6 Best Boiled Wool Slippers for Men & Women

One thing we all love is a soft wool slipper to slide into.

You know, when it’s that feeling after a long day? Your feet get super tired and you need that extra snug around them?

Well, the shoe Gods have answered. We are proud to bring you this amazing list of best boiled wool slippers when you need that much needed comfort.

We can bet you’ll never see slippers the same way again.

Keep reading to find what these awesome picks are!

Boiled Woolen Slippers Buying Guide

Before we settle on showing you your next favourite pair of snuggly slippers, let us evaluate something. You need to be able to differentiate good from bad. So, keep your eyes out for these features:

  • Durability: If you want one thing for certain, that would be how durable your shoes are. Make sure they are sturdy! Boiled wool slippers should serve you a few good years of use.
  • Material: Yes, this one is a no-brainer. Still, we can forget how crucial this is. Make sure the woolen material is real, and that it gives you a comfortable slip-on experience.
  • Fit: Some slippers have heels, some don’t. Some have an arch, some don’t. You have to assess which fit goes best with your needs, thus go for a supportive soled slipper.

Get ready to spot your next best pair in a giffy!

6 Best Boiled Wool Slippers for Men & Women

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1# HAFLINGER UnisexBoiled Wool Slippers

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  • 100% boiled virgin wool
  • Non skid
  • Latex arch

Starting off with a bang, this pair will make you love slippers.

If you’re the kind who constantly looks for good slippers for your home, your eyes need to see this. This Haflinger boiled wool slippers is here to impress.

Its style, comfort, feel; all are what makes it stand out.

It comes with some great features. Its 100% boiled virgin wool covers your feet with a smooth touch. While the comfy, latex arch gives you stability as you walk.

How about I tell you it goes beyond that?

It is non-skid, and comes in a really amazing shape. This means no slipping or falling in your own home. As it is unisex, any one can wear them with ease.

As really great wool slippers, it shows its potential.

2# LE KAPMOZ Men’s Boiled Wool House Slippers

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  • Rubber sole
  • Boiled wool material
  • Heel cup

Nothing feels better than a comfy wool slipper.

When it comes to men’s boiled wool slippers, this number is perfect. It comes with a sturdy rubber sole, making it well supported. Also, it stuns a cozy wool all around it.

Be ready to see what’s next.

It has a heel cup, which also caters to any issue you have feet wise. It allows a good arch to help your natural foot shape. Feeling delightful is truly what this pair gives you.

What more can this pair have in store? Let me tell you.

To top it all off, this is a very durable pair too. It will be there for you on chilly nights and rainy days. Relaxing on your couch or reading a book while having these smooth, wooly pair on will feel extravagant.

Just the touch you need to chill out!

3# Acorn Women’s Dara Slipper

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  • Rubber sole
  • Embroidered body
  • Warm and soft

This beautiful piece is a house-hold name for boiled wool slippers for women.

It’s simply not just nice to look at. But the features are spot-on.

Take a look!

The features on the pair are oh-so comfortable, that every stroll in it makes you feel divine. And not just that, it has a rubber soling to improve your walks.

Finally, it dons a gorgeous embroidered body. The flowery detailing catches your eye in an instant. It is subtle, yet compelling.

This Acorn boiled wool slippers promises you what you look for in slippers. It’s mesmerizing to look at, and displays comfort at its fullest while keeping your feet cozy.

Think twice if you want to sleep on this one!

4# Giesswein Unisex Wool House Slippers

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  • Slip on mule
  • Warm and cozy
  • Raised heel and arch

The next pair will rock your world. And a great feature to this is that it’s unisex!

We all know the convenience of unisex shoes. However, this woolen slipper is the right amount of warm and fuzzy for any feet along with being unisex!

It is a slip on a mule, which makes sure you have 0 difficulty walking. Taking it off is smooth and quick.

Along with that, it is safe to say this pair is made for walking. This Slipper will make your walks effortless and swift.

It has an added raised heel and an arch that holds your feet as you step in it. It sports a durable rubber soling to compliment it all, providing grip when you pace. This is why it is such a comfy pick!

Are you still not sold on this pair? I know I am. This Giensswein shoe proves to be a versatile pair for house shoes.

5# Made For You Women’s Wool Slippers

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  • Rubber sole
  • Flower detailing
  • Easy slip on style

A way to a woman’s heart is through flowers! A wise man would say so.

This pair then is exactly fitting for such a woman. It gets your attention in just one glance! It dons a red flower detailing on the exterior to make it tasteful.

While coming with comfortable features to relax the day in, it hits the sweet spot of elegance and coziness.

It is easy to slip on and off, and also is light-weight to wear. Especially great for painful feet, or joint issues. Wearing the wool slippers will be the right support you wish for.

This pair is truly something to get your hands on.

Also, who doesn’t love a great design? The knitted design on it brings an oomph to your feet. It’s also an awesome option if you’re looking to gift it to someone!

For birthdays, valentines day- both are good days to make someone smile with this pair. They’ll be writing you thank-you notes for sure.

6# LE KAPMOZ Women’s Boiled Wool House Slippers

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  • Slip on style
  • Felt soles
  • Arch support

LE KAPMOZ is a favourite for many, as their boiled slippers tend to be super comfortable.

To begin, just have a look at the exterior. It visually puts you at utmost ease. The super soft, cozy looking vibe is what you need to compliment your feet with.

Boiled slippers for women are nothing without a mention of this beautiful pair. It has a handmade rubber sole, ready to gear you up as you take steps. This means, no slip and no trip!

And while we’re at it,

Can we talk about the sweetness of its design?

The flower detailing over its body surely is warm and spring like. But the best thing about this is you can wear it year round. Whenever you wish, these slip ons will serve you right with pure comfort.

I can spot a good slipper for home when I see one!

Its wool lining and wear-resistant stitching makes this a deserving wool slipper as well. If you want quality and looks, this pair is just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1# How to wash boiled wool slippers?

Ans: Best is to place them in your washing machine at slow setting and wash them with lukewarm water. You may add a gentle soap.

Q2# Are wool slippers itchy?

Ans: Some wool slippers may be itchy due to chemicals used on them. Others are comfy and soft!

Q3# Can boiled wool slippers be washed?

Ans: They can be washed in gentle settings. Also appropriate for hand washing.

Q4# How to deodorize wool slippers?

Ans: You may sprinkle baking soda on them and let them sit for hours. Wipe away to clean afterwards.


The dreamy woolen slippers I just showed you are bound to amaze you. These pairs are everything you wish for in wool slippers- super comfy, soft and luscious.

The best boiled wool slippers displayed here are very much award worthy, take my word on it.

Still making up your mind? No problem! This list right here is made to guide you in your journey. We wish you some happy, warm feet.

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