7 Bear Claw Slippers for Adults

Are you a lover of everything fuzzy and snuggly? And you fancy to own a cute pair of bear claw slippers?

Then you surely do dream of days spent wearing them as a child. Well, I’ll make one thing clear- that dream can come true in adulthood!

I have readied for you a handful of bear claw slippers for adults that will jolt a smile on your face. They’re so stinkin’ adorable, that you might just melt.

Who said adults cannot have some fun?

Let’s see the cutest list now.

7 Bear Claw Slippers for Adults

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1# Silver Lilly Bear Paw Animal Claw Slippers

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  • Gripped sole
  • Polyester material
  • Padding on footbed

Were you the kid who loved Halloween dress ups? You know the thrill!

What if I tell you, you can do just that and more as you put on these fluffy bear claw slippers?

This little delightful and plush pair comes with a sturdy gripped sole. So it makes sure you still get in your adult-chores done. Also, the foot bedding allows a supple layered comfort.

This slipper wears well across cold hard tiles.

That’s only half of its features.

The fluffed brown bear claw slippers’ design is destined to have you feeling like the 5 year old you once were. If you have children in your house, they will have a ball over these too. You will love to lounge in these day and night.

Get them right now to surprise the inner child in you!

2# Crazy for Bargains Fuzzy Black Bear Paw Slippers

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  • 5 toed
  • No skid soles
  • Polyester material

If you’re like me, you love a fun, animal looking paw slipper. Why? Well, why not!

Apart from its realistic paw-like look, this black bear slipper comes with polyester material. It has no-skid toes to ensure you don’t trip or fall.

Along with that,

Your feet will be warm on a chilly day. On wintry nights, putting these on will make you feel toasty. If you ask me, this is something we all want in a slipper.

Lastly, everytime you look down, you will have a big smile to your face. The snuggly pair just makes any ones day better instantly. Gift them or keep them, they are great for all.

3# Ibeauti Unisex Polar Bear Paw Slippers

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  • Rubber sole
  • Furry material
  • Easy slip-on style

Who doesn’t love a cute slipper? This next pair is worthy to look at for several reasons.

But hear me first,

This pair of white bear claw slippers straps you in making you feel like a bear itself! On a fun day playing with kids, this one is perfect. It adds warmth to your feet as well, with its plush material inside and out.

The fuzzy, soft shoe comes with anti-skid rubber sole to make sure you’re safe. Enjoyable for both men, and women. Gifting these to your significant other is another grand idea.

The cutesy exterior demands your eyes’ attention continously. So cute!

4# Wild Ones Furry Animal Claw Slippers

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  • Synthetic sole
  • Non slip
  • Unisex style

Do you know what is better than a unisex slipper? A option with loads of colors one!

This fluffy multicolor bear claw slipper takes ‘softness’ to the next level. It offers you these; a synthetic sole, a non slip and non skid feature, and lots of furry goodness!

Yes, you heard that right.

All in one, this amazing pair is the right amount of plush and versatile. Coming in with a color range of pinks, oranges and more colors, it won’t let you down.

Think about it, you need these claw slippers in your life. Great looking unisex bear claw slippers can’t get better than this.

5# Japsom Unisex Animal Paw Claw Slippers

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  • Synethic sole
  • Non skid
  • Flanel material

My goodness! If you just look at the patterns and colors on this number.

This pair has 4, adorable claws that points out with its soft flanel material. When touching, it will leave you with a warm snuggle.

And more awaits!
The multicolored bear claw slipper is cushioned with soft foam. This adds more to its magic. Perfect for wearing around the house or playing dress-up for Halloween.

If you have kids, they’ll be an instant fan. They might just play day and night if they see these around. The cute, comfy design promises you what you desire!

6# WISHPETS Stuffed Animal Slippers

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Synthetic sole
Multicolored fur

Whoah, now let us back up a bit. The last pair will put you in a trance.

I think just by looking at it you can tell why.

How cool are the multicolored fur on this bad-boy? The disco-inspired, bright and appealing fur just calls out the word ‘fun’!

Its snug fit and plush material will give you utmost comfort too. While the padding inside holds your feet with extra cushioning to swear by.

And that is not all!

If you were the kid who wanted to stand out, this one was woven just for you. The shocking, loud coloring on this, screams for a fun night in. Full of playing, laughter and funny games.

Unleash your inner-child!

7# Bear Claw Cute Fluffy Animal Slippers



  • Foam sole
  • Anti slip
  • Hand/machine washable

I want to tell you a secret. There is sometimes just one thing that can fix a bad day. That is, these cuddly claw slippers!

Take a look at this bear claw slipper for men here.

Your feet will be sweetly supported, in a bed of cushiony lining. The coziness is out of the roof on this one. The insoles also made out of memory foam to help you walk without slipping.


The fabric! Oh, how ultra-skin friendly it is. It lets your feet breathe and acts like a plump, mashmallowy toy. It’s not just cute and fluffy, but dons a range of worthy features.

And lastly,

If you’re looking to gift something special to someone, this is a great choice for Valentines day or Christmas. These bear claw womens’ slippers will be a good buy.


Get ready for an extravagant and playful experience in these cute bear claw shoes for adults.

Nothing like roaming in your house, sporting the child you are inside.

What are you holding back for? They are affordable, fuzzy and loved by all ages. All good reasons to get the next pair for you.

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