpensive yet similar sandals, you have the best of both worlds! They match the comfort and functionality of Birkenstocks, and do not even cost that much.

Hope you enjoy the cheap Birkenstock alternatives!

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