7 Best Slippers for Flat Feet

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Are you constantly failing to find the right slippers for your flat feet?

Having flat feet is a struggle of its own, but finding the right shoes, boots, slippers, etc. can be another struggle to overcome.

For flat feet, you need slippers that will comfort your feet and help you walk around without facing any discomfort. And keeping that in mind I have 7 best slippers for feet compiled here, take a look!

Slippers for Flat Feet: Buying Guide

This goes without saying that while buying slippers for flat feet one needs to be careful about certain factors that perhaps would not matter otherwise.

I will try and list down some of those factors to help you buy the right slippers for flat feet. Remember to always check:

  • Arch Support: Some orthopedic slippers provide arch support that helps flat feet greatly. Not only do they make the experience comfortable, but also ensures painless wear for a longer time.
  • Sole: Firm yet comfortable soles are what flat feet require. The firm support of the sole helps the flat feet to feel stable. But do not confuse firmness with hardness. Pick slippers that have a firm yet flexible sole for hours of comfort.
  • Size: Well, if you do not wear the correct size of slippers, you will not be comfortable at all. Choose slippers that have enough coverage around the toes and are extended a tad bit beyond your heels.
  • Quality: And of course, quality matters! For flat feet, it is extremely important to invest in good quality slippers for durability and top-notch comfort.

Let us now dive into the 7 best slippers for flat feet- enjoy!

7 Best Slippers for Flat Feet

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01. Orthofeet Arch Support Men’s Leather Slippers

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  • Orthotic Insoles
  • Arch Support & Cushioning
  • Therapeutic Design
  • Available in Various Width

These slippers are great for flat feet!

These orthopedic slippers are designed to be the ultimate footwear solution for many foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and other foot or heel pain. Thus they will be really comfortable for flat feet.

The insole is not only cushioned for comfort but also has anatomical arch support that people with flat feet seek in footwear. This arch support features multiple layers of cushioning for comfortable wear!

These slippers are honestly therapeutic in design and are available in various widths to give your flat feet the perfect fit. They come in two colors- black and brown. The price is steep but these slippers are worth every penny!

02. Spenco Men’s Supreme Slide Slipper

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  • Deep Heel Cupping
  • Arch Support
  • Metatarsal Dome
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Non-Slip

The list keeps getting better, does it not?

These slippers are made of leather and faux fur. It features orthotic grade arch support that is great for flat feet, and for additional support, there is deep heel cupping. Together, they do a brilliant job of providing your flat feet the best support and comfort.

The metatarsal dome takes your comfort up a notch by alleviating any sort of foot pressure you might be experiencing. The outsole is designed to prevent you from slipping. Also, these slippers are treated with ultra-fresh antimicrobial treatment to control odor!

They are available in two colors- black and chocolate. The price surely is a steal for such a pair of slippers!

03. isotoner Women’s Memory Foam Slippers with Arch Support

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  • Premium Soft Upper
  • EVA Arch Support
  • Cushioned Insole
  • Anti-Skid Outsole

These slippers remind me of an end of fall, breezy morning.

These slip-on mule style slippers have a plush, soft, microterry upper. You can wear them outdoors but personally, I would love to put on some great no show socks, slip these slippers on and read by the fireplace.

Now, I will come to the point. These slippers feature multilayer EVA arch support to be comfortable enough for flat feet and help ease any pain. The memory foam cushioned insole adds to that sense of comfort. These soft, plush slippers have an anti-skid outsole to prevent you from slipping!

These slippers come in 5 colors and the price is unbelievably cheap!

04. Vionic Sadie

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  • Adjustable Strap
  • Podiatrist Designed Footbed
  • Soft Lining

A basic, everyday pair for flat feet!

I would definitely suggest these to be your regular indoor pair in winter, with some warm and nice slipper socks! These slippers have an adjustable Velcro strap to help you get the right fit. The soft textile upper and similar soft textile lining make these a super comfortable pair of slippers!

For flat feet, the podiatrist-designed footbed will be of great comfort. The ease of walking will be enjoyable for all!

These slippers come in 8 colors, and I would say the price is perfect for what you get.

05. WALK•HERO Men’s Slippers with Arch Support

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  • Moisture Wicking Lining
  • Contoured Arch Support
  • Deep Heel Cupping
  • Non-Slip Outsole
  • Waterproof Sole

A trendy one, this pair!

With a soft, canvas upper, these slippers are stylish and comfortable. The velvet lining is skin-friendly and has moisture-wicking properties.

The orthotic contoured arch support, as you know, is much needed for flat feet. Paired with the deep heel cupping, the arch support ensures that your steps are comfortable while alleviating pressure and pain.

The rubber sole is durable and has sufficient traction to prevent slipping. The sole is also waterproof and environment friendly!

These slippers come in 12 colors and the price is surprisingly low!

06. Orthofeet Foot Pain Relief Women’s Slippers

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  • Orthotic Cushioned Insoles
  • Arch Support
  • Therapeutic Design
  • Available in Various Width

These slippers are another amazing pair for flat feet!

These orthopedic slippers can be the top choice for people who suffer from neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and other foot issues. For flat feet, these slippers feature a therapeutic, orthopedic design that will surely make the experience more comfortable.

The insole is cushioned for comfort and has anatomical arch support for flat feet. This arch support contains multiple layers of cushioning for long and comfortable wear!

This pair of slippers come in several sizes of width to provide a comfortable fit. They are also available in two colors- black and brown. The price is a bit on the steeper side, but they are worth it!

07. ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers


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  • Breathable Upper
  • High Density Memory Foam
  • Plush Faux Wool Lining
  • Machine Washable

I will end this list with a super soft pair of slippers!

These easy slip-on slippers have a breathable upper and a low back heel to provide comfort and stability. The EVA insole is cushioned with a high density of memory foam to give your feet a great sense of comfort and ease.

The lining made of plush, soft wool is skin-friendly and will wick moisture. The rubber sole is durable and great for both indoor and outdoor activities!

They are machine washable- so that is one less hassle of daily chores! These slippers are available in 4 colors and are super cheap!


The pain and struggle of flat feet are not unknown. If you have flat feet, you know how difficult finding the right footwear might be. To help, I am starting with these 7 best slippers for flat feet, and I hope it eases your struggle a bit!

Each of these pairs is of high-quality, and most are amazingly versatile, I hope your feet love them!

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