AllBirds Alternatives – 7 Best Cheap & Comfortable Shoes Like AllBirds

Has an AllBirds impressed you yet?

If not already, you’re in for one hell of a discovery!

Get to Know AllBirds:

AllBirds, a footwear company, wins an ulterior motive of introducing the world’s most comfortable footwear designed in an environmentally friendly delineation. It brings to you the quintessential statement of style in your personality, forever preserving its classic essence of comfort and affordability.

The essentials in a footwear is the shape, the design, the comfort or its affordability. And AllBirds happens to bring everything in one, surpassing the better expectations. Indeed, Shoes Like AllBirds are a rare find.

Wool Runner remains a classic example. A shoe made of sublime wool, serving the purpose of keeping your feet cold in the hot and warm in the cold. The winning features is its divine material upholding lightweight properties, ever so soft, but so well-built that you can literally throw it a washing machine and have it ready for your next day.

Taking it up a notch, they introduced the Wool Lounger, that keeps the same perks while taking off that one burden you never wanted– shoe laces!

Their most recent stunner is their Tree lineup (Tree runners, toppers, skippers, loungers), hell-bent to make you environmentally savvy in style. The eucalyptus tree fibers make it lightweight, hence, justified as the most comfortable shoe you could ever give your feet the privilege of!

AllBirds specializes in providing the best, hence, ensuring the most pristine materials is a must. Their primary extraction being Merino Wool and Eucalyptus, known to be the best of wool hair and tree, serves just the perfect blend of what you need in a shoe that runs miles for you.

Their further concerns extend to using recycled bottles for shoe laces, castor bean oil for the better processing of soles, and recycled cardboards to reproduce used boxes into new ones for packaging.

Now that you’re in love with AllBirds, are there any shoes similar to AllBirds out there to impress you like an AllBirds sneaker?

Surprisingly, we bring you 7 Shoes Like AllBirds!

Decide for yourself:

Most Comfortable Shoes Like Allbirds

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01. Le Mouton Classic Unisex Wool Shoes | Men Women Fashion Sneakers

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  1. Merino Wool (84%) and a Polyester Blend
  2. Removable in-sole
  3. Comes in 7 colors
  4. Has Backup laces

Here’s the Deal, just like the AllBirds sneakers serve your purpose in style, so will the Mouton Merino Wool Shoe. In fact, it serves as a great AllBirds Alternative.

The fine work of knits in Le Mouton Merino succeeds to assemble a trendy shoe that also keeps your feet cool and comfortable in any weather. You’ll find a striking resemblance between the Le Mouton Merino and the AllBird’s Wool Runner. This is especially true in the make and look of the two. Both are made from high-quality material. However, as in any look-alike, there will be subtle differences.

For example, the AllBirds Wool Runner is made from New Zealand Merino Wool, while Le Mouton Merino is made from a blend of Merino (84%) and Polyester.

Regardless, you won’t know the difference. The shoes feel just as lightweight, soft and comfortable when you wear them.

There are some more differences. The Wool Runner comes in 10 shades, while the Le Mouton Merino comes in just 7 (albeit attractive) shades. Moreover, the Wool Runner’s laces blend into the backdrop of the show, while the laces on the Le Mouton Merino are quite visible.

All said and done, Le Mouton Merinos come in quite close as shoes similar to AllBirds in terms of look and feel. Is it worth a try? I would certainly think so.

02. Urban Fox Mens Parker Wool Sneakers

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  1. Wool (70%) and Polyester (30%) Blend
  2. Comes in 3 colors
  3. Cost-effective

Want a pair that’s as good as an AllBirds but don’t want to pay the price? Give the Mens Parker Wool sneakers from Urban Fox a shot! Why you ask? Well since the shoe is made from wool (70%) and polyester (30%) blend, it gives you just the right blend of price and value. In addition to keeping your feet snug and comfy, you won’t even notice you have them on! That’s just how lightweight they are.


Whether you want to invest in building your wardrobe image through an exquisite looking shoe by a winning lifestyle brand, or by doing the same while you survive the environment with much less investment, is your call!

The one place these babies are lagging behind are in terms of choice. You only have 3 color options to choose from – black, light grey and charcoal grey. But if these are your colors of choice, then don’t I would certainly recommend you go grab a pair.

03. KEEZMZ Men’s Running Shoes Fashion Breathable Sneakers Mesh Soft Sole Casual Athletic Lightweight

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  1. Foam sole
  2. True to Size fitting
  3. Breathable, lightweight and comfortable fabric
  4. High elastic MD outsole, slip resistant, easy to manage

When going for an early morning run, you would obviously want shoes that are not only super light, but also brighten up your spirits for the rest of the day. The KEEZMZ Men’s Running Shoes make an excellent and cheaper alternative to the AllBirds. The shoe has a soft lining with a comfortable and breathable fabric ever. The MD outsole is highly elastic and it is both slip-resistant and manageable.

The lightweight runner also features a mesh upper and padded collar. And it’s not just built for running. Whether it’s a party you need to attend or a sport you need to play. The KEEZMZ Men’s running shoes will keep your feet snug and comfy throughout.

Made of handpicked materials, the running shoe sure outdoes its capacity of fashion by preserving the good old classic statement of a pair of AllBirds sneakers in such an affordable price range.

04. STEVEN by Steve Madden Women’s Traveler Walking Shoe

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  1. Fabric textile upper
  2. Synthetic sole
  3. Lightweight
  4. Cost-effective

This one’s for the ladies, especially if you’re one of them traveler ladies. With the Steven Women’s shoes, you’ll get the same comfy feel and look of an AllBirds but at nearly a third of the price!

The shoes come in bright youthful colors and look sleek and stylish. They are made from a fabric and textile upper, but the sole is synthetic. This combination makes the Steven light and comfortable.

Looks wise:

they are quite identical to the Allbirds Wool Runner, but can look a tad bit wider from the front. From the side, though, it would be hard to notice the difference. Moreover, color options for the Steven Women’s is quite limited. You just have 6 options, where the Wool Runner offers 5.

If you run your hands over the upper portion of the shoe, you’ll find the material of the Steven Women’s is quite soft, with a nice, thick and wooly feel. So you can hop, skip and jump in them all day, both in comfort and style.

05. Skechers BOBS Women’s Bobs Phresh-Lil Flash. Boiled Wool Oxford W Memory Foam Sneaker

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  1. 100% Textile
  2. Synthetic sole
  3. Flexible foam sole

Who doesn’t know the joy of owning a pair of Skechers? The BOBS for women is what you get when you combine the top notch shoe architecture of a skechers with the comfort of an AllBirds.

With a synthetic sole, a memory foam footbed, and 100% textile top, comfort-wise you can expect nothing less than perfection. The fabric has been woven to adjust with the ambient temperature.

As far as looks are concerned, the skechers can be a tad bit boring, as it comes in just two colors: charcoal and grey. However, the breathable woolen fabric ensures that you can walk in them for miles without having to worry about blisters or sores.

Disclaimer: You might want to get half an inch bigger than your true size to avoid future inconveniences of size shrinks!

06. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Freestep Mid Grey Wool Fabric 8 M US M

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  1. Synthetic sole
  2. Wool upper in a sporty
  3. Cushioned tongue and collar
  4. Adjustable lace-up closure
  5. Moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating fabric lining

This one’s also for the ladies. I’m not trying to be partial here, just compiling together the best pairs of AllBirds alternative for you.

When you want the comfort of a pair of sneakers but want more of a statement shoe than a sneaker, the Dr. Scholl’s FreeStep could be the perfect thing for you. Dr. Scholl has anyway always been known for building shoes that are both comfortable and loving to your feet. So a woolen shoe form their line is not a surprise.

They’ve engineered a shoe with a fabric lining that wicks moisture away from your feet, while at the same time regulating the temperature within the shoe. The sole is made of lightweight and flexible rubber, while the cushioned foot bed wards away callouses and achy foot heels.

Although there are quite a few shoes Like AllBirds, the Dr. Scholl’s FreeStep will give you comfort and breathability any season of the year.

07. Red Train Men’s Merino Wool Shoes Lace Up Sneakers

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  1. Merino Wool (70%) and Polyester (30%) Blend
  2. Lightweight and comfortable.
  3. Molds to the contours of your feet.
  4. Comes shoes bag & Extra shoelace

The Red Train Merino wool is one pair of shoes that can truly be comparable to the AllBirds Wool Runner. With blend of 70% Merino wool and 30% polyester, the shoes are unbelievably light and comfortable.

Here’s the major kicker:

The woolen upper of the shoes are woven just right to ensure that your feet get enough air circulation. It is also build to mold and contour to the shape of your feet. At the same time, it offers enough flexibility to give your feet the freedom of movement you need to jump and run.

As an extra perk, the Red Train Merino comes with an extra shoelace and a shoe bag so you can carry it with you on camps and treks.

Why go for an AllBirds alternative rather than an AllBirds itself?

Well obviously, an AllBirds is an AllBirds and no alternative shoe can truly replace its level of comfort and style. However, the alternatives listed in this article can be great if you’re on a budget, but don’t want to compromise on comfort.

Ultimately, your choice depends on what you really need!

Do you need anything but a wool shoe, are you someone not quite opting adventures, or do you consider brands an essential tag of personality?

If yes, there are some wonderful other brands catering to your choice of fashion.

Since the focus was quality and outlook, these alternatives were enlisted to put up as a plausible option as opposed to AllBirds in a variety of categories. But if you’re looking for something cheaper, there’s obviously plenty more.

What other alternatives do you have in mind? Please care to share down below!

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