12 Best Over the Knee Boots for Petites

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Guess what Coco Chanel and Ariana Grande have in common? They are both fashionistas from different eras who love over the knee boots.

But there is another crucial similarity –

They are both petite women! Now, you may or may not fit the definition of petite. Or you may even be totally clueless about over the knee boots.

But there is no trick to finding the right pair of shoes. What there is, however, is learning through research! Fear not, for I did the heavy lifting for you! Be it out of the goodness of my heart or the sheer will to simply tell everyone what to wear. I have done it.

So read this article to find the Best over the knee boots for Petites! And not just that, I have compiled almost everything you need to know!

What is the Definition of Petite for Women?

If you are wondering whether or not you should be reading this article, I do not blame you. Some of us are stuck in that awkward range, you know? Where we do not know if our height is over or below average.

However, what we do know is that women tend to be slightly shorter than men on average.

But, what is the definition of Petite Women?

Generally, the term petite refers to women under a certain height, which is said to be 5’3”. It also refers to women who tend to be on the skinnier side, but this is not a necessary criterion.

If you’re still confused if you qualify to be a petite woman, check out this handy guide by Ann Taylor. Additionally, you will find a lot of resources on the internet!

Over the Knee Boots for Petites – Buying Guide

New to buying shoes for petite ladies? Well, there is nothing to worry about!

Just follow this handy guide:

  1. Measure Your Leg and Foot Properly: Try to measure in the morning as that is when your foot is closer to its true size, without swelling throughout the day.
  2. Check the Size Chart: Most products have detailed charts which you can compare and match shaft height, opening circumference, and leg girth are most important when buying boots for petite women.
  3. Pay Attention to Detail: Do not fall for any pretty petite boot you come across! Take note of the material, heel height, lining, and zipping style.
  4. Comfort is Key, Always: Over the knee boots may come in various styles. Never compromise with comfort! Select the toe shape that fits your sense of style and comfort. Same goes for other elements!

Best Over the Knee Boots for Petites

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Now that you’ve gotten a good idea of what you should be looking for, let’s take a look at the best over the knee boots for Petites in this list.

1# CAMSSOO Women’s Fashion Knee High Boot

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Features to Check Out:

  • Upper Material: These over the knee boots feature several different kinds of uppers. From sexy faux suede to elastic and even retro denim- all is covered!
  • 100 Percent Vegan Material: In case you are one with environmental concerns, as you should, this one is for you! Each material is completely man-made and 100 percent vegan.
  • Latex Insole: Because each step you take should feel comfortable! The footbed is padded with latex insoles to help keep fatigue at bay!
  • Non-Slip Rubber Outsole: The fear of slipping in heels will be the least of your worries now! These boots come with a rubber sole that has sufficient traction!
  • Easy Pull on Style with Side Zipper: In a rush? No worries! Slip your feet in, pull the shaft, and close the zip. You are all ready to step out!

Starting off our list is this faux suede pair that has a sharp stiletto heel and sleek side zipper closure for a tight fit. The warm lining means you can wear these petite knee-high boots with your fall or winter outfits.

The design is simple but timeless. A non-slip rubber sole will help you walk in these heels without worrying about tripping.

There are 8 available colors. I personally feel that the nude color will be very popular in the upcoming fashion season, and you will surely love to match your favorite designers and celebrities!


  • Easy to Wear
  • Stiletto Heels Look Stylish
  • Cozy Warm Lining
  • Latex Insole for Comfort
  • Non-Slip Outsole for Safety


  • Stiletto Heels May be Uncomfortable for Some

Styling Tips:

Pair these with leather shorts and crop tops. Mini skirts or shorts paired with leather jackets will also compliment these boots! Oversized sweaters and tights or skinny jeans will look fabulous too! A short sweater dress will be fine with these!

2# DREAM PAIRS Over The Knee Block Heel Boots

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Features to Check Out:

  • Faux Suede Upper: It always looks sexy and chic! If you are not a fan of natural leather suede, this could be the pair for you!
  • Faux Fur Lining: Nothing like a cozy layer of lining to keep your feet warm! The faux fur is perfect for those who are against natural fur!
  • Self Tie Option with Faux Suede Collar: A snug, customized fit makes you own a pair like no other! The boots claim your feet as much your feet claim the boots as theirs!

This chic pair amps up the ante of style with cute bow detail on the back. It also allows you to tie it yourself for a snugger fit. Stretchy faux-suede collars at the top will add some dimension to your leg as well as fit comfortably.

There are also side zippers available for your ease of wear. And there is not a lot to say about TPR outsoles, you know they last you long! Also, most reviewers love how accommodating these wide calf boots. They stretch to accommodate wider legs!

With 16 design and color options, you are bound to find the ideal pair. There is also a choice among different material types. If you are looking for a versatile over the knee petite boot within $50, this is a great find.


  • Easy, Customized Fit
  • Shaft Will Not Fall Off
  • Comfortable Lining for Warmth
  • True to Size but Stretches if Required
  • Great for Faux Fur and Faux Suede Lovers


  • Soles May be a bit Slippery

Styling Tips:

A plain white or grey t-shirt with a simple jacket and skinny jeans go perfectly with knee high boots! Add a patterned scarf too! And do not forget some chic accessories.

3# Chinese Laundry Over The Knee Boot

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Features To Check Out:

  • 100% Synthetic Material: Mentioning this as many of you have preferences when it comes to materials. And you should!
  • Adjustable Shaft with Self Tie: Again, a great feature to have a customizable fit! Additionally, the self tie closer keeps the shaft from slouching on these knee high boots.
  • Pointed Toe & Block Heel: If a stiletto heel is not your thing, then fret not! Pointed toe is a great feature for petite legs, and the block heels just add class!

If you are looking for a formal pair of over the knee boots for your workplace, look no further. You will fall in love with the luxurious suede design and simple shoe-like detail of these OTK boots.

For a snug fit, they come with a side zipper and a tie-up knot at the shaft as well. This is always a great feature to have! Many say that these are great wide calf boots, but some also differ. Just putting it out there!

And another amazing deal about these?

It means you can adjust the height! If you are not in the mood for a knee-high, feel free to wear looser boots by the calves. It is all up to you! And pointed toe designs do a great job at elongating your legs!

Choose between a classy toffee, or classic black color. You cannot go wrong either way.


  • Looks Chic and Classy
  • Shaft Fit & Height is Adjustable
  • Suede Material is Comfortable


  • Stretches but not Enough for Wide Legs

Styling Tips:

Skinny jeans and moto jackets! Biker jackets will also look great. Oversized sweaters with a belt and no pants would look super cool with these OTK boots!

4# Nature Breeze Over The Knee Lace Up Combat Boot

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Features to Check Out:

  • Cool Lace Up Design: The lace up closure runs the length of the shaft. It gives the boots a vintage, hunting in the woods vibe. One look and I am dreaming of riding a horse into the sunset!
  • Low Heels: This may be a preference of many people. If you want comfortable, low heel boots, here they are!
  • Synthetic Leatherette Material: For those who care, the material looks great. And feels great too! It is not too shiny, not too matte. Does not lean towards soft, nor towards hard!

Oh, who does not remember the days of high school? Wanting to look cool and be goth to stand out and fit in at the same time! As an adult, however, I can truly appreciate the style aspect of the goth or punk fashion.

That is why this edgy petite women’s high boot is one of my favorite pairs on the list. The lace-up design is sure to catch eyes and the combat boot style of the shoes is cool and also easy to walk in! As I said before, they also look great for hunting or horse riding!

A clear advantage of this boot is how snug the fit will be. So if you are looking for a wide calf petite boot, this fits the criteria perfectly.


  • Fits in a Wide Range of Style
  • Low Heels for Comfort & Stability
  • Runs Wide with Plenty of Room


  • Might not be a Good Fit for Narrow Legs

Styling Tips:

Skinny jeans with an off-white or beige vintage top! Vintage blouses paired with khaki jeggings would also look very nice.

5# Fashion Thirsty Womens Over The Knee Boot

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Features to Check Out:

  • Synthetic Denim Upper: Are we bringing the 80s back? We just might. Forgive me if I got the era wrong, but the retro chic vibe is strong with these OTK boots!
  • 4.5 Inch Stiletto Heel: For the model in you, these stiletto heeled over the knee boots will be perfect! Not only will they enhance your posture, each move will feel like a supermodel’s in these!
  • Zip Fastening: The ease of just sliding the zip up and being ready to go out matches none. My lazy ass surely enjoys taking boots off easily with the help of a zip!
  • Ripped Detail & Peep Toe: You will look like one of the coolest fashionistas in town in these! The ripped detailing is nearly fabulous, but what is extremely fabulous is the peep toe design!

Oh, boy.

Where do I start with these knee high boots?

If they look familiar, I do not blame you. Every Instagram influencer and their mom have been seen in these ripped denim knee-high boots. This pair comes with a peep toe and stiletto heel, as well as a zip fastening, making it a great boot for petite calves.

If you are wondering how to style this dashing pair, feel free to check out Instagram for inspiration. They look great with shorts, pants, skirts, or even dresses. If you like taking risks, go for a denim on denim look.


  • Retro Style
  • Peep Toe Design
  • Ease of Wear
  • Superbly Snug Fit yet Accommodating


  • Initially Some Complain About Chemical Odor
  • Does not Have Sufficient Padding

Styling Tips:

For the daring babes, I would suggest mini denim skirts with solid colored crop tops! Long white tank tops with denim shorts barely peeking through would be a good look as well. I say yes to a sweater dress as well!

6# Forever Over Knee High Sexy Boots

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Features to Check Out:

  • 100 % Synthetic Material: Listing this because it matters to some people! While many of us go for leather boots over everything else, synthetic is just as popular.
  • Thin Heel: Always looks fashionable! You can never go wrong with these! I personally feel like I can conquer the world in these!
  • Cute Slouched Down Style: The pointed tow is a plus point, yes, but the slouched style takes the cake!

This stunning pair of knee-high boots for Petites draws inspiration from the classic loose leather boots. The kind that many models and designers love to wear with coats in the fall season. You too can achieve that look!

The loose, slouched down design means that these boots are pulled on over style. There are 12 designs, with options between faux leather and suede styles, as well as different patterns and colors.The black faux leather is a classic essential, but the warmth of the brown suede will also look great in the colder months.

Under $45, these OTK boots are a great steal!


  • They are Quite Cheap
  • Definitely Very Stylish
  • Versatile
  • Come in Various Options


  • Might not Fit Wide Calves

Styling Tips:

A short dress, please! No matter what kind, short, cute dresses would look great with these boots. Straight cut sun-dresses with turtlenecks underneath would look bold too.

7# Kenneth Cole REACTION Women’s Wind-Y Riding Boot

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Features to Check Out:

  • Fabric or Textile Material: A lot of people love textile uppers! Half of my family cannot stop talking about how comfy fabric shoes are. Now you have boots!
  • 1 Inch Block Heel: Low block heels always are trustworthy. Let us not forget that they are also immensely comfortable!
  • Inside Zipper: A great feature to ensure ease of wear! Slide the zipper down and they are off- no more tripping trying to take them off after the party!

Most petite women love to wear heels for that extra height. It is also easier for them to handle heels because they have lower centers of gravity. However, if you are not a fan of heels, these riding OTK boots will work great for you.

Riding boots were originally designed for horse riders, so they could grip the stirrups more easily. Even if you are not a horse rider, you will find that these shoes are comfortable for everyday wear.

There are three simple shades for you to pick from, all of them very cute!


  • Low Heel for Comfort & Stability
  • Ease of Wear
  • Comfortable Textile Upper
  • Stretches to Accommodate


  • Cannot be Worn in the Rain

Styling Tips:

Cozy tunics or ponchos with no pants would look stunning with these! But make sure they do not touch the edge of the boots on your things. They should be a bit short. Wear tights if you feel like it! And definitely carry a blanket scarf!

8# AKIRA All Over Diamond Rhinestone Stripe Front Boot

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Features to Check Out:

  • Rhinestone Covered: Did someone say party? Because I pulled these out for them! This feature truly makes these boots super unique.
  • 3.5 Inch Stiletto Heel: Of course, such a stunning pair cannot go without stiletto heels! They are high enough to add the right amount of sexy and fun!
  • Pointed Toe: Definitely one of the best features to have in over the knee boots for petite women! Are you ready to have your legs look longer and sexier?

We have all heard the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” If that is true for you, you will love these diamond rhinestone-studded boots.

With high stiletto heels and pointed toes, they definitely are not easy to wear. However, the benefit of boots for Petites is that they find it easier to manage high heels. So even if you are not too much of an expert, you can manage these boots!

The shiny design is great for a club outfit or a look for a night out. This pair is one of the dressiest you will find under $80.


  • Stunning Design that will Turn Heads
  • Pointed Toes to Elongate your Figure


  • May not Always fit Wide Calves

Styling Tips:

Definitely wear these with short, tight dresses! Mini skirts would also look super sexy with these! Make sure that the rest of your outfit is not as much razzle dazzle. Too much of it can lean towards tacky!

9# RF ROOM OF FASHION Over The Knee Boot

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Features to Check Out:

  • Premium Vegan Suede or Leather Material: Another perfect pair of boots for those who seek vegan materials! Suede or leather, whatever option you choose will be 100 percent vegan!
  • Cushioned Insole: With the right amount of padding, your feet will feel happy even after a long day. These boots cushion your feet with softness all day!
  • 1.25” Block Heel: Comfortable yet lifts you up! Great for anyone who enjoys short heels on their boots!
  • Partial Side Zipper: It ensures ease of wear, of course, but also prevents creasing from tugging and pulling!
  • Self Tie Drawstring: Another feature to keep the fit snug and comfy. Also keeps the shaft up throughout wear!

The riding boots make a comeback on the list with this pair! If you liked the previous riding boots but wanted more variety or a slightly more affordable option, you are in luck.

This is a great riding boot for petite women. It comes with a tie on the back of the knee for a good fit, as well as a highly detailed measurement chart. And you already know about the other fantastic features!

There are over 19 designs and colors available for this boot. I personally adore the Leopard print lace-up version.


  • Ease of Wear
  • Snug Fit & no Slouching
  • Cushioned Insole for All Day Comfort
  • Vegan & Environment Friendly


  • Not Great for Snow or Rain

Styling Tips:

Sweater dresses with oversized coats for sure! Would make a very cute, kdrama new girl in town look! A petite outfit would look so well-put together with these.

10# Steve Madden Women’s Dominique Boot Dress

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Features to Check Out:

  • Fabric or Synthetic Upper: Tired of leather and suede? Do not want to wear them for ethical reasons? Fabric or synthetic uppers are just as cool and currently in style!
  • 4” Stiletto Heels: For my petite babes who like to turn up in sexy heels! These 4 inch heels are perfect for all occasions where you want to look extra!
  • Leather Sole: Now many people love leather soles for what they do! But of course, if you are against it, totally cool. This is why I have the in depth feature descriptions to help you choose!
  • Synthetic Lining: Interior linings makes your wear much more comfortable. They also prevent irritating chafing in places.

Another celebrity favorite hits the list! Cardi B has been seen in these daring snakeskin print boots that come in 6 magnificent shades. The yellow neon and dark grey are my personal favorites.

If you are a petite woman, looking like you have long legs is a huge confidence boost. These statement boots have a stiletto heel that will elongate your lower half, as well as the pointed toe that will give a sleek silhouette.

Steve Madden is a well-known brand for shoes, so you can invest in the quality of these OTK boots without hesitation. And the features already speak for themselves!


  • Snakeskin Upper is Trendy
  • High Heels for Enhanced Posture
  • Comfortable Lining on the Inside
  • May be too Tight on Wide Legs


  • Some People are not Fans of Leather Soles

Styling Tips:

Short, body hugging dresses in solid color would look nice. Avoid patterns. In fact, go for a solid monochromatic look with just the snakeskin have all the patterns!

11# Comfortview Wide Calf Boot

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Features to Check Out:

  • Microsuede & 100% Polyester Upper: Looking for suede like upper that is stretchy? Then you will thoroughly enjoy these!
  • 1 Inch Block Heel: Keeping things on the down low and simple, an inch of a block heel is perfect for everyday!
  • Adjustable Top Line Lace: A snug fit is just a tug of a lace away! Pull these boots on, adjust the last around the circumference of your thighs. And done!
  • Padded Insole for Comfort: I believe that this feature does not need much explaining. Padded insoles mean all day cushioning for your feet’s comfort!
  • Sole is Flexible & has Traction: What a great feature to have! As I said, for everyday wear, features as such make your experience effortlessly comfortable!

Most petite girls have skinny legs and ankles. But some have to deal with wide calves, making it tough to find suitable shoes. This wide calf petite boot pair comes to the rescue, however!

The lace at the opening lets you adjust the height and tightness of the boot, and the side zip ensures a snug fit. The faux suede is stretchy, so it will shape your legs well. With the padded insoles, these OTK boots are perfect to be worn during long shifts!

There are two warm tones for this boot: brown and burgundy, which is one of my favorite colors! For a petite woman, these could be a staple for fall!


  • Adjustable Fit
  • Shaft Will Not Slouch
  • Side Zipper for Ease of Wear
  • Great for Wide Calves
  • Comfortable for Everyday Wear
  • Flexible Anti-Skid Sole for Stability


  • Not True to Size, Buy Half a Size Up

Styling Tips:

These are very versatile, and can be worn with a lot of oversized blouses, sweatshirts and sweaters. Casual tunics with shorts would look cool!

12# Jessica Simpson Women’s Ladee Fashion Boot

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Features to Check Out:

  • Synthetic Material: A cute pair of over the knee boots with a lovely upper! The texture feels rich, and I am a fan of the folds in the shaft!
  • High Stiletto Heel: Over the knee boots with high pencil heels are super trendy right now! With the right styling, you are all good for the perfect Instagram shot!
  • Fabric Sole: I should mention that not everyone enjoys them, but Fabric soles are nice. So if that sails your boat, why not go for these?

Last but not least, we have a classy finisher from Jessica Simpson. This simple but iconic boot has a stiletto heel and zipper design.

An over the knee boot is a wardrobe staple. Petite girls may worry that they will look short or bulky wearing one. However, a heel like this one will actually elongate your legs and make them look slender.

They look amazing and if you are one who enjoys the slight slouchy shaft, these will fit your taste!


  • Designer Brand
  • Stylish & a Wardrobe Staple
  • Elongates your Figure


  • Might be Uncomfortable as they run Narrow

Styling Tips:

Everything mentioned above would pair well with these tall boots! Long skirt with short or long thigh slits would look fabulous! For a petite woman, long skirts will be a daring choice so go for high slits!

Things to Avoid While Buying Over the Knee Boots for Petites

Over the knee boots suit a petite woman fine, but only when bought wisely. In fact, a petite outfit is complemented by OTK boots. The wrong kind of boots will serve the complete opposite purpose and make you look shorter. If that is something you want to avoid, the following tips are for you!

  • Stay Away from Rounded Toes: Rounded toes soften your overall look. Whereas pointed toes give the illusion of longer legs, rounded toes do the opposite. Even squared toes can be a good pick over rounded ones!
  • Make Sure the Boots do not Cover Half your Thighs: You need boots that end right above your knees. That makes it look like your knees are much higher- as in you have longer legs. If your boots cover half your thighs, you will end up looking shorter.
  • Bulky Pants are a no: Avoid tucking in bulky pants or jeans under your boots. They will create an awkward edge where your boots end on your thighs. If your boots run narrow, they will feel super uncomfortable!
  • Avoid Heels if you are not Used to Them: Yes. While it is tempting to go to town in a pair of high heeled over the knee boots, think wisely. Settle for a heel length that is comfortable for you!

And of course, beyond these, if you have any more ideas, share them with your friends when you share this article! Haha!

How to Stop Over the Knee Boots from Slouching

Struggling to keep your over the knee boots up in its place? I know the struggle! Especially if you are petite, slouched boots may completely ruin your look. So here are a few ways you can solve this issue!

  • If your boots look slouchy due to the extra room near the calves, wear a sock underneath! If needed, you can add some balls of tissue stuffed in the socks for extra girth!
  • Many slip one or two rolled up cards to help keep the shaft up! The trick is to find cards that match the color of the boot shaft!
  • A common trick is to wear leggings or jeggings that have some slight texture to them. That way they will grip on to the boots!
  • Last but not the least, a dual sided tape can come to your rescue! Place it on your calves or thighs, but make sure it is not uncomfortable when you bend your legs.

Hope this helps your tall boots from slouching!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# What Height is Considered petite?

Ans: While answers vary, most sources agree that 5 feet 3 inches is the appropriate height limit. Women under this height are considered to be petite.

Q2# Is Petite a Compliment?

Ans: Why not! We should celebrate the diversity of our bodies. Own your petite frame and the cuteness that comes with it. Unless someone sounds off- some people veil condescension under sweet pretense. Break their face.

Q3# Is Petite Skinny or Short?

Ans: In reality, it can be either. Petiteness tends to be more about the proportion than just height or weight. Many petite women are not skinny.

Q4# Can a Man be Petite?

Ans: Of course! For petite or shorter men, they may not find the petite tag on their clothes, but rather the term “slim fit”.

Q5# Is 5 ft 4 in Petite?

Ans: While it may not fit in the height limit mentioned before, it is no issue. Girls above this height may find that petite fitting clothes actually fit them quite well too! It has to do more with the proportion than height.

Final Thoughts

I hope you petite girls found a boot to suit your taste on this list! I also sincerely hope that the styling tips help you out! Which one did you think was the Best over the knee boots for Petites in the list? Let us know!

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