9 Best Sorel Winter Boots

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Looking for a good pair of winter boots for the upcoming season of snow and pumpkin spice lattes?

Well, look no further! I have searched, picked, and found the right winter boots for you that you can flaunt this winter, in style!

Wondering what I have? Well, as the title says, I have 9 best SOREL winter boots for you! So why wait? Hurry up and take a look!

History of Sorel Boots

SOREL was founded in 1962 with a very unique dream- to blend expert craftsmanship with trends and designs of the moment. That was a very unique dream but a very fitting one for the changing times of that era. The Kaufman Rubber company situated in Kitchener, Ontario introduced the products as the founding company.

The start focused more on premium products that served the taste of high-end customers. The footwear products were mainly sports work boots. However, with time, SOREL evolved and made space for more trendy, fashion-forward, and functional designs that held the core unrivaled blend of protection and construction.

SOREL has a wide range of footwear in different styles for men, women, and children but its winter boots are the star products of the company. They also have various collections in each category to choose from!

SOREL goes on sale every now and then on their website and on their retailers’ stores and websites, they can still be a tad bit out of your budget, especially without the sale.

Their boots start at as low as $25 but can even reach the price of $270 and above! Typically their boots, for men and women, range in the price of $125-$220. However, considering the exceptional quality and construction of their boots, I say each penny you spend on them is worth it!

So without further ado, let me walk you through (pun intended, duh!) the 9 best SOREL winter boots!

9 Best SOREL Winter Boots

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01. Sorel Women’s Joan Of Arctic Boot

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  • Leather & Synthetic Made
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Vulcanized Rubber Sole
  • Removable Felt Liner
  • Warm Fur Lined Inner

Wow! What a pair of winter boots!

These SOREL winter boots are a blend of leather and synthetic, and fashion faux fur that extends a bit to the outside from the inner lining. The faux fur lining is always great to keep your feet warm and comfy. The felt inner is also super comfortable and can be removed if you like!

These boots are fully waterproof and that means you can jump on as many puddles or walk through deep snow while keeping your feet dry and warm! The vulcanized rubber sole also adds durability to the boots. I am pretty positive that these will be one of the best winter boots you ever purchase!

These boots are available in 9 variations and are honestly a great price for the quality offered!

02. SOREL Men’s Madson Moc Toe Waterproof Leather Boots

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  • Gum Rubber Sole
  • Trendy Moc-Toe Design
  • Nubuck Leather Upper
  • Seam-Sealed Waterproof Construction
  • Removable Ortholite Footbed
  • EVA Midsole with Full-Length Insert

These SOREL boots are one of the finest winter boots for men.

These boots rock a casual, sneakers like Moc-toe design that make them perfect for everyday occasions- from classes and running errands to the basketball court game nights! These boots have a seam-sealed waterproof design and construction which ensures that your feet remain dry no matter the weather condition.

The nubuck leather upper gives it a very cool and casual outlook. The molded ortholite footbed is removable and is as comfortable as it sounds. The EVA midsole also contains a full-length EVA insert- even the sound of it is super cozy, right?

These boots come in 8 variations, I personally love the black and the Bruno black ones! The price? Perfect for the quality and features you receive!

03. SOREL Women’s Winter Carnival Waterproof Boot

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  • Nylon Made
  • Chic Design
  • Faux Shearling Snow Cuff
  • Seam-Sealed Waterproof Construction
  • Recycled Felt Inner Boot
  • Felt Frost Plug
  • Durable Vulcanized Rubber Shell
  • Herringbone Traction Outsole

Man, if you are looking for a durable and functional pair of SOREL winter boots- these are it!

These nylon boots are constructed with vulcanized rubber shells that give them durability along with a seam-sealed waterproof design. So you can enjoy these boots for years to come!

The faux shearling snow cuffs make the boots look as cozy as they are with the removable felt inner boot made of recycled content. It provides your feet with the extra warmth paired with the felt frost plug. The herringbone outsole provides enough grip and traction to keep you from slipping!

These boots are available in 18 colors and are perfectly priced, trust me!

04. Sorel Men’s Caribou Waterproof Boot

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  • 100% Leather & Synthetic
  • Waterproof Construction
  • Removable ThermoPlus Inner Boot
  • Bonded Frost Plug Midsole

Another great pair of SOREL boots that will be super useful this winter!

These boots are made of 100% leather and synthetic and are constructed to be waterproof in the most seam-sealed manner. The ThermoPlus inner boot is removable, and while inside will keep your feet cozy and warm. On top of that, the bonded frost plug midsole is great to provide an extra layer of warmth, making them great boots for the Chicago winter weather.

All these features really do make these boots a great choice for winter. You can enjoy playing in the snow for hours without losing a toe in the cold. These boots are offered at a great price, so why do you not grab a pair?

05. Sorel Women’s Lexie Wedge Boots

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  • Detailed Design
  • Full-Grain Leather Upper
  • Waterproof Construction
  • EVA Footbed
  • Soft Synthetic Lining

What have we got here? Another lovely pair of winter boots by SOREL.

The lace-up design and attention to detail really make this pair a beautiful one for winter. The full-grained leather upper give it the premium essence that SOREL is known for. Its waterproof construction is great to keep your feet dry, especially in the cold, wet winter snow.

The EVA footbed is soft and very PU like, so be ready to walk to places in utmost comfort. The soft synthetic lining adds the extra layer of coziness that you deserve in winter!

This amazing pair of boots come in 8 variations and the price is good enough for the great SOREL quality!

06. SOREL Men’s Buxton Lace Waterproof Winter Boot

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  • Suede Leather & Textile Upper
  • Seam-Sealed Waterproof Construction
  • 200G Insulation
  • Thermal Rubber Shell
  • EVA Footbed
  • Textile Lining
  • Traction Rubber Outsole

Looking for a pair of boots for the cruel winter? These will be perfect! Why? Let me tell you!

Firstly, the blend of leather suede and textile upper make the boots look smart and snazzy, and the waterproof design that is perfectly seam-sealed makes these boots a top choice to be worn in the snow.

The 200G insulation and the thermal rubber shell work together to keep your feet covered in a toasty layer of warmth. Looking for more comfort? The EVA footbed and a textile lining give you just that for cozy wear.

The rubber outsole has sufficient traction so you will not slip and break your nose! These boots come in 5 variations and the price is honestly a steal!

07. SOREL Women’s Caribou Waterproof Boot for Winter

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  • Full-Grain Leather & Suede
  • Waterproof
  • Duck-Style & D-Ring Lacing
  • Fuzzy Felt Cuff & Lining

We all adore a pair of high shaft SOREL boots, am I correct?

I know for a fact I am! These winter boots feature a nice D-ring lacing and Duck-style, with a fuzzy felt cuff. The felt cuff also runs inside to act as a super comfy lining. The boots are made with a combination of full-grain leather, suede, and rubber sole.

These boots are also designed impeccably to be completely waterproof. Perfect for heavy snow!
These SOREL boots come in 6 variations and you should definitely get a pair because the price is superbly fitting!

08. SOREL Men’s Glacier XT Insulated Winter Boot

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  • 100% Textile & Synthetic
  • Suitable for Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Water & Wind Resistant Upper
  • Waterproof Vulcanized Rubber Shell
  • Recycled Felt Inner Boot
  • Omni-Heat Reflective Lining
  • SOREL Meltdown Midsole
  • Traction Outsole

The list of great things about this pair of boots is too long!

Firstly, the boots are made of 100% textile and synthetic upper that is PU coated to be water and wind resistant- just what you need for breezy winters! The vulcanized rubber shell is waterproof, so you can fearlessly step out in the rain or snow! This pair really is suitable for extreme weather conditions!

The felt inner boot is composed of recycled materials and can be removed if required. The omni-heat reflective lining is great for providing a layer of insulation, which is further taken up a notch by the SOREL meltdown midsole. Be warm and cozy throughout the day and night!

And did I mention that the outsole has a good grip? So no more slipping in the icy cold snow! And such a great price you can avail these boots at!

09. Sorel Women’s Rylee Snow Boot

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  • Suede Leather
  • Molded EVA Footbed
  • Heel Cup & Arch Support
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Fleece Top Cover & Lining
  • Rubber Traction Pods

This pair is the last SOREL winter boots on my list, and I will keep it short!

These boots are a beautiful blend of suede with tweed/ underlay/ sweatshirt or felt! They are 100% waterproof- a feature we all love especially in monsoon and winter. These boots have a removable molded EVA footbed for your comfort, and the heel cup and arch support add some more of it with added stability!

The top cover is made of fleece which runs inside as a cozy layer of lining. The rubber sole has traction pods- a smart addition!

These boots are available in 3 variations- dark fog, black, elk and the pricing is really a good deal!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# What is the Warranty on SOREL Boots?

Ans: SOREL boots have a warranty of 2 years that can be obtained if there are defects in the materials and the construction or workmanship.

Q2# Are SOREL Boots True to Size?

Ans: Most people say that they are pretty much true to size, but a significant amount of reviews claim that they run around half a size large.

Q3# How Long do SOREL Boots Last?

Ans: SOREL boots are known for their durability and a pair can last up to 10 years even if heavily used, but proper care is necessary just like any footwear.


SOREL really is a challenging brand to cover- they have so many great winter footwear options! I have tried my best to list down 9 best SOREL winter boots and I hope it helps! If you cannot find a suitable pair because you are on a budget, check out our take on 8 best winter boots under $50!

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