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Welcome to loveyourfoot.com. hope you are doing Well! i am really honored that you are visiting Our Website.

We are John and Lily.

John works at an IT organization and Lily is a housewife. We are happily married and parents to a boy, two cats and a dog. Obviously, we have plenty in common, and a preference for good shoes is one of them. Our love for travelling and writing contributes greatly to our choices and by extension this site.

Since we travel a lot, reliable footwear is something we are very involved with. And writing about the best shoes is our way of fulfilling our passion and sharing our experiences. We have tried a fair number of shoes in our life.

Thus, we like to think that we are qualified to opine on what works. You are welcome to express your opinions on our choices, because through discourse we can truly find the right fit.

History of this Website

We started this site on 29th June, 2019. We wanted to express our passion for footwear and our opinions on the aspects necessary for quality. This site is mainly an avenue for sharing our experiences with a variety of shoes and the importance of the perfect fit for your feet.

We believe shoes are among the most essential and important choices one can make regarding fashion. More than that, finding the right size and perfect fit for yourself is about more than fashion. It’s about comfort and expression. For many it’s more than that. Hobbies, necessity, and workplace demands are among the reasons we take into consideration while making our recommendations.

We attempt to be considerate and reasonable in our choices. As such we try to include options with a variety of categories in mind. We consider shoes in almost all price brackets, and try to clarify just what sets a pair of shoes apart from others like it. Throughout our experiences we’ve come to realize where the spectrum for the right shoes lie for us. And we’d like to share it with you.


We like to discover the best shoes from a wide array of footwear. And that is what we want you to achieve as well. We want you to come with us on a voyage of discovery. Each pair of feet demand a perfect fit, and we’re to help you find yours. And we hope to connect you with your preferred footwear.

We like to take an inclusive approach to getting shoes. As such, we strive to provide shoes with all kinds of requirements in mind. We want to find the perfect pair from establish brands and explore alternatives.

In addition, if brand options are too expensive, we try to look at similar shoes with a lower price-tag. Basically, our mission is to bring you to a conclusion regarding your footwear choice, with all your unique needs met.

About Authors


John is an employee of a renowned IT firm and usually takes care of the site’s maintenance and other backend requirements. He also has a passion for shoes with a perfect look and fit for him. He attempts to utilize his experience as an IT developer and footwear enthusiast along with the help of his wonderful wife Lily, to bring you closer to your footwear solution. A proud parent of four, John knows the need for finding the right fit for maintaining a comfortable equilibrium.


Lily manages the house hold and their four babies. She is enthusiastic about traveling and writing, and it was her passion that laid the groundwork for this site. Lily has experience in creative writing and attempts to combine it with her love for shoes and travel to give her opinions and experiences a creative narrative. Through these narratives given shape in the articles, she hopes to help you find the right pair of shoes for your feet.

Thanks to everyone for checking us out. For further information, consult the ‘Contact us’ section of our site.


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