Best Bootie Slippers for Men & Women

Have you been looking for some awesome pair of bootie slippers? But having no luck finding good ones?

You deserve the softest, coziest and best bootie slippers! And I have here for you an amazing list of just those.

It will make your jaw-drop, trust me! Such good deals and great features await.

Bootie Slippers Buying Guide

Before we jump into the slippers, I’ll tell you a secret.

Every slipper has features you want to look out for.

The few ones here are bound to help you find the luscious pair for you!

  • Material : Make sure the material is one which offers you warmth. You don’t want flimsy ones. You want ones with fur, or faux fur. Even cotton does it!
  • Fit : The fit is important because you’ll be wearing it at home. You want to feel good in them. We don’t want to fall or trip, do we?
  • Comfort : The final one is very simple. Comfort! You must feel comfortable with the cut, the feel, the style bootie slippers carry. They must not restrict your feet. Rather allow you to breathe and walk well!

10 Best Bootie Slippers for Men & Women

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1# Acorn Men’s Sheepskin Bootie Slipper

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  • Sheep skin
  • Rubber sole
  • Soft and warm

We start off with a bang. These fluffy booties will make your feet simply sing in tunes.

Let me get into why.

It comes with a whopping 100% sheep skin material, which makes your feet feel warm. On winter days, these will be your best buddies.

Along with that, the rubber sole is enough to keep you feeling secured and grounded as you walk in your house. By the fire with your feet up, reading a book, these boot style slippers are so cozy.

It also is made with premium quality materials to offer an extra range of features. It compliments any outfit you wear, pajamas or even tshirt!

The softness and extravagant lush to it will surely make it worth the while.

2# Slippers International Men’s Dorm Slipper

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  • Lamb fur
  • Suede
  • Rubber sole

Oh my! These adorable dorm slippers are a treat to the eye to begin with. I can spot a good pair once I see it.

It comes with a suede exterior. This protects against any sort of dust or damage, while helping you clean it with ease. While we’re talking about the exterior, can we look at its fur?

The lamb fur it has originates from China and is finest quality to keep your feet toasty and snuggly. The sort of warmth you desire on a chilly day is exactly what this pair has.

It’s perfect for any weather, but especially for winter months. You’ll love the way it hugs you feet as you slide into them.

I’m sure to keep an eye out on this boot type slippers when winter approaches!

3# Guide Gear Men’s Suede Bootie Slippers

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  • Suede
  • Rubber sole
  • Warm and soft

Talk about some good shoes. These suede bootie slippers are here to deliver the real deal.

It is made out of good quality materials to make it last long. These boot slippers for men are just what you need to end a chilly night. It will wrap you in a warmth you’ll absolutely love.

And there is more! It is such a versatile option for bootie slippers. They’re smart, good to look at, soft and very durable.

Also there is the beautiful exterior. The suede exterior makes it classy and easy to manage, while its rubber sole gives you support. It is durable, well made and will last you long.

What’s to complain about? It’s the kind of coziness your feet looks for in warm bootie slippers. I own many pairs and I can say a pair like this is a reliable one.

4# Baffin Unisex Cush Insulated Slipper Booty

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  • Channel quilted
  • 100% nylon
  • Synthetic sole

This number is a unique and innovative one. It escapes the normal bootie slipper category. But is packed with amazing features!

You may just need this pair in your life. Trust me when I say this.

Why? The pair is pretty solid on what it delivers. Because it is made out of channel quilted material to keep your feet light weight. And also serve you some good warmth and comfort.

Your steps will be soft and cloudy as you pace through everyday. You’ll fall in love with these especially because it is nylon, and has a synthetic sole. It provides stability and a good grip as you walk with these on.

I am totally down for that!

The insulated cushion gives it a new found bounciness to it. It just is such a different and new way of seeing bootie slippers for men or women. It’s unisex!

5# GPOS Memory Foam Slipper Boots

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  • Cable knit
  • Rubber sole
  • Soft and warm

If you’re looking for fashion and comfort, say no more. Just wait till I show you how awesome this next pair is.

This cute bootie slipper is designed in a way to give you style. You can wear it almost with any outfit and still make a fashion statement out of it. Pretty neat!

The cable knit feature makes the warmth of this pair a good one. And it also adds a edge to the bootie slipper. As well as its rubber sole, which will help you not skid or slide.

Finally, it gives you oh-so warmth and softness. You’ll feel amazing when you wear them, without even thinking twice. And they’re perfect for in house activities, like lounging, watching TV, spa, bath etc.

Relax and enjoy with this beautiful pair!

6# EuropeanSoftest Women’s Breathable Bootie Slipper

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  • Faux furber
  • Micro suede
  • Soft and fuzzy

Have you seen a pair of ankle boot slippers which just melts your heart? Because they look so stinkin cozy? I will say, this pair is just that.

This amazing fauz furber and micro suede bootie slipper is made for women’s feet. They deliver comfort, agility, and also breathability. That’s a lot to ask for!

And it comes in a soft and fuzzy knitted fabric to keep you locked in warmth for a very long time. Whether casually lounging, or doing some activities indoors. You’ll love these!

These boot slippers for ladies are great for gift options too. I’d buy a few for my friends without even thinking twice.

7# Acorn Women’s Chinchilla Bootie

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  • Easy slip on
  • Chinchila trim
  • Faux fur

I love a good faux fur moment. It’s trendy, it’s good for the environment and so convenient over all!

This Acorn bootie is super awesome for all those reasons and more. But let me say that you don’t want to skip out on this genuinely good pair.

Firstly, it is an easy slip on women slipper bootie. It combines finesse and the classy bootie slipper vibe. Wearing them inside your house will uplift you from inside.

The chinchila trim is something which adds to its layers. It’s so unique and crafty to look at. It adds a different taste as a whole!

I say, definitely go for this pair if you’re looking to add a classic and timeless bootie slipper to your wardrobe. It doesn’t get better than this, frankly!

8# AIREE FAIREE Slippers Booties for Women

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  • Soft and cozy
  • Ankle high
  • Premium quality

Are you a fan of high ankle socks? Or even, the sweater knitting? This pair from AIREE FAIREE has both these amazing features.

How, may you ask?

These ankle bootie slippers are a sight for the sore eye. They’re oh so delectable in the color range, with sweet pinks and luscious colors. They come in red, blacks, grey and more.

And also, it has a sweater detailing on the body. How sweet and pretty to look at? I think it’s perfect for the holiday season.

It’s all you need for Christmas, whether you spend it with your family or gift it to someone. The ankle high length and soft warm material helps keep you toasty.

Isn’t that all we need sometimes? Slip these on and enjoy your lounging wherever in your house. You won’t regret it for a second, believe me!

9# Dearfoams Women’s Memory Foam Bootie Slippers

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  • Fabric is synthetic
  • Sweater knit
  • Faux fur

Another awesome sweater knit detailing on booties! These warm bootie slippers are ones you want to run to the stores about.

The Dearfoams bootie slippers offer you a range of great features. The fabric is synthetic to give you a comfort. The marled yard adds a visual dimension too.

These durable booties lasts you a long time. It is well made and also made to give you support. The warmth you’ll feel is something you’d want for chilly and wintry nights.

It is machine washable, which is a plus point! And let’s not forget it is faux fur. We all love a good faux fur in our closets, am I right? It elevates any sort of look.

Who said being home shouldn’t be in style?

10# VONMAY nWomen’s Slippers Booties

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  • Elegant
  • Cozy and warm
  • Rubber sole

Our very last pair here is one to impress. Hold your thoughts while I tell you exactly why.

It is an amazing elegant design. It’s wrapped in beautiful and bold colors to add an exciting edge to your looks. While also delivering some pretty good features.

It has a rubber sole, and is absolutely fuzzy to wear inside. It has a padded and high density memory foam. Also, the slippers mold onto your feet to give a plushy feeling.

They are not just your typical house shoes. They’re actually made to even wear outside in lawns if you want. They’re good exterior wise, and on the interior you feel pure softness.

How amazing is that to hear? I am sold on this pair, not hiding it!


There you have it! Your best bootie slippers are here for you to select from.

They’re comfortable, durable and deliver a soft feeling to the touch. Everything we want in a bootie slipper.

Are you going to get any pair? I know I have some favourites here. Happy shopping for the right pair for you!

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