8 Best Winter Boots for New York

Are frostbites haunting you for not being able to find the right pair of winter boots to wear in New York?

I think we all have faced that issue. New York is the city that never sleeps, and it definitely does not sleep on fashion.

It can therefore be a struggle to find useful winter boots that are not just comfortable and warm, but are also fashionable for the season.

I am here to save the day, yet again! Keep reading and find out 8 best winter boots for New York! Keep reading!

Best Winter Boots for New York: Buying Guide

I mean, we all know how the winter in New York can sneak up on you. From its infamous black ice to the melted snow wetness- to tackle it all you need the right winter boots that are specifically fit for New York.

I highly suggest that you look into a few things while choosing a pair of winter boots for your daily use or for midnight rendezvous at NYC!

  • Size: Definitely an important factor while buying any kinds of shoes. Especially for boots, no matter the shaft length, pick something that is not too loose or too tight. If you cannot flex your feet inside- they are too tight. If while walking they do not hug your feet right- they are too loose. But that can be fixed with thicker socks!
  • Comfort: Style cannot be maintained in discomfort. Always pick winter boots that are comfortable and warm- and not sweaty hot!
  • Quality: This cannot be compromised with. Good winter boots are an investment- so pick good quality winter boots even if you have to expand your budget.
  • Sole: Anti-slip, traction soles are preferable for the New York snow, but any high quality rubber soles should serve the purpose.
  • Water Resistant/Waterproof: In dry winter days it is not a necessity, but for snowy, wet days you must invest in good water resistant or waterproof winter boots.

Keeping all these in mind, I have 8 best winter boots for NYC listed down below!

8 Best Winter Boots for New York

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1# UGG Women’s Classic Short II Boot

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  • Sheepskin & Suede
  • Repels Moisture & Stain
  • Lined with Fur
  • Insole Made of Sheepskin

The first pick is definitely a pair of Uggs, because why not?

Uggs are known for their maximum protection in the winter. Even though you may not be a fan of them, you cannot deny their usefulness.

These uggs honestly, are a premium pick. Made of twinface sheepskin and suede, they also have sheepskin insole to give you an added layer of warmth and comfort. They are also fur lined and are treated to repel stain and moisture!

I know uggs can be a bit expensive, and these are- but there are also great alternatives to ugg boots you can choose from!

2# Columbia Omni Cold-Weather Boot for Men

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  • Traction Rubber Outsole
  • Waterproof Seam Sealed
  • Lightweight, Comfortable Cushioned Midsole
  • Heat Reflective Lining

This is such a great pair of winter boots!

It is an all in one for NYC winter. The omni-grip, non-marking traction rubber outsole will keep you safe from the infamous New York black ice. These 100% leather and textile boots come in 3 colors.

Their lightweight midsole will keep you comfortable even after long hours of wearing its cushiony goodness.

Having both the waterproof and heat-reflective lining, these boots will ensure your feet stay dry and warm even in the heaviest of snow.

The price point is a bit high but why would it not be? These high quality winter boots are a great investment for any New Yorker!

3# Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Boot

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  • Advanced Traction Rubber Sole
  • Adjustable Features
  • Waterproof Leather
  • 200g Insulation

Every woman in New York has to hustle every day.

And these winter boots are perfect to keep you comfortable in the midst of that hustle! From running to catch the subway to strolling around on a snowy night- these winter boots are perfect for it all.

You can adjust the fitting, and start your day as its lightweight midsole will be comfortable throughout the day.

The advanced traction rubber sole will be your best friend. Plus the waterproof leather and 200g insulation will keep you dry and warm. They come in 11 colors and styles- all worth your money!

4# Mishansha Unisex Water Resistant Non Slip Winter Ankle Snow Boots

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  • Anti-Collision Protective Feature
  • Thick Warm Fur Interior
  • Flexible EVA Midsole
  • Anti-Skid TPR Outsole

Firstly, who does not love a cool pair of winter ankle boots that can be worn by both men and women? Ankle boots are for everyone, even the ones with skinny ankles!

It features a toe cap with advanced TPR technology that will protect your feet against collision. That means paired with the anti-skid TPR outsole- you might be the safest person in NYC winter while wearing these.

The thick warm fur interior ensures long hours of warmth and comfort. On top of that, the flexible midsole adds an added layer of comfort and flexibility.

These winter boots come in 8 color combinations, and since they are right within a lower mid-ranged budget, you can grab several pairs!

5# The North Face Shellista II Tall

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  • Waterproof
  • PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Eco
  • TNF Winter Grip Outsole

This pair is one of the best winter boots for New York!

These boots have incorporated a plethora of advanced features to keep you safe and warm in the coldest of New York days. It is waterproof, and the PrimaLoft Silver Insulation and temperature sensitive IcePick is great for making sure you are dry and warm.

With the TNF Winter Grip rubber outsole you will experience exceptional traction in the slippery roads. These boots come in 12 colors and styles, and honestly worth the price point, I am telling you for sure!

6# CIOR Women’s Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

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  • Suede/Pu Leather Upper
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-Skid Traction Rubber Sole
  • Premium Grade Faux Fur

We all love our little ankle booties, do we not? I mean even at home we seek the best bootie slippers for winter!

Now these booties are what I am talking about! The waterproof, suede upper that provides warmth is proof that you can enjoy comfort is posh style.

The faux fur lining is premium grade, which provides great insulation to keep you warm.

The anti-skid rubber sole is handy for the slippery New York streets, the black ice cannot get you in these boots!

These boots come in 15 beautiful colors, so you will find one or several that you love. For a pair of winter boots as durable as this, these boots are quite cheap!

7# WHITIN Men’s Insulated Cold-Weather Boots

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  • Removable Sock Liner
  • Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole
  • Water Resistant
  • Lace Up Closure

I would love to see a man walk in with this handsome pair of winter boots.

These boots are a classic. They contain removable sock liner to support medical orthotics. The speedy hooks also facilitate easy wearing. The slip resistant rubber outsole will help you not break a bone in the sly ice of New York streets.

The lace up closure allows you to have a perfect fit. Granted this pair is not water resistant, it is still waterproof so can provide some protection in wet snow. These boots come in 6 colors, and are fairly reasonable in price.

8# ALEADER Women’s Waterproof Snow Boots with Insulation

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  • Durable Traction Rubber Soles
  • Water Resistant PU Upper
  • 3M Thermolite Insulation
  • Adjustable Lace Closure

Last but not the least, another one of the best winter boots for NYC!

A day in the life of a New Yorker woman can be pretty hectic, and for that you need a pair of winter boots as durable as this! This pair will also keep your feet dry as it is made of water resistant PU upper.

The 3M thermolite insulation will be your best friend in the snowiest of days, so you can easily wear these boots to campking, hiking and even skiing!

It is definitely fashionable and widely versatile. It comes in 2 colors, both have the same adjustable lace closure and zipper for easy on and off! And the price is just perfect for something as great as this! So when are you getting it?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# Can Winter Boots be Worn with Dresses?

Ans: Winter boots look great with long bodycon dresses, and even short knee length dresses. Dresses that reach mid-calf do not look as appealing with winter boots.

Q2# What Kind of Skirt Looks Good with Winter Boots?

Ans: Miniskirts look superb with winter ankle boots or winter boots with long shafts look great with miniskirts as well. Longer skirts with slits look nice with long shaft winter boots.

Q3# Can I wear Hiking Boots in the Snow?

Ans: Depends. In cold, snowy conditions- yes. But make sure your snow boots are waterproof and well insulated. In summer, insulated snow boots for hiking may be a bad idea.


Winter boots listed here are truly the best winter boots for New York. I have given you enough ideas to understand how they may come useful in different winter conditions of New York.

Hope you stay warm and safe in one of these winter boots!

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