6 Best Sole Protectors Review

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Tired of frequent trips to the cobblers’ for getting your shoes resoled and bearing the cost?

It really can be annoying at times, especially because of our busy urban lives where we have little to no time to spare. And you surely do not want to spend your lunch hours waiting at the cobblers’ while your shoes get resoled.

The solution? Sole protectors! Keep reading to learn the benefits of getting sole protectors and know about the 6 best sole protectors!

Why Get Sole Protectors: The Benefits

Now, your first question might still be- why get them, right?

I will tell you! Sole protectors have certain benefits that are greatly advantageous. You might want to get sole protectors for the following benefits that they offer:

  • Protection: Quite obvious, as the name suggests. Sole protectors add a layer of protection over your sole which protects it from damage and decay. Depending on what kind you get, sole protectors can offer different levels of protection.
  • Durability: Because they act as a layer of protection over the soles of your shoes preventing damage, that means that they contribute to maintaining or at times even add to the durability of your shoes, especially leather ones. How great is that?
  • Fewer Repairs: Again, the layer of protection means your soles will not get damaged as soon as they would otherwise, which means you will not have to get your shoes resoled as often, so there will be a longer interval than usual between each required repair or resole session.
  • Traction: Sole protectors are also great for adding more traction or grip to the soles of your shoes. This means you can walk much more comfortably on slippery surfaces.
  • No Breaking In Required: As you might know, after resoling your shoes you have to wear them a few times to break them in all over again for a comfortable fit. In the case of using sole protectors, that is not needed at all!

I am sure the benefits have you impressed already, but judge after you try it! I will find the best sole protector for you, I hope you try one!

6 Best Sole Protectors Review

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In the following sections, I will try to be as detailed as I can in each sole protector review. They are all pretty great, and I cannot wait to tell you about them. So let us jump right in!

01. Shoe Bottoms Clear Sole Protector for Sneakers

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  • 3M Sole Protector
  • Cut to Fit
  • Removable
  • No Leftover Residue

Clear sole protectors are always a good choice.

This 3M sole protector is clear and perfect for sneakers as they will not be awkwardly visible. The adhesive strip is designed in a manner that can fit almost every pair of Jordans. But if necessary, you can cut it as per your requirement to make the best fit.

To protect your soles, it adds a clear and thin layer of premium vinyl. It will last for about 20 wears before you may need to replace them, but you can remove it beforehand whenever you want to. Do not be scared as it will not leave a trace or leftover residue!

You can avail it at a pretty good price, and definitely try it out for your favorite pair of sneakers!

02. XTA Crystal Clear Sole Sticker

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  • Durable
  • Instant Traction
  • Easy Application
  • No Adhesive Residue

Something great for your expensive shoes!

If you wanted sole protectors for designer boots- this is it. It will provide a premium layer of protection for your shoes without needing much hassle as it is very easy to apply, especially due to the pull-on closure.

You can effortlessly trace the sole of your shoes and cut it accordingly, so you know it will fit you especially because a generous amount is provided. To remove it, you simply need to heat it with the help of a hairdryer and it will come off nicely without leaving any residue of the adhesive.

Enjoy instant traction and outstanding durability with this sole protector. You can get several packs with one purchase at a cheap price!

03. Satisfounder Crystal Clear Sole Protector

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  • Clear & Soft
  • Textured & Rubberized
  • Easy Application
  • No Residue

If you are planning to apply sole protectors by yourself, this is a good pick.

Why? Because this clear, 3M sole protector is super easy to apply. You can trace the shape you require and cut it to place it perfectly. And while removing expect to see it leave no residue!

This sole protector is clear and soft enough to not leave a marking or scratch on surfaces, yet sturdy enough to be sufficiently protective. You will get a textured and rubberized layer of protection, which means a better grip and more flexibility!

I hope you try this out as this is quite a cheap option to begin with at home!

04. Boao Anti Slip Sole Stickers

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  • Self-Adhesive
  • Resist Wear, Moisture & Weathering
  • Anti-Slip
  • Durable

A great anti-slip sole protector!

Firstly, you can apply it without any trouble- just cut it to shape and apply. The application is easy as it has self-adhesive like stickers that will not leave a trace upon removal.

It has waterproof properties and will resist damage from moisture and weathering, as well as from heavy wear. I am sure that it will be a while before you need to replace it as it is superbly durable. Great for your favorite pair of pumps, heels, stilettos, and more!

I mean, the price is pretty great, so I see no reason for you to not get them!

05. PureGoods Sole Protector Stickers

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  • Easy Application
  • Easy Removal
  • Clear
  • Great for Heels

The last one on the list is a great one nonetheless!

Looking for something that is super easy to apply and even easier to remove? This clear, 3M sole protector is what you need. This is great for heels, and you can trust it to protect your expensive designer shoes.

This will undoubtedly add longevity to your heels, and they are super cheap, so I will most definitely judge you if you do not get them!

06. ShoeSkin Clear Sole Protectors

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  • Easy Application
  • Instant Traction
  • No Residue
  • No Sole Peel Off

Another good choice for expensive shoes.

The ShoeSkin sole protector is clear and non-invasive so you would hardly be able to feel them under your shoes. You can effortlessly apply them without trouble. They are non-marking but provide instant traction after application so expect a nice amount of additional grip.

When you want to remove or replace them, they will come off very easily without leaving a sign of the adhesive behind. You do not have to worry about it peeling off the sole underneath while removal for it will not do that at all!

I suggest you try it out for yourself because it is very cheap and budget-friendly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# Can Sole Protectors Be Removed?

Ans: Yes, of course! All you will need is a little heat- a hairdryer will do and they will peel off easily.

Q2# Are Sole Protectors Worth It?

Ans: Definitely. Especially for delicate or expensive shoes, sole protectors are worth it. They save your shoes and your time, money, and energy!

Q3# What Do Sole Protectors Do?

Ans: Sole protectors basically add a layer of protection over your actual shoe soles to act as a barrier to several types of damage.


We all love each pair of shoes that we own, and I understand how heartbreaking it must be to lose them to damage. Sole protectors are a way for us to prevent that from happening to a great extent, so I hope you find the best sole protector from the list above.

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