10 Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet Women

‘One shoe can change your life’

Remember that saying from Cinderella? There is no doubt a good dress shoe is well-loved. Seeing beautiful ones on websites makes our hearts happy.


What if you have flat feet?

Finding the best dress shoes for flat feet women is not easy, we know it all! But put trust in us. Our list of hand-picked shoes will definitely help you get your next great pair.

Dress Shoes for Flat Feet Women – Buying Guide

How to spot the perfect pair for flat feet? Take a look at the factors you should weigh out before buying one.

But first, What is Flat Feet?

Simply put,

Flat feet are feet that naturally have a low arch. That is why it touches the floor easily. They don’t have the normal curve which most shoes fit into.

Now that we cleared that up, see the list of things you can keep in mind to find cute shoes for flat feet.

  • Added support: Yes, you need to look for an added support. This means it will give you the normal curve that feet have. By an added elevation to your feet, it will give an arch to lift you up.
  • Wide fitting: A fitting which allows the entire feet to relax is great. Flat feet women could have a wider foot too as the arch is missing. This is why, look out for a wide fitting shoe.
  • Comfortable sole: The sole of any shoe is important. But especially for women with flat feet. The sole should allow you to walk comfortably, without unease.

10 Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet Women

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1# Naturalizer Women’s Michelle Dress Pump

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  • 100% Leather material
  • Synthetic sole
  • Heel is 3″
  • Platform is 0.5 inches
  • N5 level comfort

A nice heel shoe is a woman’s best friend. We agree too! This classy pair is perfect as flat feet dress shoes for many reasons.

It is 100% leather which makes it waterproof and durable. The synthetic sole is an added bonus, with a heel measurement of 3 inches. For your flat feet, this feature will give you a super-secure feeling.

This shoe makes for an effortless yet elevating look for your feet, with a wide range of colors of unique color selection. Bold colors or pastels, they have all.

Along with the prettiness of this pair, it also gives you N5 comfort. This is something women with flat feet want. You don’t want to miss out on this pair for work or catching up with your girls for drinks.

2# CLARKS Women’s Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat

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  • Rubber sole
  • 100% synthetic material
  • Cloud stepper
  • Cushion soft
  • Ortholite footbeddung
  • 1.35″ heel

Do you fancy a simple look with your casual outfit? Say no more.

This dainty pair is sure to give you the most comfortable feel along with some amazing features. It is cushion soft and has an ortholite footbedding which is great for any feet injury or pain. The shoe promises to feel like you are walking on soft clouds.

That is not all!

Its rubber sole offers a beautiful support too. And it comes with a 1.35 inch elevation in the heel, giving you the height. Perfect for traveling, running errands or when you’re being lazy about picking comfortable dress shoes for flat feet.

3# Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Petra Mary Jane Flat

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  • 100% Leather fabric
  • Synthetic sole
  • Heel is 1″
  • Ethenyele vinyl acetate insole
  • Extra cushioning interior

Talk about a combination of comfort and versatility! This pair is one of the great women’s dress shoes for flat feet. Here is why.

100 % leather goes by no joke. It provides assurance that it won’t wear and tear easily. A synthetic sole is also a good find.

The heel measurements adds just the extra elevation you require on a regular day. Nothing too high or low. It will compliment your body and any outfit you put on.

It also has a color selection which is classy for any occasion.

Also, the extra cushioning is an added benefit. It hugs your entire feet to make your walks smooth and easy. It is like you are walking on plush toys!

4# Clarks Women’s Brier Dolly Dress Pump

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  • Synthetic sole
  • Heel is 3.25″
  • Platform is 0.75”
  • Cushion soft interior
  • Ortholite footbedding

Crave for a sweet pair of shoe with your party dress? Look at this one from Clarks. It is bound to rock your world.

With its synthetic sole and cushioning which gives you a soft feel, it will surely be a favourite. A nice heel measurement will make you stand our of the crowd every time. The ortholite footbedding also makes this great flat feet dress shoe.

But wait.

The range of colors is magnificent on this pair, such as black, nude, pink! All such classy shades are there with unique prints too. If you are a fan of snakeskin prints, this one is it totally made in heavens for you.

5# Clarks Women’s Emslie Lulin Pump


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  • 100% leather fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel approximately 2″
  • Heel height is 2.16″
  • Ortholite footbedding
  • Cushion soft interior

Good dress shoes for flat feet is not tough when Clarks is there. You can ask, why?

But first,

Let us show you the absolutely unique look this shoe has. It has a strap that goes across your feet and tucks you in. Along with a super old Hollywood inspired block heels which give you elegance when you walk.

This is not the end. This pair keeps promising more and more.

Because the shoe comes with ortholite footbed too to give you utmost comfort if you have sensitive feet. As well as a cushioning which is soft and supple to the touch. Your feet will be well loved.

6# BORN Women’s Julianne

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  • Rubber sole
  • Handcrafted ballet flat design
  • Full-grain leather exterior
  • Rubber outsole
  • Tucker board shank
  • Heel height is 1/2 inch

Are you a lover of ballet flats? This will call your name once you see it.

A ballet flat is great for so many reasons. But this pair is really apt as dress shoes for women with flat feet.

Here is why:

Firstly, they are flats! For the days you want no heels, it’s a perfect option. All good closets need a great ballet flat. The rubber sole promises great support as well as its leather exterior that is sturdy.

Its hand crafted artistry is one fine feature. Really, just look at the way it is made! The colors are beautifully picked for any style of outfits too, ranging from solid blacks to shimmery metallic shades.

What are you waiting for? This ballet flat will complete your look giving you comfort as well.

7# Dansko Women’s Fawna Mary Jane

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  • 100% Leather fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Leather and textile linings
  • Removable, molded EVA foot-bedding
  • Soft interior

Sometimes you just want to waste 0 time in choosing a shoe as you head out. This detectable pair from Dansko is one which will help you out.


We know these sorts of shoes may not scream exciting at first. But what if we tell you they arrive in bunch of colors? Reds, blacks, chocolates are all such amazing and compliment worthy shades.

With 100% leather and a rubber sole, this shoe is not just here to play. It is strong and resilient. The removable foot bedding is extremely worthy to mention too.

The soft, cushiony feel you will get once you slip these on is worth every penny. As well as being comfortable, they are unique and stylish shoes for flat feet women.

8. Skechers Women’s Cleo Bewitch Ballet Flat

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  • 100% flat knit
  • Rubber sole
  • Air-cooled memory foam
  • Skech-knit exterior
  • Stretches to fit
  • 1/8 inch heel elevation

Let’s face it, having flat feet can sometimes make you think shoes are hard to fit. But not when a company like Skechers design it for you.

It’s true, the company makes amazing shoes. This pair is no different.

The 100% flat knit feature is what sets it apart. Along with its infamous Sketch-knit detailing. The shoe comes in a stretchy fabric giving your feet a wide-range of room.

Also, how cool is the memory foam on this shoe? Not to mention, a nice 1/8th inch heel to give you elevation. The color range gives you options such as light pink, red, navy and black.

True dress shoes for flat feet women come with good features to uplift you inside and out. This pair hits that spot like no other.

9# Mona flying Women Leather Pumps

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  • Rubber sole
  • Soft Sheepskin lining
  • Design is pointy toed
  • Heel is 2.76 inches
  • Leather-wrapped heel
  • Handmade

Luxury and comfort does not go hand in hand, we are told that. Right? Well, not with this extravagant and soft pair from Mona.

This number is absolutely breathtaking. From my personal experience, I can say such pairs are hard to find.

This pair rocks detailed leather wrapped exterior and heel, with soft sheep skin lining. The vamp is a luxury sheep skin material too. It comes with support from rubber sole which gives a good grip as you walk.

The heel elevation is around 2 and a half inch. The right amount for a semi-casual or formal outting making you look super classic and stylish.

But hold on.

We cannot let you go without describing just how elegant it really looks. It is handmade carefully for those who love effortless beauty, arriving in a huge color selection. A perfect example of fashionable shoes for flat feet women.

10# Drew Shoe Women’s Bloom II

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  • 100% Leather and textile fabric
  • Synthetic sole
  • Two Removable insoles
  • Strapped shoe
  • Dri-lex fiber technology

This last pair we will show you is a great way to wrap up this list. What does that mean for you?

Let us tell you why this shoe is crafted to your needs. It is made from beautiful fiber technology, it is light and airy even to look at.

The shoe has a strap adhesive which helps you feel secure. Every step you take is guaranteed to make you feel soft and plush. Arrives in white, nude and dark shades to match with any mood.

Especially for flat feet women, this shoe deserves a round of applause. The synthetic sole will give a good grip to your walk, and 100% leather proves how strong the shoe really is. It will last you many enjoyable, lightweight walks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# Is flat feet a disability?

ANS: Flat feet is considered severe if there is any prolonged pain that simply does not go away. However, genetics affects flat feet too.

Q2# Why flat feet are not allowed in military?

ANS: It is true they do not allow flat feet. It is because flat feet can cause pain or over time reduce athletic abilities.

Q3# What kind of shoes to wear if you have flat feet?

ANS: Wear shoes with reinforced heels. Some options are Drew Shoe Women’s Bloom II and CLARKS Women’s Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat.


Like we promised, we showed you 10 best dress shoes for flat feet women. Whether it is for casual outings or formal meetings, these shoes will be great for you.

But don’t go just yet.

Have you considered buying any of the shoes? Give them a try using our guidelines and be the Cinderella you are. They are bound to give you the elegance and comfort you deserve.

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