9 Best Light Up Shoes for Adults

Light up shoes are a trend setter.

All the A listers and celebrities have worn them time and again.

Whether you like to admit or not, adults need to have fun too! That is why they need some cool LED shoes.

The thrill of owning a luminous, bright pair is something adults need in their worlds. The splash of light under your feet can lift your soul up.


You might be here because you want one. I can sense it.

The best light up shoes for adults are here at your disposal. Ready, set and light it up!

Light Up Shoes for Adults – Buying Guide

  • Light-up settings: Each shoe has certain light up life span, settings and color changing options. Some come with charging ports, some with batteries. Before buying, note how these work. It will save you time!
  • Fit: Just because it is a cool looking shoe, does not mean you compromise the fit. Make sure the fit is great, so you can walk in ease and poise! A good material inside and easily cleanable exterior is a must.
  • Sole: The sole is important as the LED light may remain there. Be aware of what material the sole is. Last thing you want are the soles to collapse and the lights to be ruined! Also, sole to any shoe is important.

Get ready,

Below you’ll find out a top-notch list of thrilling light up led shoes!

9 Best Light Up Shoes for Adults

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1# Odema Unisex LED Light Up Sneakers

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  • USB cable charging
  • Rubber sole
  • Color mode change

Oh boy. The first pair already steals your gaze. Before letting you in on the features, see the amazing sneakers!

The high-top light up sneakers sport some serious metallic shades. While you wear them, all you have to do is turn on the switch on the shoe. It flares up into bright, changeable colors.

Red, blue, green and more will shine on these shoes. This is a unisex pair, so both girls and boys can don them. You’re wondering about the charging, am I right?

It comes with a USB charging port! How convenient in today’s day and age. Get your hands on these till they run out!

2# Shinmax Fiber Optic LED Shoes

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  • EVA material
  • Shinmax lighting
  • Hidden switch

The second pair does not fail to deliver either. These sweet led sneakers promise you the fun you want!

It has a comfortable sole and interior, to keep you well supported. While the innovative technology of hidden switch allows you to turn the light on and off.

Its Shinemax fiber feature makes its lighting super bright and fun, and it lights up the entire shoe! It’s bound to make all the eyes turn to you.

The cleaning option on this is easy too- it only requires a wet cloth.

Wondering if this is mens led shoes? Well, they are unisex! Whoever desires can wear these luminous pair out. Perfect for a gift option too.

3# MILEADER Unisex High Top LED Light Up Shoes

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  • Seven light modes
  • Rubber sole
  • Recharging port

Are you into loud colors? Brace yourself to see what’s next.

This MILEADER light up shoes for boys is a force to be reckoned with. It comes in some really great features, with a value price too.

The rubber sole is an added support, while it has bright colors on the exterior which you’ll love in this shoe. And the color changing mode on this is just the cherry on top.

It comes in seven changeable colors to suit your style whenever you want! This all is accompanied with a USB rechargeable port for easy charging.

I am sold on this pair, and I know you’re going to fancy this too.

4# FASHOE Breathable LED Light Up Sneakers

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  • Rubber sole
  • Easy charge
  • Colorful patterns

This next pair is one which is really selling. The look or it resembles the infamous Yeezys by Kanye West, which is why it’s perfect for a style driven person.

Are you interested in this pair? I know adults would love these.

Let me tell you the features now. It is colorful and stylish- from the get go. The aesthetic carries promises to elevate your look.

If you want to walk into a party, this one is a crowd pleaser. Aside from its looks, the features of it are super assuring too.

The rubber sole will guard your feet against slipping and sliding. Which all good sneakers should do! And the easy chargeable feature makes it all so good.

It also arrives in many colors, while having seven static LED colors to switch from. Wear them or gift them, both are good options.

It’ll rock your world, bank on my words.

5# APTESOL Unisex LED Light Up Shoes

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  • USB charge port
  • 11 static colors
  • Rubber sole

This one is an art. It rocks added features that you’re going to find really promising. Let me get started.

Not only is it comfy with its mesh exterior and rubber sole, but it has 11 static colors as LED! That’s more colors than the rainbow itself, so that means the variation on this pair is through the roof.

Its rubber sole lights up with luminous colors as you walk in it, with on and off switches inside. It is fun, comfy, convenient.

Thinking of impressing everyone with some cool dance moves? Bust these APTESOL Unisex LED light up shoes and show off! Everyone will surely notice not just how good you dance, but how awesome these sneakers are.

I see nothing to complain about in this bargain!

6# IGxx LED Light Up Shoes

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  • High top
  • Quality LED lights
  • Rechargeable port

If you’re into high top sneakers, you’re going to be a fan of this.

Owning one of these bad-boys with a stunning high top is essential to every sneaker dreamer’s closet. A high top is up there for A-listers, starting from rappers to athletes.

And the amazing features it has really shows.

The LED lights will illuminate your shoe while the different, beaming colors stand really as something out of the box. Whether it’s for boys, or girls’ light up shoes- this cool pair fits for both.

And that’s not all! The rechargeable ports make it extra easy to charge up. Charge it before with ease, and rock these to our outing.

So, wear this pair out whenever you please with your creative outfits.

7# Topteck LED Shoes with Lights

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  • High quality material
  • 7 lights setting
  • Easy chargable

I have nothing bad to say about this LED shoe. It is compact one.

The first feature that stands out is its amazing exterior. Its sporty, fresh and super pairable with outfits. Its rubber sole is also a great addition against hard surfaces or slippery ones.

This light up sneakers shows off its high quality material, which is easy to clean too. While its 7 different light setting makes it a very unique buy.

Wait a second, did you notice its LED?

They’re like different- very futuristic, colorful one under the shoes. I would say, my adult self really loves how that sounds.

Bound to catch some attention, this light up sneakers!

8# WONZOM High Top LED Light Up Shoes

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  • Cotton interior
  • PU leather exterior
  • Hidden switch

The WONZOM sneakers are exceptional for ones who love a Nike Air Force 1 kind of look.

If you love the white, simplistic vibe to your sneakers as well- be hold! This pair is just that with a thrilling, fun addition. Because of its LED lights!

The lights under the shoes are enough to stand you out of the crowd. They’re bright, illuminating, and unique.

The insides of the shoe is not playing either. its cotton interior is built to give you comfort and coziness. Not just that, it also has an amazing PU leather on the outside to top it all off.

The white leather can be wiped with a damn cloth, and the shoes are brand new every time. A real sneakerhead would know how good that feels.

Really a superb choice, to say the least! A little fun in your shoe soles don’t hurt nobody.

9# HBGiSi Fiber Optic LED Shoes Light Up Shoes

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  • Innovative style
  • Multi static colors
  • Light weight

The final sneaker right here is what you call sneaker-goals!

Let me jump right into why.

Unlike other sneakers, this one has lighting all over the body. Meaning, it lights up the whole shoe with its multi static, beautiful color schemes. It has 4 different flash modes too.

Additionally, it is lightweight and utterly breathable. It’s great for a party where you’ll be dancing around and mingling. No sweat builds up, how cool is that?

And to close it off, this soft sneakers strikes out for its innovative style. The entire shoe lights up- is there more to ask?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# Are Light Up Shoes Safe?

Ans: They are generally safe with LED lights, but water or dust may cause collapse. Be careful to dispose of it in the ‘hazardous pile’ however.

Q2# Does Nike Make Light Up Shoes

Ans: No. Nike does not produce them, but dupes may be available elsewhere with lights in them.

Q3# How Long Does It Take to Charge Light Up Shoes?

Ans: Approximately 2.5 hours. They may last you up to 5-8 hours after that.

Q4# How Long Do Light Up Shoes Last?

Ans: As long as the batteries last. But primarily these shoes are for fun purposes, and not heavy walking sneakers.

Q5# Are Light Up Shoes Allowed in School?

Ans: Mostly not as it may cause unnecessary attention or break school’s codes of dressing. Unless it is allowed on special occasions.


A fan of sneakers and LED too? This list here was meant for you then.

You’ll absolutely love the best light up shoes for adults I showed you. They’re curated just so you can have some fun.

Adults deserve it! After all, what’s more cheerful than some lights on your feet? Get your very own pair!

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