10 Best Shoe Cleaning Wipes

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Experienced people giving you “the look” when they notice the slightest grime on your shoes?

Well, some people are disturbed by things as such, especially if you have white shoes on. Now, you do not want to put people off or simply make a bad first impression when, let us just say, you are meeting someone for the first time or at a job interview.

Of course, you cannot wash your shoes everywhere- it is not a practical option. The solution? Shoe cleaning wipes!

You do not have to look anywhere! I have got the 10 best shoe cleaning wipes for you right here!

Shoe Cleaning Wipes: Buying Guide

Just like everything else, you need to have a clear idea of what specific things to look for while buying shoe cleaning wipes. You would not want something that fails to do the job perfectly yet costs you a lot of money.

While buying wipes to clean your shoes, make sure they are:

  • Good Quality: I keep saying this for everything- but of course, everything you buy needs to be of good quality if you want the best results. Good quality wipes may cost you a little more but they will protect your shoes and will also be safe for you!
  • Multi-Purpose: Now, I do not expect you to use the same wipes you use to clean your shoes with to use on your bum, I know you would not do that! However, choose wipes that can be used on all types of shoes. If you cannot find that opt for specific wipes for specific shoes- but do not use wipes that are suitable for rubber or synthetic shoes on your leather shoes!
  • No Harsh Chemicals: Harsh chemicals may make your shoes look all shiny and polished, but only temporarily. Not only they will damage your shoes but also can irritate your skin- at times may lead to skin reactions, lung diseases, etc. Avoid tetrachloroethylene and nitrobenzene. Also, avoid phosphate too if possible.
  • Textures: Some wipes are double-sided, offering two different textures- smooth and textured. This gives you two options to clean your shoes as per your requirements.

10 Best Shoe Cleaning Wipes

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Now, let us jump to the 10 best shoe cleaning wipes I have for you!

01. Mygezi Portable & Disposable Shoe Sneaker Wipes

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  • Natural Formula
  • Convenient
  • Strong Detergency
  • Multipurpose

These Mygezi shoe cleaner wipes are what you need if you are looking for a strong yet natural set of wipes.

These wipes are made of 100% natural formula, which means that they do not contain any harsh or heavily toxic elements. So your shoes will not be damaged and your health will be safe as well.

These wipes have strong detergency to work against the dirt on leather and most of the other shoe materials, but it is recommended to not use them on suede leather. They are multipurpose enough to be used on any leather products!

They come in 2 packs of 60 wipes, and they are quite cheap for that matter!

02. Jason Markk 30-Pack Quick Wipes

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  • Superior Cleaning Ability
  • Dual-Textured
  • Dispenser Box for Convenience

These shoe cleaner wipes come in a box!

The box dispenser is convenient for travel. These wipes can clean grime and dirt off your shoes as their cleaning ability is excellent and superior to most in the market.

They are dual-textured, which is a great plus point in terms of versatility and functionality! But be careful as to not use them on nubucks or suede! Also, you get 30 wipes in each box at a great price!

03. GOAT SHIELD Premium Wipes for Leather Shoes & White Sneakers

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  • Works on Most Materials
  • Travel Friendly
  • Dual Textured
  • No Harsh Chemicals

Everyone appreciates shoe shine wipes that can be used on all shoes.

And that is exactly why you need these GOAT shoe wipes! They are of fantastic reputation and quality.
It works on most fabric or shoe materials, from leather to knit or mesh- you name it!

They will do a good job of excellently cleaning your shoes without damaging them or causing a risk to your health. Your dress shoes will last long and shine without getting dull or ruined.

These wipes are also dual –textured so you pick a side that is suitable for a certain pair of shoes. Being travel friendly-, you can carry them wherever you go!

They come in a dispenser box containing 24 wipes and are very budget-friendly.

04. CleanKicks Shoe Cleaner Wipes


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  • Dual-Textured
  • Premium Cleaning Solution
  • Works on Various Materials
  • 100% Skin Safe Formula

A nice, premium quality wipes can do magic to your shoes!

These CleanKicks shoe cleaner wipes contain a cleaning solution that is high-quality and effective. They are also dual-textured, so you have the convenience of using the smooth side on shoes that require a gentle cleaning and the textured side on shoes that need a little more work.

These microfiber wipes work on a number of materials- rubber, leather, suede, nubuck. From sneakers to cleats, all can be cleaned. The formulation is 100% skin safe, which means they contain no harsh chemicals to harm your skin.

You get 30 wipes in a box for a very cheap price!

05. Sneaker LAB Shoe Wipes

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  • Environment Friendly & Biodegradable
  • Convenient & Travel Friendly
  • Safe For Multiple Materials

Looking for cheap wipes to clean your shoes and also make a difference?

Then these wipes are what you are looking for! These wipes do not contain any harsh chemicals or soap. That means they are safe for your skin and also will not damage your shoes. Then how do they work? These wipes contained bioengineered bacteria to help break down dirt. They work at a molecular level to do so, and thus they are biodegradable and environment friendly.

You can use them on multiple materials including knits, mesh, nubuck, leather, suede, and more. The convenient packaging contains 12 wipes each at an incredibly low price!

06. BootRescue Cleaning Wipes for Leather & Suede Shoes

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  • All Natural Formula
  • Multipurpose
  • Convenient

These BootRescue wipes are also amazing!

They have been made with a 100% natural formula, which means you will not have to worry about chemicals ruining your shoes and damaging your skin. They are multipurpose, as you can clean all your leather products from shoes to jackets, as well as rubber, suede, nubuck, etc.

It is super convenient as you can choose from 2 options- you can get a resealable pack of 15 or get 10 individually wrapped wipes in a box- all at a super cheap price!

07. Deadstock Los Angeles Shoe Cleaner Wipes

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  • Dual-Textured
  • Removes Dirt & Stain
  • No Harmful Chemicals

These are some good shoe cleaning wipes that do not only remove dirt and grime but also stains!

That is right! Besides cleaning the dirt, these wipes can also take off stains left by mud or anything else you have stepped into! Does that mean they contain a lot of harsh elements? No, not at all! They are free of harsh chemicals that can cause you or your favorite pair of shoes harm.

Each of the boxes contains 30 wipes, and the price is surprisingly low!

08. Simple Shine Disposable Shoe Wipes

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  • High-Quality
  • Safe & Effective
  • Multipurpose
  • Convenient, Quick & Easy

High-quality shoe wipes are always the best option for your shoes.

These wipes are of excellent quality, and thus are safe to be used on even the most delicate materials. They are High-Quality and soft.

They are multipurpose, so feel free to use them on various fabrics and leather products! These wipes are super quick and easy to use on the go- talk about convenience!

You get 30 disposable wipes in a pack at an unbelievably cheap price!

09. Crep Protect Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Wipes

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  • Fabric Wipes
  • Multipurpose
  • Double-Sided
  • Removes Dirt & Stain

These shoe cleaner wipes are made of fabric, which means they are soft!

They are also multipurpose and can be used on leather, vinyl, nylon, canvas, and various other materials. Being double-sided, they offer you two textures. The smooth side can be used for a gentle cleaning and the textured side is great to remove tough and stubborn stains!

Each tin box contains 12 wipes and they are offered as 2 tins a pack which means you get 24 wipes in total! That too at a great price!

10. JasmineSeven Non-toxic Shoe Cleaning Wipes

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  • Natural & Non-Toxic
  • Quick and Easy
  • Works on Various Shoes

Looking for good sneaker wipes?

Well, good for you that the last one on our list is exactly what you are looking for! These wipes are made of natural ingredients and are free of harsh, toxic chemicals. Containing peppermint oil, these wipes do a great job of cleaning your sneakers perfectly- even scruff marks!

These wipes are super quick and easy to use, and can be used on shoes such as sneakers, cleats, golf shoes, EVA shoes, rain shoes, and even flip flops!

You get 45 wipes in one box at the most amazing price ever- a super cheap option to clean your sneakers with!


No one loves to walk in to place with dirty, grimy shoes. Even the littlest stain can change someone’s impression of you- especially when you meet someone for the first time. Our life is unpredictable, so it is good to have the option to help you prevent getting into such situations.

The 10 best shoe cleaning wipes mentioned above are your solution to that! I am all up for good maintenance of shoes, from cleaning to even to finding you the best shoe storage– I am here to help!

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