12 Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet

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Finding the right pair of slippers can usually be a hassle. And you know what is more difficult? Finding the one perfect pair when you have very specific needs or issues.

Sweaty feet is a pretty common problem that people face on the daily. And for them the right footwear may be more difficult to find than you will think.

Slippers are the best option for footwear enthusiasts with sweaty feet. The open design usually allows good airflow and prevents discomfort and odor. But one should pick slippers carefully.

Slippers can be badly designed and lose the advantages that usually accompany the design. And we all know what comes with sweaty feet- the smell!

I have carefully picked the 12 best slippers for sweaty feet. But first, let us take a look at what to look for before picking non-sweat slippers.

Non-Sweat Slippers – Buying Guide

Slipper purchases are tricky because there is no one right answer. Footwear, in general, is a highly subjective topic. Tastes vary from one individual to another. And any opinion is highly subjective. But it is possible to establish a few ground rules-

  • The slippers have to be comfortable and easy on the feet
  • They have to allow sufficient airflow and good support
  • Should prevent odor build up
  • They have to be adaptable to weather and location conditions
  • Good mix of form and fashion

In short, a good no-sweat slipper has to be a comfortable fit. It has to allow air inside and adapt to weather conditions. It has to be good for both outside and inside wears, or really good at one. And it still has to look the part.

Also, of course, they should ensure that you do not suffer from smelly feet!

Now with these ground rules, we can establish a form of objective scale for comparison. But I would also like to add a few pointers in terms of choosing the right material:

  • Cotton is a great option for sweaty feet. So look for cotton slippers for summer.
  • Merino wool is also great for sweaty feet.
  • Instead of synthetic materials, look for slippers lined with sheepskin.

All these materials have excellent moisture wicking or absorbing qualities!

Let us take a look at our top picks of best slippers for sweaty feet.

12 Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet

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01# Rockdove men’s memory foam slipper

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  • Mixture of Cotton & Spandex
  • Waffle Knit Upper
  • Memory Foam Padded Insole
  • Rubber Sole for Sturdiness

This is one slipper that knows it is invited to all the parties. Especially if it is a party of slippers that prevent foot sweat! These slippers by Rockdove are one of the best, mainly if you are worried about foot sweat.

So to begin with, these cotton slippers are a mixture of cotton and spandex. But that is like, 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex. This is a perfect balance and I will tell you why. Cotton is a great material for slippers as it soaks up moisture. So it will absorb the sweat easily.

And the spandex will help the slippers keep their form and fit intact! Additionally, the waffle knit upper ensures breathability. This means, the foot odor will not be a problem anymore!

Rockdove slippers are renowned for being great outdoor options. And these share in that custom with a sturdy, anti-slip rubber sole.

A convenient aspect is that these slippers are machine washable. The memory foam padded insole makes this one a super comfortable slipper.

In short, this is a versatile pair of no sweat, odor resistant slippers with a lot of utility. And they come at a very reasonable price too!

02# HomeIdeas Men’s Woolen Fabric House Slipper

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  • Waterproof, Environment Friendly Anti-Slip TPR
  • Memory Foam Layered Insole
  • Ensures Noiseless Steps
  • Odorless, Dry Feeling

Now this is a stunning pair for those who want a comfortable slipper to deal with sweat and odor.

The woolen fabric build ensures a soft and comfy shoe for your feet. They provide remarkable ventilation to keep your feet dry and odorless. You will truly enjoy the feel of it with your feet in these!

In addition, the sole is anti-slip and noiseless. This means that you will have terrific stability throughout the wear. And also, you can sneak into the kitchen for midnight snacks without waking people up!

The TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) sole prevents dampness and excessive heat. This again, makes these slippers a top pick for sweaty feet. The distinct wavy patterns underneath prevent leaving unwanted scratches on any surface.

And I must mention the layers of padding these slippers have! The footbed has 4 layers of supportive cushioning to keep your feet happy as you walk.

All around, these are a great choice for a breathable shoe for stinky feet; especially given the price.

03# Acorn Women’s Oh Ewe Sheepskin Bootie Slippers

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  • Made of Genuine Sheepskin
  • Moisture Wicking & Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Slip Rubber Sole
  • Supportive with Memory Foam Insole

Acorn, as a brand, is one of those underdogs that have the potential to awe you if given the chance. In its heart it is inspired to tackle the cold while ensuring non-stuffy comfort all day. And these Acorn slippers are the perfect example of that!

Even though the name claims that these are booties slippers, they function amazingly as regular slippers. You can just slip them on, although I must admit the heel coverage may hinder the ease of it. But once your cold feet are in, you are good to go!

Made of natural and of course, genuine sheepskin, these Acorn slippers are a beauty to look at. They do a great job of keeping your feet cozy and warm, but they also handle sweat efficiently. The sheepskin is double-faced and wicks away moisture like it was never there!

These hypoallergenic slippers will definitely be a delight for your feet. The memory foam insole pairs beautifully contoured footbed to ensure premium comfort throughout. For house shoes or just a regular indoor slipper, you must pick these!

Oh, and did I mention? The rubber sole is non-slip! Are you still not intrigued to try a pair?

04# Vonmay Men’s slipper shoe – (Budget Pick)

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  • Supportive, Flexible & Breathable
  • Anti-slip TPR sole
  • Soft Sherpa Lining
  • Padded, Shock-Absorbing EVA Footbed

Clog shaped slippers are one of the most popular types of slipper. Because people who suffer from the sweating of the feet need designs that are airy, shoe is not an option. Leather shoe is terrifying as it is for them, at least their indoor slipper should bring some comfort.

Keeping all that in mind, I have picked these slippers! The wool-like felt upper looks very soothing to the eyes- I just love looking at it! The premium quality of it is great to ensure warmth, but it also allows sufficient breathability. We all love breathable shoe!

These are ultra-cushioned with three layers of high-density memory foam and sponge insole. The EVA footbed is also shock-absorbing. The insole is supportive towards your arch and heels- I guarantee that your feet will feel at home.

All this ensures great comfort, stability, and support for the feet. The cozy fleece lining and breathable design provide great airflow and keep your feet temperate and dry. Your foot sweat will be at bay and there will be no discomfort!

The TPR sole is flexible and anti-slip, and prevents moisture from seeping in from the ground. Overall, you can see why you will absolutely love these men’s slippers!

In addition, this pair is elegantly designed and a good fit for all environments. And it comes at a very affordable price. If you have sizing issues, it might be because of the memory foam getting used to your feet. So, give it a little time.

05# LongBay Men’s Cozy Memory Foam Slipper

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  • Breathable Knit Upper
  • Memory Foam Padded Insole
  • Sides with Elastic Goring
  • Moisture Wicking Fleece Lining

Now this is a pair that can win your heart at first sight! These moccasin slippers by LongBay are true to the reputation of the brand for making super comfortable slippers! Where do I begin? I have so much to say!

First, let us talk about the design. These moccasin slippers have sides with elastic goring, which means they are easy to wear. You can just tug at the heels if needed and slip your foot in. due to the elastic goring, the slippers will retain shape for a long time!

Now, will these be good for feet that are constantly sweating? Of course! The lovely woolen knit upper is breathable, which keeps the environment inside breathable and fresh. So you will not have to deal with sweaty feet!

Additionally, the fleece lined interior is moisture wicking, so any hint of moisture will instantly be wicked away!

Coming to comfort, the padded layer of memory foam will be great for your feet. The footbed is designed to relax and support your arch. You will be relieved of any foot pain you have and will feel comfortable all day!
So what are you waiting for? I say, go grab a pair for your sweaty feet!

06# Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Cody Sheepskin Slipper

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  • Mixture of Suede & Fur
  • Memory Foam Cushioned Footbed
  • Durable Rubber Outsole
  • Can be Worn Outdoors

Slippers International has been a family business since the 1930s. And the intimate care that goes into ventures like that really shows in this magnificent product. This is why I know you will love them!

A mixture of suede and fur, you will notice and love the suede upper and enjoy the shearling fleece lining on the inside. For sweaty feet, this is a great indoor slipper option for fall and winter.

These slippers sport a sophisticated and elegant look fit for the outdoors as well as the indoors. And they are durable enough for the outdoors because of the rubber outsole. Because of the design, they have a layer of versatility that is hard to match.

They are made very comfortable due to the sheepskin build and the memory foam foot bed. I must also add that the extensive options in terms of size accommodate wide feet too. So if you have wide feet and are struggling to find the right slippers, here you go!

07# Ultraideas Women’s Coral Fleece Slipper

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  • Plush Coral Fleece Lining
  • Durable Rubber Sole
  • Memory Foam Padded Insole
  • 100 Percent Machine Washable

One of the best looking products on the list! These slippers are among the best indoor slipper options you can go for. And since this list is mainly about slippers for sweaty feet you know they are here for a reason!

Are you someone who has minimal sweating in their foot? But also do not want a super breathable option for winter because of cold feet? I feel you.

For people like you, this pair is just perfect. The plush coral fleece lining is a contender for merino wool. Although fleece is not as moisture wicking as merino wool, it is still a considerable option. Especially if your feet do not sweat a lot.

These slippers are good adapters to your feet too. That is, they adjust and cold to your feet well. With the high density memory foam insole, the cushioning you will receive is prominent. In my personal opinion, this is one of the best women’s slippers for sweaty feet.

08# CIOR Men’s Slippers Comfort Knitted Cotton-Blend House Shoes

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  • Cotton Blend Upper
  • Waterproof & Anti-Skid TPR Outsole
  • Insole Layered with Padding
  • Sweat Absorbing & Breathable

These slippers may look simple, but they are incredibly functional. If you want a breathable shoe to tackle sweat then you do not have to look any further. I have all you need in this one pair of slippers!

The cotton blend upper and its kitted texture allow breathability. This helps avoid any stuffiness that one might feel. Cotton slippers are a great material for slippers, as I have mentioned before. The soft cotton used in these slippers absorbs sweat, reducing sweat build up!

Moving to the outsole, it is basically a waterproof TPR that is textured to have anti-skid properties. You can imagine that these slippers will add to your stability at home. And the waterproof feature is an added bonus!

The insole is layered with adding to give you the utmost comfort. Overall, these simple slippers come in a few options and I suggest you get yourself a pair! This is a must have at every home in my honest opinion!

09# LongBay Women’s Elastic Fleece Slipper

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  • Stretch-Fit Elastic Knit Collar
  • Comfortable Fleece Upper & Faux Fur Lining
  • Cushioned Insole with Memory Foam Padding
  • Non-Slip & Flexible Rubber Outsole

The most noticeable feature of this pair is the lightweight nature. They are very light and portable, especially good for people with chronic foot pain.

Let us discuss the materials, as they are important to understand why you should pick these to handle sweat. The teddy fleece upper is soft and as cozy as it looks. Inside, faux fur lining will cuddle your feet while you move about your day.

I picked these for people who want something to warm and cozy for winter. But not too stuffy so that the slippers add to the sweating.

The stretch-fit knitting makes the slippers super accommodating. That is, they feel snug and relaxed at the right places.

The interior is appropriately cushioned. EVA and multi-layered sponges prevent muscle fatigue and excessive shock to the feet. In addition, the thick non-slip rubber outsole allows for occasional traversal outdoors. And these machine washable, adding to the convenience.

These slippers are ideal for all kinds of weather and most conditions. Adding to that, they just look very good, and I cannot see a reason why you should not get them!

10# HomeIdeas Men’s and Women’s Slipper

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  • Mixture of Cotton & Spandex
  • Soft, Anti-Slip TPR rubber soles
  • Convenient & Lightweight
  • Firm & Durable Construction

These are a pair of simplistic but elegant men’s slippers. But the utility outweighs the design here by a good margin. The design is very minimalistic and aids ventilation in the sense that it is not a closed heel.

I have explained before why the blend of cotton and spandex is an exciting combination. They ensure way too many good features, but I will not repeat them to save you some time.

These slippers are fully knit with a memory foam insole and anti-slip TPR rubber soles. The versatile spandex material gives this pair many effective aspects. They have remarkable elasticity and shape retention.

The construction is also very unique. The side seam sewn vamp and sole merge to create an amazingly durable pair of slippers. Not to mention, they look good too!

These smart looking slippers are good for any environment, indoor or outdoor. They are cozy all the way, and I hope you give them a try!

11# UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper

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  • 100 Percent Water Resistant Suede Material
  • Interior has Wool Lining
  • Moisture Wicking Insole
  • Durable Rubber Outsole

Slippers that look like loafers but are as comfy as a blanket- not an unrealistic combination any longer! And UGG is a brand known to be innovative when it comes to us lazy homebodies. I do not think I need to give you a brief on UGG footwear.

These slippers by UGG are a glaring proof to that. The softness of these slippers, paired with the stylish exterior makes it the perfect choice. That is right, be it indoors or outdoors, you will rock these UGG slippers with unparalleled ease!

How so, you may wonder! It is because these slippers have a rubber outsole that is durable. The specific name for it is gum rubber, and it is great for outdoor activities.

Now, I do not mean that you should wear them at parties or in your other adventures in the wild. But you can get a little tipsy in these, for the suede it is made of water resistant, hurrah!

What about my sweaty feet, you ask? Not to worry, my friend! The wool lining is definitely comfortable. But the UGGpure wool footbed or insole is moisture wicking! So any sweat that seeps through your skin will cease to exist!

Excited to try these UGG Slippers out? Me too!

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12# Glerups Unisex Model B Slipper – (Editor’s Pick)

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  • Mixture of Gotland & Merino Wool
  • Cushioned Leather Footbed
  • Durable Leather Sole
  • Moisture Wicking Textile Lining

Now, this one is an expensive pick. But if I had to pick one pair of slippers from this list, it would be this Glerups Slipper.

Glerrups slipper is a pricey choice, but it is the best you can buy yourself to deal with sweat. I honestly believe that this pair beats all the others in terms of functionality.

The materials used are of great quality, of course. The upper is a mixture of Gotland & merino wool. Merino wool is a stunning, and one of the best materials for sweaty feet. But in addition to that, the soft textile lining wicks away moisture like a dream!

These slippers have a cushioned leather footbed and leather sole. It will give you the fancy feeling of a leather shoe without the cons to it. I believe that this durable product deserves to be the premium pick for this list!

Frequently asked questions

Q1# How do I stop my feet from sweating?

Ans: Well you shouldn’t stop them from sweating, that would be unhealthy. You should take care of the inane side effects like odor and moisture by wearing well-ventilated and comfortable shoes.

Q2# Why do feet get sweaty?

Ans: Body parts sweat to dispel the heat buildup in one’s body due to physical exertion. Overactive sweat glands due to hormonal changes might make one’s feet sweat more than is usual.

Q3# How to permanently get rid of sweaty feet?

Ans: You shouldn’t do that. Focus on getting rid of the side effects of excessive sweat by wearing comfortable and breathable footwear.


The side effects of excessively sweaty feet can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. So take care of your feet with good footwear, slippers being a great solution. And try out our recommendations.

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